May 2, 2014

April 2014 Reports

Prepare to Serve – Progress Report

April has been a wonderful month!

We interviewed lots of returned missionaries, worked on updating mission resources and growing our social media platforms.  If you look at the graph you’ll see a big dip, which was caused when BlueHost was down for about a day.  We met with the founders of and planned a collaboration for their new section on Missionary Work.  Now that summer is rolling in, we will continue to do regular video interviews, but not as many as during the Fall and Winter semesters.  We’ll focus on editing/uploading the 50 interviews on our hard drive, updating the Mission Blog lists (our main traffic generator), changing our website over to a new theme and preparing for the collaboration with Sugar Doodle to go live when they launch their new website in June.

Here are some other things that happened in April 2014:

  • Our “Friends of LDS Missionaries,” (Google Plus community) grew to about 2,282 members (up from about 2,155 last month).
  • Our YouTube Channel subscribers grew to about 1,470 (up from 1,275 last month).
  • We gained about 100 followers on Twitter, 1250 followers on Pinterest, 195 followers on YouTube and 270 followers on Facebook.
  • We uploaded the 3,600th video to YouTube.
  • We had our final meeting with BYU interns, until next Fall semester.

Things to expect in May 2014:

  • About one video interview uploaded to YouTube each day.
  • 1,200-1,800 visits/day.
  • Mission Pages created on Sugar Doodle (going live June 1st)
  • Updating the mission blog indexes.
  • Transferring to a new, faster, more mobile-friendly and navigable WordPress theme. – Traffic Report

Website Analytics – April 2014


*the dip in the middle of the graph was when the BlueHost server was down.

Unique visitors: 30,981 (last month= 48,383)
Visits: 41,838 (last month= 62,024)
Page views: 95,499 (last month= 118,804)
New visitors: 65% (last month= 72.1%)
Returning visitors: 35% (last month= 27.9%)

Top Cities (visitors):

  1. Provo
  2. Salt Lake City
  3. South Jordan
  4. Logan
  5. Orem
  6. Boise
  7. St. George
  8. Bountiful
  9. Lehi
  10. American Fork
  11. Layton
  12. Paradise
  13. Sandy
  14. Manila
  15. Mesa
  16. Denver
  17. Los Angeles
  18. Ogden
  19. Makati
  20. Rexburg

Traffic Sources

Search visits: 30,515 (last month= 32,279)
Referral visits: 1,160 (last month= 1,477)
Direct visits: 5,438 (last month= 8,304)
Social visits: 4,725 (last month= 19,964)

Top Referring Websites:

  1. Pinterest
  2. Facebook
  3. ExMormon
  4. YouTube
  5. Mission Home
  6. Twitter
  7. Blogger
  8. Google Plus
  9. Mormon Missions Exposed
  10. LDS Media Talk
  12. LDS Smile
  13. Mission Geek
  14. Deseret News
  15. WordPress
  16. MissionSite
  17. Reddit
  18. Frugal Families
  19. Utah Valley 360
  20. KSL

Website all-time stats (November 2012-April 2014)

Unique visitors: 227,768
Total visits: 326,694
Total page views  702,043

YouTube Analytics – April 2014

Total subscribers: about 1470 (last month= 1275)
Total video interview segments: about 3,600 (last month= 3,420)

April video views:  93,423 (last month= 94,541)
April view time (in minutes): 184,113 (last month= 201,514)

YouTube Analytics – All-Time (March 2012-April 2014)

Total video views:  538,908
Total view time (in minutes): 901,201

*If you have any questions for me about the project, feel free to let me know!

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