99 Crazy Foods LDS Missionaries Eat Around the World!

While interviewing more than 300 returned missionaries about their missions, I’ve discovered there are quite a variety of interesting foods people eat around the world! Tarantula, rat, piranha, eel, caterpillars, just to name a few.

Here are 99 crazy foods that LDS missionaries have eaten from around the world!  If you have any crazy foods that you ate on your mission, feel free to comment below!

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*Warning: watching this video/reading this list might not be the best idea if you get grossed out easily. I personally would not eat many of these foods, but I try to have an open mind to other cultures, especially in areas of the world where food is scarce.

Crazy Foods Missionaries Have Eaten

  1. Sting Ray (Nevada, USA)
  2. Pickled Pig Foot (Armenia)
  3. Eel (West Indies)
  4. Caterpillars (Zambia)
  5. Every part of a chicken: from chicken beak to chicken feet (Indonesia)
  6. Jellyfish Tentacles (Hong Kong)
  7. Blood of a freshly killed lamb (Chile)
  8. Liver Casserole (Finland)
  9. Every part of a goat (Indonesia)
  10. Every part of a dog (Indonesia)
  11. Pig eyes (Philippines)
  12. Pig heart (Philippines)
  13. Reindeer meat (Finland, Estonia)
  14. Sea turtle (Marshall Islands)
  15. Turkey tail (Marshall Islands)
  16. Warthog (Congo)
  17. Grasshopper tacos (California)
  18. Boiled duck egg (Idaho, Hungary)
  19. Horse torpedo (Indonesia)
  20. King Cobra (Indonesia)
  21. Little minnows that are dried and salted (Kenya)
  22. Milk that’s 20-30 days old (Uganda)
  23. Moose (Canada)
  24. Meat gelatin (Russia)
  25. Pig ear (Brazil)
  26. Raccoon (Florida)
  27. Squirrel (Florida, Wisconsin)
  28. Sea urchins on toast (New Zealand)
  29. Rice and spam with ketchup (Marshall Islands)
  30. Goat intestines (Brazil)
  31. Goat stomach (Brazil)
  32. Gigantic hamburger (Uruguay)
  33. Double fried french fries (France)
  34. Cow hoof (Scotland, Armenia)
  35. Cow skin (Congo)
  36. Cow tail (Dominican Republic)
  37. Pig brain (Hong Kong)
  38. Pig fat (Russia, Philippines)
  39. Pig knees (Hong Kong)
  40. Possum (Missouri)
  41. Fry Fry: a plethora of different fried foods (Sierra Leone)
  42. Fried fish: the entire fish with bones and all (El Salvador)
  43. Fried rat (Cambodia)
  44. Escamoles: fried ant eggs (Mexico)
  45. Grasshoppers (Zambia, Thailand)
  46. Big, fat white worm (Colombia)
  47. Sult: meat jello (Estonia)
  48. Ox tail (England)
  49. Silkworm larvae (Thailand)
  50. Red ant eggs (Thailand)
  51. Insects I never recognized (Thailand)
  52. Kabob meat (France)
  53. Live beetles half inch thick (Mexico)
  54. Pumpkin leaves (Zambia)
  55. Piranha (Colombia)
  56. Raw salmon (Finland)
  57. Fish intestines (Hong Kong)
  58. Pickled herring (Sweden, Finland)
  59. Fermented fish that’s cooked and like jello (Norway)
  60. Goat head (Argentina)
  61. Rabbit (Wisconsin, Argentina)
  62. Biro: Bread fruited food (Marshall Islands)
  63. Mondongo: cow stomach soup (Mexico, Bolivia)
  64. Rats/field mice: Shish kabobs with fur and all (Zambia)
  65. Horse (New Zealand, Japan)
  66. Horse heart (Chile)
  67. Gall bladder soup (Philippines)
  68. Hammerhead shark (Mozambique)
  69. Boiled chicken heads (Madagascar)
  70. Chicken feet (Brazil, Bolivia)
  71. Morsilla: blood sausage made with powdered cow blood, lard and condiments (Puerto Rico, Argentina)
  72. Cow eyeball tacos (Mexico)
  73. Fried termites: taste like peanut butter for a while (Zambia)
  74. Fried tarantula (Cambodia)
  75. Pig meat pork cooked in its own blood (Philippines)
  76. Deep fried gator tail (Florida)
  77. Cow liver (Bolivia)
  78. Chicken heart (Bolivia)
  79. Pap: Corn maize boiled in water (Botswana)
  80. Blood pudding (Philippines)
  81. Cow brain (Bolivia)
  82. Alligator (Cambodia)
  83. Liver paste (Argentina)
  84. Buttermilk: straight (Russia)
  85. Bean-flavored ice cream (Australia)
  86. Florescent pink/purple, boiled, concentrated cabbage juice (Bulgaria)
  87. Duck beak (Hong Kong)
  88. Guinea Pig (Peru)
  89. Duck tongue (Hong Kong)
  90. Funge: boiled water with flour (Angola)
  91. Navajo tacos authentic with dirt on reservation (New Mexico, USA)
  92. Cow Tongue good meat as long as can get over the texture (Mexico, Boliva)
  93. Whale steak (Norway)
  94. Caldo de Cabeza: Sheep head soup (Peru)
  95. Black, green and pink tofu (South Korea)
  96. Wild boar (Estonia)
  97. Bear (Estonia)
  98. Bats (Congo)
  99. Dog (Indonesia, Micronesia, Cambodia, Philippines)

14 thoughts on “99 Crazy Foods LDS Missionaries Eat Around the World!

  • Live red ants, boiled silk worms, chicken heads… Whenever we were at a dinner appt and there was a communal water cup to share; we always offered to buy sodas for everyone as our “gift” to thank them for their hospitality! (Thailand)

  • I hope they are telling African missionaries NOT to eat BAT & any of the other “bush meats” like chimps & rats, etc. That is how they believe new ebola outbreaks begin, spreading from animal to human because ppl eat the smoked meats. But even fully cooked bats can still transmit the virus.

  • I ate Fish Spaghetti in Brazil, and the Chicken feet and pig part soup. The chicken feet was nasty, but so was the spaghetti….

  • Corrección= ginea pig = CUY (en diferentes formas), además se come en Perú chuño, tunta, caldo de patas, sarza de patitas, panza rellena, entre muchas otras :p 🙂

  • Fafaru from Tahiti was pretty rank. Catch a fresh fish and put its guts and other undesirables in a jar of fresh sea water. Seal it and leave it for anywhere between a couple hours to a month. When it’s time, filter out the guts so you’re left with the rotten fish water. Go catch another fish and cut some nice fillets. Put those raw fillets in the water, and you’ve got fafaru! They love it out there.

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