LDS Missionary In Coma After Being Hit By Car In Louisiana

Elder Landon Howe of the Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission was struck by a car while riding his bike the day after Thanksgiving. According to the family’s GoFundMe page and Facebook updates, the accident fractured Elder Howe’s skull, broke ribs, punctured his lung and caused bleeding in his brain.

Elder Howe’s parents Susan and Leonard went to Baton Rouge be with their son and gave this update on Sunday:

Elder Howe will remain in a medically induced coma for a while so he can heal. They slow down the anesthesia at times during the day to test for responsiveness. If he gets stable enough to get off the respirator and other intubation he will be ‘flown home’ which for us, I believe, would be to a hospital in Salt Lake City. No telling how much damage/rehabilitation, but his responsiveness is encouraging.

Elder Howe’s companion did not sustain any serious injuries.

Please pray for Elder Howe’s recovery. We’re so grateful for his service and pray that he will have a full recovery.

**To support Elder Howe’s family financially visit their GoFundMe page.

5 thoughts on “LDS Missionary In Coma After Being Hit By Car In Louisiana

  • I originally from Utah and we enjoyed going to the Great Salt Lake to swim in cause you couldn’t sink. It make me so sad to see this dry up like I it is. It was always so beautiful.

  • Your son and your family are in my prayers. I believe in the power of prayer and I believe in miracles. I was in a coma on life support for 3 months after my heart stopped 3 times. I had little to no brain activity. There is science, but nothing is more powerful than our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I am perfectly normal today after 10 months of learning to do everything again, but it was my trial. The test he had planned for me that I passed. Your son is already responding, which is great. I have complete faith he will be okay. I will be praying and putting his name in the Temple, which probably many are doing, which is fantastic. Keep the faith. God bless you all

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