September 5, 2013

August 2013 Reports

Prepare to Serve – Progress Report

August has been a great month!

We uploaded lots of video interviews with returned missionaries and added a lot of text to the website.  The biggest accomplishment this month was uploading over 400 interview segments with Returned Missionaries to YouTube and  We also grew our search engine traffic to regularly get over 200 search visits/day.

Other happenings in August:

  • Our “Friends of LDS Missionaries,” (Google Plus community) grew to over 1,460 members (up from about 1,300 last month).
  • Created a viral video that got almost 20,000 views in the month of August and helped grow the Prepare to Serve YouTube Channel.
  • Networked with and personally met people behind many large LDS Facebook Pages, Google Plus Communities and Websites at a networking event in Salt Lake City.
  • Grew our YouTube subscribers to 293 (up from 200 last month).  Over video views went from about 10,000 in July to 35,000 views in August.
  • We created Prepare to Serve Pinterest boards to share website content and interview clips.
  • We grew our following on social media channels.  We gained about 200 followers on Twitter, 40 followers on Pinterest and 170 followers on Facebook.

Things to expect in September:

  • Growth in search engine traffic, due to creating text-heavy indexes and resources for missionaries.
  • About 20 video interviews uploaded to YouTube/the website.
  • 300-400 visits/day; Over 200 search visits/day.

*Many of the stats this month are lower than last month’s.  This is due to the sharp increase in website traffic we got last month from Deseret News, KSL and the Daily Universe and other news websites.  In other words, last month’s traffic was inflated due to a couple big spikes in traffic.  Whenever we are featured by popular news websites, we can expect to see similar spikes in traffic, with the traffic normalizing within a week or two after the spike(s). – Traffic Report

Website Analytics – August 2013


Unique visitors: 7,336 (last month= 15,749)
Visits: 9,530 (last month= 19,938)
Page views: 17,827 (last month= 47,640)
New visitors: 69.4% (last month= 74.8%)
Returning visitors: 30.6% (last month= 25.2%)

Website Content (page views)

Forums: 56 (last month= 716)
Blog Lists: 4,493 (last month= 4,700)
Home Page: 3,908 (last month= 12,486)
Everything Else: 9,370 (last month= 29,738)

Total: 17,827 (last month= 47,640)

Top Cities (visitors):

  1. Provo
  2. Salt Lake City
  3. West Jordan
  4. Manila
  5. Makati City
  6. Sandy
  7. South Jordan
  8. Denver
  9. Phoenix
  10. London
  11. Boise
  12. St. George
  13. Mesa
  14. Orem
  15. Los Angeles
  16. Logan
  17. American Fork
  18. Bountiful
  19. Lehi
  20. San Francisco

Traffic Sources

Search visits: 6,223 (last month= 6,206)
Referral visits: 1,189 (last month= 8,285)
Direct visits: 2,118 (last month= 5,447)

Top Referring Websites:

  1. Facebook
  2. Deseret News
  3. YouTube
  4. Twitter
  5. KSL
  6. Pinterest
  7. You By My Side
  8. Blogger
  9. Google Plus
  10. Mothers-Who-Know
  11. Standard Examiner
  12. LDS Living
  13. The Spectrum
  14. Rexburg Standard Journal
  15. Brock Minson Blog
  16. Reddit
  17. ABC4
  18. Trey Brimhall Blog
  19. Morman Woman
  20. KTVB

Website all-time stats (November 2012-August 2013)

Unique visitors: 56,881
Search visits: 28,657
Referral visits: 25,302
Direct visits: 20,176
Total visits: 64,592
Total page views  128,790

YouTube Analytics – August 2013

Total subscribers: 293 (last month= 200)
Total video interview segments: 1,837 (last month= 1,360)

August’s video views:  35,000 (last month= 10,462)
August’s view time (in minutes): 59,187 (last month= 10,890)

YouTube Analytics – All-Time (March 2012-August 2013)

Total video views:  76,340
Total view time (in minutes): 94,722

Prepare to Serve – Financial Report

Sponsorship – August 2013

  • sponsorship: $100/month
  • CTR Clothing sponsorship: $100/month
  • sponsorship: $100/month
  • Cougar Dental sponsorship: $100/month
  • International Language Programs: $100/month

Approximate total sponsorship: $500

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