How To Draw A Church

How To Draw a church

Learn how to draw a church with this easy to follow, step by step video for children. Drawing a church is easy for kids. To follow along in drawing this picture of a church, you’ll need the following colors:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Light Green
  • Yellow
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Light Brown

*You can draw with crayons, markers or colored pencils. We chose to draw a church picture with markers, so the colors would show up more vibrantly on the video.

Steps to Draw a Church

1) Draw the Church Roof and Steeple


2) Draw Church Walls

How To Draw Church walls

3) Draw Church Double Doors

How To Draw Church Double Doors

4) Draw Church’s Brick Exterior

How To Draw Church brick walls

5) Draw Scenery: Walkway, Tree, Bushes, Sun, Clouds (Optional)

How To Draw Church Scenery

6) Color in the Picture

Colorful church Picture

*Feel free to color in the picture with whatever colors you want to!

Lesson For How To Draw A Church Tutorial

Here’s a transcript (more or less) of the 15-minute drawing lesson video above:


Hi friends, today we’re going to learn how to draw a church building. For this, you will need markers that are blue, yellow, green, red and brown. Let’s jump in!

Drawing The Building Outline

First off we’re going to draw the top of the building. We’re going to draw a steeple going up towards the middle and then back down. So there’s our roof. Now we’re going to draw the roof- give it a little thickness. Now we’re going to draw down the walls and on the ground. Next we’re going to draw the door- it goes over and around- it’s actually a double door- so there’s two doors. Draw two handles, little ovals.

Drawing The Bricks

Now we’re going to draw lines going across- we’re drawing the bricks. There’s going to be a lot of bricks on this church building!

One time my wife and I saw this big building outside made of bricks. We sat and counted how many bricks there were high and how many bricks across. I can’t remember how many there were, but I think there were tens of thousands of bricks. So on buildings like a red brick church there’s a lot of bricks- probably thousands of bricks.

Draw the bricks by drawing rectangles- kind of like a square, but one side is a little longer. The bricks overlap, or alternate, and that makes the walls more secure if the bricks are alternating- it makes the building less likely to fall down, if there’s shaking. So between bricks they’ll put this cement. The cement acts like a glue- like a rock glue that sticks one brick to another brick. Draw more bricks. Looks like there will be about 100 bricks in this drawing of a church. It’s nice to get so much practice drawing rectangles.

Drawing The Scenery: Trees, Bushes, etc.

When I was young I went to a church in New Hampshire that was a red brick building. Now that the bricks are set and drawn, let’s draw a path from the door entrance. Now we can draw some bushes, grass, a tree with a couple big branches, etc. Now let’s draw a sun and clouds.

Coloring In The Picture

Now’s the fun part- we get to start coloring. We’ll color in the grass with a bright green color. We’re coloring in the grass with horizontal strokes parallel to each other, but you can color it in however you want to. Keep on coloring to the edge of the paper. Now we need to color the bushes, the sun, tree and church building. We’ll color the path grey- a cement pathway going to the church doors. It’ll be made of cement so that when it rains the pathway won’t track in as much mud into the chapel. Now we’ll color in the bricks with the color red. Now we’ll color in the doors with brown, so they’ll look like wooden doors. Metal doors are often more heavy and uninviting, but wooden doors are more inviting and make a loud noise when you knock on them.

Let’s color in this steeple- it’s a thick pillar above the church building- looks like it’s big enough to act as a bell tower. We’ll color in the edge of the roof with light brown. Now that the church is colored in, we just need to color in the background.  Let’s color in the bush with this bright green color.

Now let’s color the tree trunk with a brown marker. It’s a tree trunk with smooth bark. The bark helps the trees be protected from scratches, diseases, animals, etc. Let’s color in the tree leaves- not individually, but all together with one solid color.

Tree leaves come in a bunch of shapes and sizes. At different times of the year, the leaves are different colors. In the fall and winter the leaves will often turn yellow and brown and will fall off. Leaves are also interesting because they essentially capture energy from the sun, for the tree.

We now color in the sky blue.

I think that just about finishes the how to draw a church video.

I hope you have a great day!

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