Filipino Returned Missionary’s Twins Born 3 Months Prematurely, Family Pleads For Help

Here’s a great way to lighten someone’s burden for today’s #LIGHTtheWORLD challenge, if you haven’t thought of anything yet.

A little background: So I personally know this elder. He was my district leader on my mission in the Philippines training a new American elder at the time. He’s a really good guy and very humble. He wouldn’t normally ask for help like this, but he and his wife unexpectedly had their twins at only 27 weeks gestation and are really struggling to make ends meet. I know it would mean the world to them if any of you would have the heart to donate, even just a little.


Of all burdens, I think debt and financial burdens are some of the most stressful. Can you imagine if everyone who sees this just donated a small amount, how much of a difference it could make for this returned missionary and his sweet family?


Here is the link:




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