NEEDED: Health Missionaries For Every LDS Mission

The LDS Church is looking to place one or more Missionary Nurse Specialist in each of the 418 missions around the globe. Currently there are only 113 full-time mission nurse specialists.

These health missionaries serve for 18-24 months and cover their own expenses, like full-time proselyting missionaries.

What the church is looking for:

  • Single registered nurses ages 18-25.
  • Retired couples where either the husband or wife is a doctor or registered nurse.
  • Single senior nurses.

While at the Missionary Training Center, LDS mission nurse specialists receive medical training in addition to language and teaching instruction. Their medical training prepares them to deal with a variety of common missionary illnesses, such as Malaria and Dengue Fever.

A Missionary Nurse Specialist’s Responsibilities

  • Work with the Mission President and his wife, and the Area Medical Adviser to determine treatments for missionaries.
  • Schedule medical and dental appointments.
  • Coordinate insurance coverage and payments.
  • Provide medications and other medical supplies for missionaries.
  • Teach principles of health to fellow missionaries.

Young single missionary nurses also serve as proselyting missionaries. A current license is not required to serve as a missionary nurse specialist.

If you are worthy, willing and graduated it sounds like you should fit the bill.

Click here to learn more about the LDS health missionary calling.

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