3 Examples Of Christlike Love By 2016 Olympians (Video)

Here are three of the most beautiful examples of Christlike love by athletes who are competing at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Watch them on video here.

#1 Diver Proposes To Girlfriend At Olympics

I was surprised how much this video touched me. I watched it with my Wife last night and I became teary-eyed because of how sweet and Christlike this marriage proposal seemed. I doubt Qin Kai, the 2016 Olympic diver in this video, is Christian, since he is from China, but his behavior emulates values that Christians honor.

Christlike Values Demonstrated By This Olympian

At the end of his marriage proposal to his girlfriend He Zi, Qin Kai gives one of the most sincere hugs I’ve seen. He didn’t focus on infatuation with passionate kissing, but rather demonstrated one of the purest kinds of love, with a sweet hug that communicated true friendship and care.

Notice how meek and humble Qin is in approaching his girlfriend. While some may see meekness and humility as a weakness, Christians recognize meekness and humility as a strength. The lack of forcefulness and lack of arrogance in this video, is beautiful.

#2 Tennis Player Calls Fault Of Umpire, Loses Match

This video is a wonderful example of honesty and integrity. When Jack Sock noticed the umpire made a bad call (saying the ball was out of court when it was actually in court), he invited his opponent to challenge the call. After giving Jack a confused look, his competitor agreed to challenge the umpire and won the match.

Though this video is months old, it’s neat to see Jack Sock being rewarded for his honesty. Two days ago Jack posted pictures of him wearing an Olympic gold medal in Rio. I’m reminded of the piece of paper Eric Liddell was given shortly before winning the Olympic 400 meter dash in 1924, after having refused to run on the Sabbath for the 100 meter dash. The paper read “In the old book it says: ‘He that honours me I will honour.'”

Though Jack Sock lost the match in the video below, God allowed him to win a gold medal in the 2016 Olympics.

Christlike Values Demonstrated By This Olympian

Summed up, Jack Sock demonstrated honesty and integrity- two of the core values of Christianity. He also demonstrated good sportsmanship and a willingness to lose. One could argue that Jack Sock could have still been honest to let the umpire’s inaccurate judgment stand as it was, but Jack went out of his way to give his opponent fairness. Despite the pressure Jack must’ve felt from his coach, Jack decided to obey his conscience and do the right thing.

#3 Tennis Player Befriends Water Boy

There are a fair share of videos showing olympic tennis player Novak Djokovic reaching out in kindness to ball boys on the tennis court. This is probably one of the best. Though it’s a little dated, it shows some great Christian attributes in this 2016 Tennis Olympian.

Christlike Values Demonstrated By This Olympian

In this video Novak Djokovic shows brotherly love and kindness. The idea of serving someone before yourself is at the heart of Christian belief and practice. When Novak holds the umbrella and gives a drink to the ball boy, he emulated the golden rule to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Aside from this act of kindness, Novak has championed the cause of people suffering in Syria. Aside from donating a large portion of his professional income to Syrians, he has helped establish the Novak Djokovic Foundation to help children in Syria live their dreams.

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