108 LDS Missions No Longer Require Suit Coats

I’ve talked with so many returned missionaries who’ve served in hot climates and only wore their suit coat once or twice throughout their entire mission (usually on their first day in the mission field and occasionally on Sundays or for Conferences.) ¬†I think this new rule will be a huge blessing to help missionary families Read more about 108 LDS Missions No Longer Require Suit Coats[…]

Tips for Packing Your Mission Carry-on Baggage

I am currently studying at BYU, and have been traveling back and forth from my home country (Hong Kong) to the U.S. and other countries and cities by plane for the past seven years. Here are some personal experiences about packing luggage that can help you have a safe and pleasant trip to your LDS Read more about Tips for Packing Your Mission Carry-on Baggage[…]

Cute Sister Missionary Skirts!

Here are some cute skirts for sister missionaries! (not 30 any more, because I lost all the images and had to re-upload images) Click here to browse sister missionary skirts and other clothing for sister missionaries. Sister Missionary Mall offers pencil skirts, pocket skirts, pencil skirts, striped skirts, high-waisted skirts, accordion/pleated skirts, a polka dot Read more about Cute Sister Missionary Skirts![…]