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Thanks for checking out the website!  Here is a little about

Our Mission

To provide clean, educational resources for pre-missionaries, returned missionaries and their families to learn about whatever mission they are called to serve in. We also strive to share Gospel messages on YouTube, in every language.

Our History

Back in 2006 when I started attending BYU I felt strongly impressed to look into the Broadcast Journalism Major.  I felt Heavenly Father was guiding me to create some sort of video resource.  About two weeks before the age change announcement my wife Rebecca and I felt that I needed to quit my job and create resources for future missionaries.

Aside from feeling inspired to take on this project, I wish there had been more resources when I prepared to serve my mission.

Here’s some more information about the website:

How you can help

We can use all the help we can get. I work on the website full-time, but it’s an enormous challenge to create thousands of hours of mission-specific videos, while maintaining and growing website resources on each of the 406+ missions.

If you would like to help, there are several ways you can, including:

  • Donating to sponsor the creation of more resources for your mission.
  • Coming to Provo and being video interviewed about your mission/conversion.
  • Contributing information to our mission pages.
  • Telling others about resources on the website and YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit the website!

I hope it will be useful to you, if only in a small way. Thank you for your support! I know as we learn about others, God will help us know how to best serve them! God lives! Take care!