Interview with Sister Dalton: Advice for Sisters Preparing to Serve Missions


“. . .The Young Women program assists parents in preparing each young woman to be worthy to make and keep covenants and receive the ordinances of the temple. This focus is reflected in everything we do in Young Women, from camp to Personal Progress. The temple is the reason for everything we do. Thus, this announcement hastens a young woman’s preparation to be endowed in the temple at age 19, should she feel that a mission is right for her. When a young woman is worthy to enter the temple, then she is also prepared to serve a mission. The temple comes first! A missionary experience helps provide a setting in which she keeps the covenants she has made in the temple as she dedicates her time, talents, and personal resources to building the Lord’s kingdom.

Our focus on service in the Personal Progress program also prepares her to serve others, as well as the mentoring requirement to receive an Honor Bee. As a young woman mentors another young woman, she learns how to be articulate in sharing her experiences and testimony of the restored gospel. . .”

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