11 New LDS Missions in 2015!

If you thought the Hastening of the Work of Salvation was finished, think again!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints just announced the creation of eleven new LDS missions.

*Click on the links below to see information we’ve been able to gather about the new missions.  Since the missions are new, there are very few resources about the missions.  Over time, we’ll collect more information for the missions, including a link to the LDS.org mission map, address, contact info, missionary blogs, alumni groups, video interviews, etc.

  1. Argentina Buenos Aires East Mission
  2. Argentina Santa Fe Mission
  3. Bolivia La Paz El Alto Mission
  4. California Modesto Mission
  5. Costa Rica San Jose West Mission
  6. Peru Trujillo South Mission
  7. Portugal Porto Mission
  8. Trinidad Port of Spain Mission
  9. Utah Logan Mission
  10. Utah Orem Mission
  11. Washington Yakima Mission

Back in 2012, 58 new LDS missions were announced bringing the total number of missions to 405.  I believe a few new missions have been created in the past two years.  Now with the creation of 11 new missions, there are 410-420 LDS missions throughout the world.

At least one of the new missions existed previously, the Portugal Porto Mission. It’s exciting to see another mission created in Portugal, since there have been prophecies made about future growth of the Church in Portugal.

I know the Lord is hastening His work to help prepare the world for His Second Coming!  I’m excited for that day and hope to help prepare the world to welcome it!

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