Tips on How To Prepare… (7 videos)

Young men of the Aaronic Priesthood, may I suggest six ways you can prepare for your mission:

First, secure your individual testimony of the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Know for yourself that you hold the priesthood and that Jesus Christ is your Savior.

Second, study and ponder the Book of Mormon to the point where you can declare that it was received by Joseph Smith from the angel Moroni and that the Prophet Joseph translated the book from the golden plates.

Third, be clean and pure. To those who have slipped, repentance is available if you will approach your bishop and seek his help and counsel.

Fourth, pay your tithes and offerings so that you can bear witness of this great principle of the gospel. Save money so that you can serve a mission. A mission is not free, and each missionary should expect to financially contribute towards the cost of his mission.

Fifth, learn how to work. Be willing to get up early in the morning, work hard all day, and retire on time. As you prepare for your mission, learn how to work.

And sixth, serve as a home teacher in your ward to know the joy of service.

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