Beverages in the Philippines

Soft Drinks Coca Cola is the most popular soft drink in the Philippines. Other popular soft drinks they have are called Royal Orange, Sarsi (Filipino equivalent to Root beer), and Sparkle (kind of tastes like Squirt). Soft drinks come in glass bottles. You usually buy them from “sari-sari stores,” and you usually have to return Read more about Beverages in the Philippines[…]

Rice in the Philippines

Rice is the staple food of the Philippines. For Filipinos, a meal is not complete without rice.  In fact,  the Tagalog verb “eat”(kain) is just one letter away from the word kanin, which is the Tagalog word for rice. Filipinos eat rice and ulam for all three meals. Ulam is a Tagalog word, roughly translated, for  “the stuff you eat with Read more about Rice in the Philippines[…]

Modes of transportation in the Philippines

Some of the main modes of transportation in the Philippines include jeepneys, buses, tricycles, pedicabs, minibuses, rail systems, taxis, ferries, airplanes, bancas and habal-habals. Jeepneys The jeep was a remnant from the World War II. Enterprising Filipinos saw the possibility of it being a mode of transportation and turned them into the new longer and Read more about Modes of transportation in the Philippines[…]

Japanese Influence on the Philippines

During World War 2, the Japanese took the Philippines from the control of the United States. This happened between 1941 and 1945, when the United States was able to take back possession of the country. After regaining possession, the United States relinquished its control, fulfilling its promise of granting full independence to the Philippines. Because the Japanese were Read more about Japanese Influence on the Philippines[…]

The Urdaneta Temple Announcement

It was Sunday morning, October 3, 2010. My companion and I were sitting at our desks for personal study when we got a text from our mission president that said: President Monson just announced a new temple to be built in Urdaneta! I have called and verified this. Congratulations Elders and Sisters! Go Baguio! For a second Read more about The Urdaneta Temple Announcement[…]

Spaghetti in the Philippines

Spaghetti: A Filipino Tradition Spaghetti means one thing in the Philippines: Birthday! If you make spaghetti, someone will probably ask whose birthday it is because that’s the customary thing to serve when someone has a birthday (although they sometimes serve pansit instead). How Filipino Spaghetti is Different from American Spaghetti Spaghetti in the Philippines is Read more about Spaghetti in the Philippines[…]

Joseph Smith’s First Vision in Tagalog

Here’s the First Vision in Tagalog taken from Joseph Smith History 1:16-17. ThePreach My Gospel manual encourages missionaries to memorize this passage so that they can be ready to use Joseph’s own words when teaching about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ: Ako ay nakakita ng isang haligi ng liwanag na tamang-tama sa tapat ng aking Read more about Joseph Smith’s First Vision in Tagalog[…]