Common Condiments in the Philippines

Here are some commonly used condiments in the Philippines:


This is a very popular sauce in the Philippines, made from shrimp or fish (partially fermented) and salt. Bagoong is kind of like an all-purpose sauce in the Philippines. Many Filipinos like to eat bagoong with practically anything.

Banana Ketchup

Just like regular tomato ketchup, but with a hint of banana sweetness added in. It takes some getting used to but you’ll acquire a taste for it. American ketchup tastes super sour compared to banana ketchup.

Fish Sauce (called Patis)

This is also a very popular condiment. It is said to be a by-product of Bagoong. It is brown. This was a favorite sauce of several of my Filipina companions.

Soy Sauce + Calamansi juice

A very common condiment in the Philippines is soy sauce. Filipinos usually squeeze calamansi juice to mix into it (Calamnsi=Filipino lemons–they look like grape-sized limes). They eat this combination with chicken, fish, and other dishes. Vinegar is also a common thing to add with soy sauce (used in making dishes like Adobo).


The mayonnaise in the Philippines comes in all different flavors, like chicken & tuna sandwich spreads, BBQ, bacon/mushroom, etc. Sometimes they will eat slices of bread with just mayo.

Asado sauce

This is a yummy dark brown sauce that is used as a filling for (and often eaten with) siopao (a Chinese entree sold at a popular chain restaurant, Chow King). Asado sauce is a tomato based stew, often cooked with potatoes, carrots, and other vegetables.

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This article was contributed by Rebecca, Philippines Baguio Mission, 2009-2011.

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