Spiritual Promptings

Spiritual Promptings Reflection I was faced with the decision of whom to marry.  I sought the advice of my Bishop, Stake President, my family, friends and most importantly, the Lord.  In my heart, I always felt a sense of longing for the young woman I was deciding to marry, and in my mind, we were Read more about Spiritual Promptings[…]

Science and Religion: The LDS Standpoint

Science and Religion: The LDS Standpoint Growing up in a city with very few LDS members, I was continuously bombarded with scientific theories of human evolution and what I thought to be scientific ideas contradicting my religious beliefs. My parents had raised me to pay attention in my science classes and know what answers the Read more about Science and Religion: The LDS Standpoint[…]

Don’t Give Up! Tips for Reading the Scriptures

Don’t just read to read. Ask yourself, why are you reading the scriptures? Are you doing it because someone told you to or because you just feel like you should? You should read and study to find answers for yourself and for others. It can be so easy not to read, but if we make Read more about Don’t Give Up! Tips for Reading the Scriptures[…]


The Law of Chastity: A positive view

The Law of Chastity: A positive view All to often as a youth I viewed the Law of Chastity as something restricting, hard to obey, and very uncomfortable to talk about.  I would sometimes wonder “Why is it so strict?  I mean, I understand why I shouldn’t be promiscuous, but what are the blessings? What Read more about The Law of Chastity: A positive view[…]

Benefits to Distance Running for Missionaries

  Staying Spiritually Fit Video   Running is a great source of exercise. It can get you into great shape, and it can clear your mind and help you feel calm and peaceful. There are even spiritual benefits to distance-running. With a calm and clear mental state, running can incite inspiration and divine revelation, especially if Read more about Benefits to Distance Running for Missionaries[…]

Should I Serve a Mission? 20+ Scriptures to Consider

There is a lot to consider when deciding to serve a mission. I’ve gone through the process myself and collected the scriptures that helped me the most. Comment below if you have more! Scriptures How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that publisheth salvation, Isa. 52:7. I will both search my sheep Read more about Should I Serve a Mission? 20+ Scriptures to Consider[…]

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Family Night! or Family Fight?

Family Home Evening: A simple solution to the world “Well, first of all I’d like to welcome every fight to family fight tonight” my Dad would say as he sat down after corralling us into the living room on a Monday evening, “I’d like to welcome the fight between Caleb and Jacob, Ben and his Read more about Family Night! or Family Fight?[…]

Top 5 things to do in Washington DC

Visiting D.C might seem daunting because of the many things there are to do. Some people might think it is only worthwhile if they are history buffs but luckily, D.C. has options for everyone in your family to enjoy. Here are a few options: 1.Visit the Smithsonian The Smithsonian Museums are definitely worth your visit Read more about Top 5 things to do in Washington DC[…]

Colonization of the Philippines

The Philippines has a long  history of being colonized and ruled by foreign countries such as Spain, The United States of America, and Japan. Some of these rulers were more kind and benevolent than others, but all of the time under foreign rule helped develop the unique culture of the Philippines that can be seen Read more about Colonization of the Philippines[…]

5 Simple Steps to Become More Enthusiastic!

We all go through phases in our life when we feel blue, or unfulfilled– however, by applying a few simple tips you can become more enthusiastic! #1 Accept personal responsibility for your attitude. Here are a few tips from Sri Sri Ravi Shanker about the secrets of enthusiasm! As you watch this short clip, try Read more about 5 Simple Steps to Become More Enthusiastic![…]