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Alabama Birmingham Mission (LDS)

Alabama Birmingham Chloe Isaak 2013
Alabama Birmingham Webmaster 2011
Alabama Birmingham Emily Thorup 2013
Alabama Birmingham Alison Spensko 2013
Alabama Birmingham Brody George 2011
Alabama Birmingham Mike and Sandy 2011
Alabama Birmingham The Holzapfels 2013
Alabama Birmingham Mason Taylor 2012
Alabama Birmingham Preston Haws 2011


Alaska Anchorage Mission (LDS)

Alaska Anchorage Trinity Waddell 2013
Alaska Anchorage Ross Springer 2013
Alaska Anchorage Anders Piiparinen 2011
Alaska Anchorage Jordan Petersen 2012
Alaska Anchorage The Palmers 2012
Alaska Anchorage Andrew Meteer 2012
Alaska Anchorage Jed Mackay 2011
Alaska Anchorage Danny Holland 2012
Alaska Anchorage Aaron Gullerud 2013
Alaska Anchorage Scott Fleming 2011
Alaska Anchorage John Clark 2013
Alaska Anchorage Adam Christensen 2011
Alaska Anchorage Braxton Boyer 2012
Alaska Anchorage Andrew Benage 2011
Alaska Anchorage Anne Marie Grayson 2013
Alaska Anchorage Michael Brown 2013
Alaska Anchorage Ammon Woolbert 2013
Alaska Anchorage Stephanie Hatfield 2013
Alaska Anchorage TJ Hartman 2012
Alaska Anchorage Taylor Bowes 2012
Alaska Anchorage Mark Rowley 2011
Alaska Anchorage Scott Kvavle 2012
Alaska Anchorage Bradley Johnson 2012
Alaska Anchorage Ian Darcey 2013
Alaska Anchorage Layne Lawson 2012
Alaska Anchorage Melissa Ashbrook 2013
Alaska Anchorage The Clarks 2011
Alaska Anchorage Tyler Williams 2012
Alaska Anchorage Jason Record 2013
Alaska Anchorage Britton Winterrose 2012
Alaska Anchorage Bryce Wainwright 2011
Alaska Anchorage Mathieu Squires 2011


Adriatic South Mission (LDS)

Adriatic  South Jonathan Hald 2013
Adriatic  South Kimball Ostergaard 2013
Adriatic  South Scott Palmer 2013
Adriatic  South Solana Curtis 2013
Adriatic  South Sister Hoover 2013
Adriatic  South Shauntel Forte 2013
Adriatic  South Benson Gunther 2013
Adriatic  South Mission President 2012
Adriatic  South Daniel Woods 2013
Adriatic  South Benjamin Matson 2013

Albania Tirana Mission (LDS)

Albania Tirana Robert Skousen 2011
Albania Tirana Jordan Lewis 2011
Albania Tirana Mitch Weaver 2011
Albania Tirana Erik Swenson 2011
Albania Tirana The Neils 2011
Albania Tirana Kelsey Hall 2011
Albania Tirana Austin Eckel 2011
Albania Tirana Daniel Woods 2013


Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission (LDS)

Argentina Bahia Blanca Travis Hatch 2012
Argentina Bahia Blanca Elder Banks 2011
Argentina Bahia Blanca Wyatt Koeven 2013
Argentina Bahia Blanca Quinton Perkins 2012
Argentina Bahia Blanca David Laws 2013
Argentina Bahia Blanca Kyle Hauser 2010
Argentina Bahia Blanca Brittni Vawdrey 2013
Argentina Bahia Blanca Max Vaterlaus 2011
Argentina Bahia Blanca Alison Tingey 2011
Argentina Bahia Blanca Travis Wheelwright 2013
Argentina Bahia Blanca Joshua Warten 2011
Argentina Bahia Blanca Austin Clegg 2013
Argentina Bahia Blanca Nick Gaughan 2011
Argentina Bahia Blanca Bryce Taliercio 2011
Argentina Bahia Blanca Samantha Lapray 2011
Argentina Bahia Blanca Kassidy Seegmiller 2011

Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission (LDS)

Argentina Buenos Aires North Elder Wray 2011
Argentina Buenos Aires North Elder Watson 2011
Argentina Buenos Aires North Christopher McElwee 2012
Argentina Buenos Aires North Caleb Hogge 2013
Argentina Buenos Aires North Bryan Grover 2012
Argentina Buenos Aires North Aleta Bray 2012
Argentina Buenos Aires North Thomas Bennett 2011
Argentina Buenos Aires North Rachel Hill 2013
Argentina Buenos Aires North Jessica Alvey 2013
Argentina Buenos Aires North Suzette Gonzalez 2012
Argentina Buenos Aires North Matthew Dewsnup 2013
Argentina Buenos Aires North Aleta Bray 2012
Argentina Buenos Aires North Lia Christensen 2013
Argentina Buenos Aires North Shelley Kailei 2013
Argentina Buenos Aires North Cody Buxton 2013
Argentina Buenos Aires North Doug Gardner 2012
Argentina Buenos Aires North David Arrowchis 2012
Argentina Buenos Aires North Michael Watson 2012
Argentina Buenos Aires North Andrew Ludwig 2011
Argentina Buenos Aires North Zachary Trayner 2012
Argentina Buenos Aires North Kyle Denton 2010
Argentina Buenos Aires North The Kroffs 2010
Argentina Buenos Aires North Haley Jones 2011

Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission (LDS)

Argentina Buenos Aires South Tyson Winder 2012
Argentina Buenos Aires South Alan Shurtz 2012
Argentina Buenos Aires South Braden Saunders 2012
Argentina Buenos Aires South Samson Nelson 2013
Argentina Buenos Aires South Sister Crook 2011
Argentina Buenos Aires South Cohen Carlson 2013
Argentina Buenos Aires South Elissa Urban 2009
Argentina Buenos Aires South Jordan Lewis 2013
Argentina Buenos Aires South Spencer Herrmann 2013
Argentina Buenos Aires South Jace Johnson 2011
Argentina Buenos Aires South Drew Martino 2013
Argentina Buenos Aires South Rhet Gardner 2013
Argentina Buenos Aires South Austin Schupple 2010
Argentina Buenos Aires South Cameron Anderson 2013
Argentina Buenos Aires South Tyler Talbot 2013
Argentina Buenos Aires South Brayden Jolley 2013
Argentina Buenos Aires South Scoty Stobbe 2012
Argentina Buenos Aires South Shane Larson 2012
Argentina Buenos Aires South Ian Wheelhouse 2011
Argentina Buenos Aires South Gavin Rice 2010
Argentina Buenos Aires South Mary Lindquist 2011

Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission (LDS)

Argentina Buenos Aires West Sister Tucker 2012
Argentina Buenos Aires West Trent Thompson 2011
Argentina Buenos Aires West Glen Roundy 2011
Argentina Buenos Aires West Elder Pickett 2011
Argentina Buenos Aires West Haydn Oleson 2012
Argentina Buenos Aires West Elder Murphy 2013
Argentina Buenos Aires West Riley Lewis 2011
Argentina Buenos Aires West Zachary Griggs 2011
Argentina Buenos Aires West Wade Draper 2012
Argentina Buenos Aires West Janelle Cook 2013
Argentina Buenos Aires West Kyle Cochenour 2013
Argentina Buenos Aires West Chloe Walker 2013
Argentina Buenos Aires West Jacob Bentz 2013
Argentina Buenos Aires West Kraymer Eppich 2013
Argentina Buenos Aires West Mitchell Woods 2013
Argentina Buenos Aires West Cameron Brooks 2011
Argentina Buenos Aires West Jennifer Millet 2013
Argentina Buenos Aires West Sean Gilmore 2012
Argentina Buenos Aires West Erin Litser 2012
Argentina Buenos Aires West Taylor Walker 2012
Argentina Buenos Aires West Trevor Jones 2011
Argentina Buenos Aires West The Carters 2013
Argentina Buenos Aires West President Benton 2011
Argentina Buenos Aires West Bret Shepherd 2012
Argentina Buenos Aires West Reilly Heims 2011
Argentina Buenos Aires West Robert Pickett 2011
Argentina Buenos Aires West Sasha Lopez 2011
Argentina Buenos Aires West Saren Hobbs 2011

Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Mission (LDS)

Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Douglas Emmett 2013
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Matthew Dewsnup 2013
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Sister Twitchell 2013
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Amy Heath 2013
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Sister Judd 2013
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Sister Kuhn 2013
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia The Rogers 2013
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Anneliese Carter 2013

Argentina Cordoba Mission (LDS)

Argentina Cordoba Jared Nelson 2013
Argentina Cordoba Elder Varner 2013
Argentina Cordoba Elder Flaherty 2011
Argentina Cordoba Malea Ericson 2013
Argentina Cordoba Tyler Burton 2013
Argentina Cordoba Andy Glanzer 2011
Argentina Cordoba Talon Dial 2013
Argentina Cordoba Jordan Woods 2012
Argentina Cordoba Kent Harker 2013
Argentina Cordoba Riley Watts 2013
Argentina Cordoba The Hatchs 2012
Argentina Cordoba Collin Gray 2013
Argentina Cordoba Levi Lamoreaux 2011
Argentina Cordoba Jami Pond 2012
Argentina Cordoba Noralin Ellsworth 2011

Argentina Mendoza Mission (LDS)

Argentina Mendoza Thaddeus Wright 2013
Argentina Mendoza Jake Wixom 2013
Argentina Mendoza Taylor Winget 2012
Argentina Mendoza Elder Williams 2011
Argentina Mendoza Elder Steig 2010
Argentina Mendoza Justin Kidman 2013
Argentina Mendoza Elder Jones 2011
Argentina Mendoza Joseph Galati 2011
Argentina Mendoza Zachary Lounsbury 2012
Argentina Mendoza Courtney Cox 2013
Argentina Mendoza Cole Wharton 2011
Argentina Mendoza Tyson Gibbons 2013
Argentina Mendoza The Avilas 2013
Argentina Mendoza Jackson Ostler 2012
Argentina Mendoza Brian Passantino 2012
Argentina Mendoza Blake Smith 2010
Argentina Mendoza Benjamin Hoglund 2010
Argentina Mendoza President Lindahl 2011

Argentina Neuquen Mission (LDS)

Argentina Neuquen Bronson Wagstaff 2013
Argentina Neuquen Danielle Velez 2013
Argentina Neuquen Sarah Smith 2013
Argentina Neuquen Elder Naylor 2012
Argentina Neuquen Nate Heaps 2013
Argentina Neuquen Jordan Hanzon 2013
Argentina Neuquen Douglas Emmett 2013
Argentina Neuquen Sister Davis 2013
Argentina Neuquen Austin Page 2011
Argentina Neuquen Kyle Hudgins 2013
Argentina Neuquen JJ Davis 2013
Argentina Neuquen Mikayla McChesney 2013
Argentina Neuquen Spencer Higgs 2012
Argentina Neuquen Jessica Judd 2013
Argentina Neuquen The Lovells 2013
Argentina Neuquen Shawn Reed 2012
Argentina Neuquen Taylor Jensen 2010

Argentina Posadas Mission (LDS)

Argentina Posadas Ben Roberts 2013
Argentina Posadas Elder Thayn 2013
Argentina Posadas Preston McOmber 2013
Argentina Posadas Stephanie Craven 2013
Argentina Posadas Riley Coggins 2013
Argentina Posadas Kelsey Rust 2013

Argentina Resistencia Mission (LDS)

Argentina Resistencia Zachary Truman 2013
Argentina Resistencia Sister Tolman 2013
Argentina Resistencia Tyson Terry 2013
Argentina Resistencia Travis Rushton 2013
Argentina Resistencia Arch Ratliff 2013
Argentina Resistencia Evan Naumann 2013
Argentina Resistencia Garth Massey 2013
Argentina Resistencia Elder Hunt 2012
Argentina Resistencia Tyler Guest 2013
Argentina Resistencia Elder Gifford 2013
Argentina Resistencia Derek Droesbeke 2012
Argentina Resistencia Sister Davis 2013
Argentina Resistencia Ethan Chipman 2011
Argentina Resistencia Sister Baker 2013
Argentina Resistencia Elder Andrews 2011
Argentina Resistencia Emily Valenzuela 2013
Argentina Resistencia Sean Deniston 2013
Argentina Resistencia Jacob Benson 2013
Argentina Resistencia Quynton Allsup 2013
Argentina Resistencia Reinna Quick 2013
Argentina Resistencia Josh Burt 2013
Argentina Resistencia Jordan Nelson 2011
Argentina Resistencia The McCoys 2013
Argentina Resistencia Alysha Leavitt 2013
Argentina Resistencia A. Johansen 2013
Argentina Resistencia Steven Walker 2012
Argentina Resistencia Nathan Horrocks 2011
Argentina Resistencia Matthew Schneider 2011
Argentina Resistencia Callie Payne 2011
Argentina Resistencia Sarah Tritsch 2010

Argentina Rosario Mission (LDS)

Argentina Rosario Jessica Dean 2013
Argentina Rosario Hillary Lake 2013
Argentina Rosario Peter Welsh 2013
Argentina Rosario Parker Syndergaard 2012
Argentina Rosario Elder Strate 2011
Argentina Rosario Elder Petersen 2011
Argentina Rosario Colton Page 2011
Argentina Rosario Nyle Naumann 2012
Argentina Rosario Dustin Marshall 2013
Argentina Rosario David Larson 2012
Argentina Rosario Hayden Hokanson 2013
Argentina Rosario Clint Farley 2012
Argentina Rosario Jon Faldmo 2012
Argentina Rosario Ryan Chapman 2011
Argentina Rosario Elder Carrillo 2011
Argentina Rosario David Boon 2013
Argentina Rosario Elder Anderson 2011
Argentina Rosario Joshua Alpers 2013
Argentina Rosario Mikayla Boren 2013
Argentina Rosario The Giulianis 2012
Argentina Rosario Todd Haderlie 2013
Argentina Rosario Madison Borup 2013
Argentina Rosario Alex Sisk 2013
Argentina Rosario Nate Rau 2010
Argentina Rosario Ryan Chapman 2009
Argentina Rosario Amanda Gibbons 2011
Argentina Rosario Rebecca 2013
Argentina Rosario Joshua Hjelmstad 2013
Argentina Rosario Rory Jones 2013
Argentina Rosario Eric Hanson 2011
Argentina Rosario Kari Amundsen 2011
Argentina Rosario Amanda Gibbons 2011
Argentina Rosario Maddy Kusilek 2011

Argentina Salta Mission (LDS)

Argentina Salta Brayton Young 2013
Argentina Salta Byron Ward 2011
Argentina Salta Jaron Trentman 2013
Argentina Salta Caitlin Scarlett 2013
Argentina Salta Elder Rios 2012
Argentina Salta Elder Paz 2009
Argentina Salta Jesse Huston 2012
Argentina Salta Jessica Howard 2013
Argentina Salta Rhett Almond 2013
Argentina Salta Taylor Ball 2013
Argentina Salta Kara Morris 2011
Argentina Salta Jared Carter 2011
Argentina Salta Amanda Castillo 2011
Argentina Salta Landon Willey 2013
Argentina Salta Daniel Hermansen 2013
Argentina Salta Blake Darby 2012
Argentina Salta Morgan Wills 2013
Argentina Salta Jeffrey Angell 2012
Argentina Salta Alex Oczkewicz 2013
Argentina Salta Russell Allphin 2013
Argentina Salta Nathan Singer 2012
Argentina Salta Jarret Wade 2011
Argentina Salta Samuel Thomas 2013
Argentina Salta Jeffrey Rose 2010
Argentina Salta Joshua Dustin 2011


Arizona Gilbert Mission (LDS)

Arizona Gilbert Kate Kuefner 2013
Arizona Gilbert Elder Hill 2013
Arizona Gilbert Luke Van Skyhawk 2013
Arizona Gilbert Elder Kirton 2013
Arizona Gilbert Parker Bronson 2013
Arizona Gilbert Lauren Collins 2013
Arizona Gilbert Joshua Gandy 2013
Arizona Gilbert The Nattresses 2013
Arizona Gilbert Carson Bailey 2013

Arizona Mesa Mission (LDS)

Arizona Mesa Tamara Watkins 2013
Arizona Mesa Aaron Russell 2013
Arizona Mesa David Ronnenberg 2013
Arizona Mesa Luke Leonard 2011
Arizona Mesa Brady Edwards 2011
Arizona Mesa Berkeley Crowell 2013
Arizona Mesa Eileen Crawford 2013
Arizona Mesa Ashley Burton 2012
Arizona Mesa Garrett Bennion 2012
Arizona Mesa Natalie Haynes 2013
Arizona Mesa Alex Hoopes 2010
Arizona Mesa Kelsey Hubmann 2013
Arizona Mesa Jessica George 2013
Arizona Mesa Alexis Clark 2013
Arizona Mesa Annie Snyder 2013
Arizona Mesa Sister Anderson 2012
Arizona Mesa Katie Valladares 2013
Arizona Mesa Sister Paries 2013
Arizona Mesa The Becks 2010
Arizona Mesa Elizabeth Clark 2011
Arizona Mesa Brynn Ladd 2010
Arizona Mesa Michael Kinney 2012
Arizona Mesa Morgan Thomas 2012
Arizona Mesa Brandon Caywood 2011
Arizona Mesa Renton Rindlisbacher 2010

Arizona Phoenix Mission (LDS)

Arizona Phoenix Lance Cabral 2013
Arizona Phoenix Scott Weston 2013
Arizona Phoenix Yuri Neves 2013
Arizona Phoenix Lane Killian 2012
Arizona Phoenix Nama Kamissoko 2013
Arizona Phoenix Melissa Chord 2013
Arizona Phoenix Andrew Baker 2013
Arizona Phoenix Pierce Johnston 2010
Arizona Phoenix Tucker Thompson 2013
Arizona Phoenix Caleb Swift 2013
Arizona Phoenix Trent Anderson 2012
Arizona Phoenix Zach Jensen 2013
Arizona Phoenix Sister Pickett 2013
Arizona Phoenix Spencer Brame 2013
Arizona Phoenix Jacob Wade 2013
Arizona Phoenix Mission Blog 2013
Arizona Phoenix The Becks 2011
Arizona Phoenix Eric Turner 2012
Arizona Phoenix Tyler Perkins 2011

Arizona Scottsdale Mission (LDS)

Arizona Scottsdale Kyle Armatage 2013
Arizona Scottsdale Hailey Brown 2013
Arizona Scottsdale Samuel Clark 2013
Arizona Scottsdale Sister Hubmann 2013
Arizona Scottsdale Spencer Groneman 2013
Arizona Scottsdale Sister Watkins 2013
Arizona Scottsdale Mission 2013

Arizona Tempe Mission (LDS)

Arizona Tempe Allan Winterbottom 2012
Arizona Tempe Spencer Watson 2013
Arizona Tempe David Watson 2012
Arizona Tempe Jadon Niederhauser 2013
Arizona Tempe Joseph Johnson 2011
Arizona Tempe Spencer German 2011
Arizona Tempe Alexander Egbert 2013
Arizona Tempe Lindsay Holcomb 2013
Arizona Tempe Jonathan Harder 2011
Arizona Tempe The Urrys 2012
Arizona Tempe Jason Newhall 2011
Arizona Tempe Harrison Wardle 2013
Arizona Tempe Elder Patience 2013
Arizona Tempe Shelby Limburg 2013
Arizona Tempe Marshall Smith 2013
Arizona Tempe Devin Romney 2013
Arizona Tempe Jessica Savage 2013
Arizona Tempe Hunter Gannon 2013
Arizona Tempe Ryan Kirton 2013
Arizona Tempe Kayla Hansen 2013
Arizona Tempe Paul Johnson 2013
Arizona Tempe Taylor Janis 2013
Arizona Tempe Daniel Peterson 2013
Arizona Tempe Daniel Feller 2012
Arizona Tempe Jason Thomsen 2011

Arizona Tucson Mission (LDS)

Arizona Tucson Brennon Schow 2013
Arizona Tucson Matthew Petersen 2013
Arizona Tucson Skyler Nichol 2013
Arizona Tucson John Lahtinen 2013
Arizona Tucson Mackenzie Hall 2012
Arizona Tucson Clint Foote 2011
Arizona Tucson Megan Eyre 2013
Arizona Tucson Chase Bleyl 2013
Arizona Tucson Elder Barlocker 2013
Arizona Tucson Kyle Harris 2013
Arizona Tucson Tyler Evans 2013
Arizona Tucson Kaitlyn Waters 2013
Arizona Tucson Allison Barnes 2013
Arizona Tucson Taylor Hughes 2013
Arizona Tucson Bryce Pierce 2012
Arizona Tucson Suzanne Grove 2013
Arizona Tucson Christine Hayes 2011
Arizona Tucson Lauren Bryce 2011
Arizona Tucson Eric Olsen 2010
Arizona Tucson Korbyn Karlson 2012
Arizona Tucson Joseph Wiest 2011
Arizona Tucson Franklin Morley 2011


Arkansas Little Rock Mission (LDS)

Arkansas Little Rock Colton Teerlink 2012
Arkansas Little Rock Clint Sudweeks 2013
Arkansas Little Rock Chad Sakurada 2013
Arkansas Little Rock Zachary Pribyl 2013
Arkansas Little Rock Kadan McMurtrey 2013
Arkansas Little Rock The Henries 2012
Arkansas Little Rock Dustin Draper 2013
Arkansas Little Rock Braden Derrick 2013
Arkansas Little Rock Hannah Cooke 2013
Arkansas Little Rock Eric Carrell 2013
Arkansas Little Rock Bryen North 2013
Arkansas Little Rock Annalisa Wilde 2013
Arkansas Little Rock Christine Behle 2013
Arkansas Little Rock Jake Nelson 2012
Arkansas Little Rock Matthew Wawro 2013
Arkansas Little Rock Matthew Staib 2013
Arkansas Little Rock Clayton Andersen 2012


Armenia Yerevan Mission (LDS)

Armenia Yerevan Tyler Woolley 2013
Armenia Yerevan Joshua Cook 2012
Armenia Yerevan Lincoln Luette 2013
Armenia Yerevan Lincoln Conway 2013
Armenia Yerevan Zachary Rackham 2013
Armenia Yerevan Jeremy Moore 2013
Armenia Yerevan Misa Morreall 2013
Armenia Yerevan Hannah Bezdjian 2013
Armenia Yerevan Mary Broadbent 2013
Armenia Yerevan Jared Hammer 2013
Armenia Yerevan The Griffiths 2012
Armenia Yerevan The Reeses 2013
Armenia Yerevan Franklin Pack 2013
Armenia Yerevan Cathlyn Smith 2011
Armenia Yerevan Dallin Davidson 2013
Armenia Yerevan Bruce Wainwright 2011
Armenia Yerevan The Eyres 2013
Armenia Yerevan Scott Johnson 2011


Australia Adelaide Mission (LDS)

Australia Adelaide Mission Alumni 2013
Australia Adelaide The Sheffields 2013
Australia Adelaide Kalin Taylor 2013
Australia Adelaide Elder Klenka 2013
Australia Adelaide Colin Hatch 2013
Australia Adelaide Reid Barker 2012
Australia Adelaide Elder Hyde 2013
Australia Adelaide Sister Salazar 2013
Australia Adelaide Sister Hamel 2013
Australia Adelaide Maria Watson 2013
Australia Adelaide Brendan Duffus 2013

Australia Brisbane Mission (LDS)

Australia Brisbane The Hendersons 2013
Australia Brisbane Elder Rosier 2013
Australia Brisbane Maria Liang 2011
Australia Brisbane Kiefer Hatch 2012
Australia Brisbane Carly Schaelling 2013
Australia Brisbane Cory Pinegar 2013
Australia Brisbane Mission Alumni 2013
Australia Brisbane Daniel Packer 2013
Australia Brisbane Elder Malohifo’ou 2011
Australia Brisbane Hunter Hutchens 2013
Australia Brisbane Eric Emery 2012
Australia Brisbane Kelsey Marshall 2013
Australia Brisbane Derrik Adams 2013
Australia Brisbane Marcus Hadfield 2013
Australia Brisbane Jacqueline Rasmussen 2013
Australia Brisbane John Kay 2013
Australia Brisbane Adam Hales 2011
Australia Brisbane Natali Jensen 2013
Australia Brisbane Joseph Chen 2013
Australia Brisbane Emily Clark 2010
Australia Brisbane Tayler Christensen 2011
Australia Brisbane Adam Hales 2011
Australia Brisbane Robert Prina 2011

Australia Melbourne Mission (LDS)

Australia Melbourne Mission Alumni 2013
Australia Melbourne Dane Sargeant 2013
Australia Melbourne The Fillmores 2013
Australia Melbourne Sister Baker 2013
Australia Melbourne Missionary Couple 2013
Australia Melbourne Jackson Hurt 2013
Australia Melbourne Tyler Garrett 2012
Australia Melbourne Zachary Smith 2013
Australia Melbourne Weston Judd 2013
Australia Melbourne Tom Bennallack 2013

Australia Melbourne West Mission (LDS)

Australia Melbourne West Mission Alumni 2012
Australia Melbourne West Wesley Ballard 2010

Australia Perth Mission (LDS)

Australia Perth Mission Alumni 2013
Australia Perth Anna Bryce 2013
Australia Perth Mission Alumni 2008
Australia Perth Austin Campbell 2012
Australia Perth Kelsie Hadlock 2013
Australia Perth Benjamin Robinson 2013
Australia Perth Richard Haskell 2009
Australia Perth Diondra Ensign 2013
Australia Perth Ashlea Parsons 2013

Australia Sydney Mission (LDS)

Australia Sydney The Larkins 2013
Australia Sydney Michael Richardson 2013
Australia Sydney Mission Alumni 2012
Australia Sydney The Feils 2013
Australia Sydney Elder Zeigler 2011
Australia Sydney Brighton Ketts 2013
Australia Sydney Joshua Robinson 2013
Australia Sydney Michael Nelson 2011
Australia Sydney The Jorgensens 2013
Australia Sydney Kyle Shafer 2013
Australia Sydney David Monson 2011
Australia Sydney The Crawfords 2013
Australia Sydney Carly Raitt 2013
Australia Sydney Ryan Faulkner 2013

Australia Sydney North Mission (LDS)

Australia Sydney North Sister Benjamin 2013
Australia Sydney North Elder Lucerna 2013
Australia Sydney North Mission Alumni 2012
Australia Sydney North Konner Luck 2012
Australia Sydney North The Scruggs 2010
Australia Sydney North Landon Brough 2011
Australia Sydney North Zachary Burns 2010


Baltic Mission (LDS)

Baltic Austin Atkinson 2010
Baltic Conor Hilton 2012
Baltic Elizabeth Uibel 2012
Baltic Jordan Argyle 2010
Baltic Lane Leishman 2011
Baltic Reginald Pack 2012


Belgium Brussels/Netherlands Mission (LDS)

Belgium Brussels/Netherlands Mission Alumni 2013
Belgium Brussels/Netherlands Andy Maughan 2013
Belgium Brussels/Netherlands Sister Gardner 2012
Belgium Brussels/Netherlands Hayden Cundick 2013
Belgium Brussels/Netherlands Joseph Mohrman 2012
Belgium Brussels/Netherlands The Tibbitts 2011
Belgium Brussels/Netherlands Zuster Fritz 2011
Belgium Brussels/Netherlands Kaitlin Powers 2010
Belgium Brussels/Netherlands Abby Carson 2010
Belgium Brussels/Netherlands The Brubakers 2012
Belgium Brussels/Netherlands A Couple 2010
Belgium Brussels/Netherlands Jeff Howell 2010
Belgium Brussels/Netherlands Ryan Leash 2011
Belgium Brussels/Netherlands Chris Walker 2011
Belgium Brussels/Netherlands Elder Curtis 2009

Belgium/Netherlands Mission (LDS)

Belgium Netherlands The Robinsons 2013
Belgium Netherlands Jonathan Ellis 2012
Belgium Netherlands Austin Bitters 2013
Belgium Netherlands Michael Schulte 2013
Belgium Netherlands Sister Hinchcliff 2013
Belgium Netherlands Taylor Packer 2013
Belgium Netherlands Sister Mizell 2013
Belgium Netherlands Mitch Ipson 2013
Belgium Netherlands Chelsea Elting 2013
Belgium Netherlands Sister Missionary 2013
Belgium Netherlands The Robinsons 2013
Belgium Netherlands Evan Burgess 2013
Belgium Netherlands Megan Israelsen 2013
Belgium Netherlands Dillon Yocom 2013
Belgium Netherlands Steven Wright 2012
Belgium Netherlands Joshua Shoemaker 2013
Belgium Netherlands Demetrius Price 2013
Belgium Netherlands Kerek Hansen 2012


Bolivia Cochabamba Mission (LDS)

Bolivia Cochabamba Craig Walker 2013
Bolivia Cochabamba Christian Craig 2012
Bolivia Cochabamba Michaela Black 2013
Bolivia Cochabamba Kyler Berrett 2013
Bolivia Cochabamba Tyler Grigor 2013
Bolivia Cochabamba Steven Howlett 2013
Bolivia Cochabamba The Bradshaws 2013
Bolivia Cochabamba Alecia Alford 2013
Bolivia Cochabamba Kade Skousen 2013
Bolivia Cochabamba Joshua Singer 2013
Bolivia Cochabamba Tria Scott 2013
Bolivia Cochabamba Michael Pickett 2011
Bolivia Cochabamba Dallin Olson 2013
Bolivia Cochabamba Taylor Meadows 2013
Bolivia Cochabamba Colton Long 2013
Bolivia Cochabamba Anthony Hunt 2012
Bolivia Cochabamba Nathan Hoffman 2012
Bolivia Cochabamba Jason Harris 2013
Bolivia Cochabamba Meckell Fernandez 2013
Bolivia Cochabamba Landon Eyre 2013
Bolivia Cochabamba Megan Brindley 2013
Bolivia Cochabamba Brett Bertola 2012
Bolivia Cochabamba David Bell 2012
Bolivia Cochabamba Ryan Bartel 2013

Bolivia La Paz Mission (LDS)

Bolivia La Paz The Dibbs 2013
Bolivia La Paz Flickr Group 2008
Bolivia La Paz Ricky Villagran 2012

Bolivia Santa Cruz Mission (LDS)

Bolivia Santa Cruz Jack Casdorph 2013
Bolivia Santa Cruz Elisa Black 2013
Bolivia Santa Cruz Ryan Neuhaus 2013
Bolivia Santa Cruz Chandler Jensen 2013
Bolivia Santa Cruz Chase Park 2010
Bolivia Santa Cruz Brady Olsen 2012
Bolivia Santa Cruz Michael McCauley 2012
Bolivia Santa Cruz Curtis Knight 2013
Bolivia Santa Cruz Tyler Hammond 2013
Bolivia Santa Cruz Tanner Clark 2012
Bolivia Santa Cruz Joshua Boyd 2012
Bolivia Santa Cruz Donivan Bardin 2013
Bolivia Santa Cruz Bradley Anderson 2013

Bolivia Santa Cruz North Mission (LDS)

Bolivia Santa Cruz North Sister Nelson 2013
Bolivia Santa Cruz North Nathan Lohner 2013


Brazil Belem Mission (LDS)

Brazil Belem Kevin Baldwin 2012
Brazil Belem Mission Alumni 2013
Brazil Belem Elder Andrus 2012
Brazil Belem Elder Spencer 2010
Brazil Belem Sister Grimnes 2013
Brazil Belem Adam Wright 2011
Brazil Belem Taylor Wilding 2013
Brazil Belem Justin Wakefield 2011
Brazil Belem Spensor Smith 2012
Brazil Belem Joel Monson 2011
Brazil Belem Kelly Mendenhall 2013
Brazil Belem Cristopher Manson 2012
Brazil Belem Rand Looper 2011
Brazil Belem Brian Jensen 2011
Brazil Belem McKord Harris 2012
Brazil Belem Samuel Critchfield 2011
Brazil Belem Collin Andrus 2011
Brazil Belem Briana Barkdull 2013
Brazil Belem Taylor Clark 2013
Brazil Belem Carson Gale 2013
Brazil Belem Sarah Kemer 2013
Brazil Belem Benjamin Clark 2013
Brazil Belem Zack Fischer 2012
Brazil Belem Connie Colleen 2013
Brazil Belem Scott Maughan 2013
Brazil Belem Christopher Arroyo 2012

Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission (LDS)

Brazil Belo Horizonte Elder Ballard 2012
Brazil Belo Horizonte Alex Burt 2013
Brazil Belo Horizonte Elder Grant 2011
Brazil Belo Horizonte Sara Holmes 2013
Brazil Belo Horizonte Elder Marsh 2013
Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission Alumni 2013
Brazil Belo Horizonte Morgan Healy 2013
Brazil Belo Horizonte Jordan Valenta 2011
Brazil Belo Horizonte Bradley Tanner 2013
Brazil Belo Horizonte Weylin Oakes 2013
Brazil Belo Horizonte James Gledhill 2013
Brazil Belo Horizonte Aaron Cox 2013
Brazil Belo Horizonte Sonny Anderson 2011
Brazil Belo Horizonte Madison Sackley 2013
Brazil Belo Horizonte Benjamin Jacob 2013
Brazil Belo Horizonte Aubree Corbin 2012
Brazil Belo Horizonte Dallin Bergquist 2012
Brazil Belo Horizonte David Gagon 2011
Brazil Belo Horizonte Jason Matson 2011
Brazil Belo Horizonte Brenna Dunlop 2011

Brazil Brasilia Mission (LDS)

Brazil Brasilia Katherine Wardle 2010
Brazil Brasilia Sister Kerr 2013
Brazil Brasilia Elder Maughan 2008
Brazil Brasilia Elder Norton 2012
Brazil Brasilia Lofton Bean 2013
Brazil Brasilia Mission Alumni 2013
Brazil Brasilia Josh Furphy 2013
Brazil Brasilia Bryce Young 2013
Brazil Brasilia Kristen Hoopes 2013
Brazil Brasilia Delsi Groneman 2013
Brazil Brasilia Spencer Dunlop 2011
Brazil Brasilia Joshua Barton 2011

Brazil Campinas Mission (LDS)

Brazil Campinas Sister Loefke 2013
Brazil Campinas Beth Spencer 2013
Brazil Campinas Tyler Welch 2013
Brazil Campinas Sister Mitchell 2013
Brazil Campinas Elder Stucki 2009
Brazil Campinas Elder Iverson 2011
Brazil Campinas Mission Alumni 2013
Brazil Campinas Kevin Millard-Smead 2011
Brazil Campinas Tanner Greer 2013
Brazil Campinas Bethany Whitnah 2013
Brazil Campinas Spencer Scott 2013
Brazil Campinas Colton Marshall 2013
Brazil Campinas Jacob Buchanan 2013
Brazil Campinas Kevin Sears 2013
Brazil Campinas AJ Bradford 2013
Brazil Campinas Emily Heyer 2013
Brazil Campinas Evan McDaniel 2013
Brazil Campinas Weston Healy 2013
Brazil Campinas Shannon Stapley 2011
Brazil Campinas Sebring Sands 2013
Brazil Campinas Amanda Ward 2013
Brazil Campinas (Temple) The Hansens 2011

Brazil Cuiaba Mission (LDS)

Brazil Cuiaba Mission Alumni 2012
Brazil Cuiaba Danielle Hames 2012
Brazil Cuiaba Emma Marion 2013
Brazil Cuiaba Elder Searle 2012
Brazil Cuiaba The Rebers 2013
Brazil Cuiaba Kyle Payne 2013
Brazil Cuiaba Skyler Kennington 2013
Brazil Cuiaba Shane Lee 2013
Brazil Cuiaba Elder Skiles 2013
Brazil Cuiaba Roman Laws 2013
Brazil Cuiaba Bryce Stephens 2013
Brazil Cuiaba Dallin Shirley 2012
Brazil Cuiaba Elder Ockerman 2010
Brazil Cuiaba Elder Butler 2012
Brazil Cuiaba The Woodburys 2011
Brazil Cuiaba Kristin Smith 2012

Brazil Curitiba Mission (LDS)

Brazil Curitiba Jacob Wright 2013
Brazil Curitiba Elder Sudduth 2011
Brazil Curitiba Elder Snowden 2010
Brazil Curitiba Michael Eddington 2013
Brazil Curitiba Parker Dow 2012
Brazil Curitiba Jace Christensen 2012
Brazil Curitiba Sister Brooks 2013
Brazil Curitiba Hayden Christensen 2013
Brazil Curitiba Trevor Taylor 2013
Brazil Curitiba Elder Fuller 2011
Brazil Curitiba Austin Turley 2013
Brazil Curitiba Joshua Hope 2012
Brazil Curitiba Trey Knowles 2012
Brazil Curitiba Mission Alumni 2013
Brazil Curitiba Jordyn White 2013
Brazil Curitiba Conner House 2013
Brazil Curitiba The Cordons 2013
Brazil Curitiba Victor Trevisanut 2013
Brazil Curitiba Reece Miller 2013
Brazil Curitiba Jonathan Hokanson 2013
Brazil Curitiba Dallin Marx 2012
Brazil Curitiba Nathan Askins 2012
Brazil Curitiba Matthew Gagon 2011
Brazil Curitiba Jimmy Arroyo 2011
Brazil Curitiba Jacob Romm 2012

Brazil Curitiba South Mission (LDS)

Brazil Curitiba South Sister Jackson 2013
Brazil Curitiba South Alyssa Parco 2013
Brazil Curitiba South Sister Ramsden 2013
Brazil Curitiba South Elder Twitchell 2013
Brazil Curitiba South Emily Ritter 2013
Brazil Curitiba South Jason Hogge 2013

Brazil Florianopolis Mission (LDS)

Brazil Florianopolis Sister Myers 2013
Brazil Florianopolis Erica Green 2013
Brazil Florianopolis Elder Fullmer 2012
Brazil Florianopolis Michael Millyard 2011
Brazil Florianopolis Kevin Todd 2009
Brazil Florianopolis Elder Brady 2013
Brazil Florianopolis Parker Beazer 2008
Brazil Florianopolis Eric Stakebake 2013
Brazil Florianopolis Wright Noel 2013
Brazil Florianopolis Carina Sanchez 2013
Brazil Florianopolis Bryson Grondel 2013
Brazil Florianopolis Mission Alumni 2013
Brazil Florianopolis Landon Howard 2013
Brazil Florianopolis Elder Luschin 2013
Brazil Florianopolis Elder Scadden 2010
Brazil Florianopolis Bryce Perkins 2011
Brazil Florianopolis Michael Packard 2013
Brazil Florianopolis Elder Lund 2012
Brazil Florianopolis Evan Johnson 2011
Brazil Florianopolis Aaron Downward 2013

Brazil Fortaleza East Mission (LDS)

Brazil Fortaleza East Brantley Smith 2013
Brazil Fortaleza East Megan Amis 2013
Brazil Fortaleza East Brittany Westover 2013
Brazil Fortaleza East Sister Hardester 2013
Brazil Fortaleza East Branden Heath 2013

Brazil Fortaleza Mission (LDS)

Brazil Fortaleza Elder Cetraro 2013
Brazil Fortaleza Elder Colvin 2013
Brazil Fortaleza Emily Pehrson 2013
Brazil Fortaleza Megan Brown 2013
Brazil Fortaleza Elder Wille 2013
Brazil Fortaleza Reid Empey 2013
Brazil Fortaleza Elder Swinney 2012
Brazil Fortaleza Kyle Cornwell 2013
Brazil Fortaleza Elder Farr 2013
Brazil Fortaleza Missionary 2006
Brazil Fortaleza Mission Alumni 2013
Brazil Fortaleza Marie Thomas 2013
Brazil Fortaleza Robert Stoddart 2011
Brazil Fortaleza Justin Persinger 2013
Brazil Fortaleza Lindsay Mattei 2013
Brazil Fortaleza Dallin Hull 2012
Brazil Fortaleza Jayce Gustafson 2013
Brazil Fortaleza Jay Foust 2011
Brazil Fortaleza Matthew Duvall 2011
Brazil Fortaleza Ryan Dale 2012
Brazil Fortaleza Nathaniel Baker 2012
Brazil Fortaleza Austin Evans 2013
Brazil Fortaleza Zachary Cetraro 2013
Brazil Fortaleza Dallas Clemens 2012
Brazil Fortaleza Spencer Hodson 2012
Brazil Fortaleza Brendon Carpenter 2011
Brazil Fortaleza David Willoughby 2010
Brazil Fortaleza Jordan Wahl 2012

Brazil Goiania Mission (LDS)

Brazil Goiania Mission 2013
Brazil Goiania Mission Alumni 2012
Brazil Goiania Elder Inman 2013
Brazil Goiania Colin Hanson 2013
Brazil Goiania Elder Eastwood 2013
Brazil Goiania Jared Wolsey 2013
Brazil Goiania Chris Walker 2013
Brazil Goiania Christopher Ruiz 2013
Brazil Goiania Daniel Moreno 2013
Brazil Goiania Brock Moon 2013
Brazil Goiania Matthew Haskell 2013
Brazil Goiania Sister Araujo 2013
Brazil Goiania Erika Riggs 2011
Brazil Goiania Andrea Marshall 2013

Brazil Joao Pessoa Mission (LDS)

Brazil Joao Pessoa Madison Stolk 2013
Brazil Joao Pessoa McKenna Seal 2013
Brazil Joao Pessoa Mission Alumni 2013
Brazil Joao Pessoa Brady Simpson 2013
Brazil Joao Pessoa Sister Gordon 2010
Brazil Joao Pessoa Courtney Fernelius 2013
Brazil Joao Pessoa Courtney Hicks 2013
Brazil Joao Pessoa Elder Tenney 2012
Brazil Joao Pessoa The Petries 2012
Brazil Joao Pessoa Brett Galbreath 2013
Brazil Joao Pessoa Elder Howell 2013
Brazil Joao Pessoa Steven Untch 2013
Brazil Joao Pessoa Adam Jensen 2013
Brazil Joao Pessoa Adam Wright 2012
Brazil Joao Pessoa Forrest Wilkins 2013
Brazil Joao Pessoa Ryan Walton 2012
Brazil Joao Pessoa Brandon States 2011
Brazil Joao Pessoa Elder Stanley 2012
Brazil Joao Pessoa Elder Mitchell 2012
Brazil Joao Pessoa Kenneth Magleby 2011
Brazil Joao Pessoa Dallan Coombs 2012
Brazil Joao Pessoa Elder Clark 2012
Brazil Joao Pessoa Braden Casperson 2012
Brazil Joao Pessoa Lauren Richardson 2011
Brazil Joao Pessoa Dale Schvaneveldt 2012
Brazil Joao Pessoa Missionary 2012

Brazil Juiz de Fora Mission (LDS)

Brazil Juiz de Fora Gray Allen 2013
Brazil Juiz de Fora Sister Missionary 2013
Brazil Juiz de Fora BreAnn Passey 2013
Brazil Juiz de Fora Daniel Baldwin 2013
Brazil Juiz de Fora Elder Yost 2013

Brazil Londrina Mission (LDS)

Brazil Londrina Katelyn Empey 2012
Brazil Londrina Sister Butler 2013
Brazil Londrina Jordan Rodriguez 2010
Brazil Londrina Laura Bullen 2013
Brazil Londrina Rachel Edwards 2013
Brazil Londrina Sean Anderson 2013
Brazil Londrina Elder Hoskin 2013
Brazil Londrina Elder Leete 2013
Brazil Londrina Elder Cummings 2013
Brazil Londrina Elder Markham 2012
Brazil Londrina Elder Skillings 2012
Brazil Londrina Aaron Serrano 2012
Brazil Londrina Ryen Pope 2012
Brazil Londrina Ryan Phillipy 2012
Brazil Londrina Mason Petersen 2013
Brazil Londrina Caden Morgan 2013
Brazil Londrina Levi Jones 2013
Brazil Londrina Dylan Jarman 2012
Brazil Londrina Elder Halpin 2013
Brazil Londrina Ian Freeman 2012
Brazil Londrina Devin Flake 2011
Brazil Londrina Jake Crowther 2013
Brazil Londrina Colby Chambers 2013
Brazil Londrina Josh Carrell 2013
Brazil Londrina Parker Bennett 2013
Brazil Londrina Chanae Anderson 2013
Brazil Londrina Steven Markham 2012
Brazil Londrina Derek Titus 2011
Brazil Londrina Joey Burt 2011

Brazil Maceio Mission (LDS)

Brazil Maceio The Palfreymans 2008
Brazil Maceio Cache Guzy 2013
Brazil Maceio Dylan Jensen 2013
Brazil Maceio Mission Alumni 2013
Brazil Maceio Curtis Wigginton 2013
Brazil Maceio Garrett Thomas 2011
Brazil Maceio Jordan Stenquist 2012
Brazil Maceio Toby Redd 2011
Brazil Maceio Easton Harris 2013
Brazil Maceio Rhett Bushman 2012
Brazil Maceio Bradley Biddulph 2013
Brazil Maceio Kevin Anderson 2013
Brazil Maceio Brianna Nielsen 2013
Brazil Maceio Diana Martin 2013
Brazil Maceio Jordan Coon 2013
Brazil Maceio Matthew Hill 2010
Brazil Maceio Tanner Johnson 2013
Brazil Maceio Brad Ludlow 2012

Brazil Manaus Mission (LDS)

Brazil Manaus Matthew Soelberg 2011
Brazil Manaus Allison Riding 2013
Brazil Manaus Benjamin Housley 2013
Brazil Manaus Tyler Freshour 2013
Brazil Manaus Taylor Carling 2011
Brazil Manaus Jefferson Canann 2011
Brazil Manaus Kason Kendall 2013
Brazil Manaus William Morris 2011
Brazil Manaus Ben Welker 2013
Brazil Manaus Brianna Nay 2013
Brazil Manaus Taylor Mackay 2010
Brazil Manaus Matthew Clayson 2013
Brazil Manaus Benjamin Green 2013
Brazil Manaus David Ford 2013
Brazil Manaus Ian Walch 2013
Brazil Manaus Asa Laws 2013
Brazil Manaus Dylan Hansen 2011
Brazil Manaus Eric Stapley 2011

Brazil Natal Mission (LDS)

Brazil Natal Elder Smith 2013
Brazil Natal Madison Lawrence 2013
Brazil Natal Aleah Leonard 2013
Brazil Natal Justin Bowman 2013
Brazil Natal Jacob Clark 2013
Brazil Natal Kim Johnson 2013
Brazil Natal Elder Epperson 2013

Brazil Piracicaba Mission (LDS)

Brazil Piracicaba Sister Tantillo 2013
Brazil Piracicaba Sister Roberts 2013
Brazil Piracicaba Elder Sears 2013
Brazil Piracicaba Amanda Ward 2013
Brazil Piracicaba Aubrey Keeler 2013
Brazil Piracicaba Cameron Gabrielson 2013
Brazil Piracicaba Adam Hopper 2013

Brazil Porto Alegre North Mission (LDS)

Brazil Porto Alegre North Blake White 2013
Brazil Porto Alegre North Jonathan Vial 2013
Brazil Porto Alegre North Timothy Rose 2012
Brazil Porto Alegre North Cody Persinger 2012
Brazil Porto Alegre North Weston Jensen 2010
Brazil Porto Alegre North Daniel Cardenas 2013
Brazil Porto Alegre North Ben Petty 2013
Brazil Porto Alegre North Elder Briggs 2010
Brazil Porto Alegre North Anders Lofgran 2012
Brazil Porto Alegre North Nick Graziano 2012
Brazil Porto Alegre North Tyler Eliason 2013
Brazil Porto Alegre North Carissa Bradley 2013
Brazil Porto Alegre North Sister Barnes 2013
Brazil Porto Alegre North Sister King 2013
Brazil Porto Alegre North Connor Carpenter 2011
Brazil Porto Alegre North Neil Olsen 2011
Brazil Porto Alegre North Jordan Gibby 2010

Brazil Porto Alegre South Mission (LDS)

Brazil Porto Alegre South Sister Nerenberg 2013
Brazil Porto Alegre South Jessica Gregory 2012
Brazil Porto Alegre South Elder Holloway 2013
Brazil Porto Alegre South Justin Beary 2013
Brazil Porto Alegre South Lindsay Nelson 2012
Brazil Porto Alegre South Sister Miller 2013
Brazil Porto Alegre South Jason Skousen 2013
Brazil Porto Alegre South Elder Maynez 2013
Brazil Porto Alegre South Sean Horst 2013
Brazil Porto Alegre South Elder Hoopes 2013
Brazil Porto Alegre South Seth Mollerup 2013
Brazil Porto Alegre South Ryan Miller 2013
Brazil Porto Alegre South Jacob Young 2012
Brazil Porto Alegre South Elder Laird 2011
Brazil Porto Alegre South Koby Hansen 2012
Brazil Porto Alegre South Nathan Garner 2013
Brazil Porto Alegre South Thomas Fagg 2012

Brazil Recife Mission (LDS)

Brazil Recife Elder Woods 2011
Brazil Recife Taylor Wach 2013
Brazil Recife Spencer Schmutz 2013
Brazil Recife Elder Pentico 2012
Brazil Recife Morgen Kohtz 2013
Brazil Recife Christopher Fore 2013
Brazil Recife Brunos Dias 2013
Brazil Recife Elder Boss 2013
Brazil Recife Elder Allred 2010
Brazil Recife Tanner Withers 2013
Brazil Recife Tyson Smith 2013
Brazil Recife Elder Kennedy 2013
Brazil Recife Elder Moore 2013
Brazil Recife Nathan Hoyt 2013
Brazil Recife Dallin Carroll 2013
Brazil Recife Christopher Fore 2013
Brazil Recife Mission Alumni 2013
Brazil Recife Sarah Kron 2013
Brazil Recife Rebecca Nelson 2013
Brazil Recife Sister McCleve 2013
Brazil Recife Shelby Dana 2013
Brazil Recife Jonathan Hooke 2012
Brazil Recife Matt Bangerter 2011

Brazil Ribeirao Preto Mission (LDS)

Brazil Ribeirao Preto Mission 2013
Brazil Ribeirao Preto Whitley Brickey 2012
Brazil Ribeirao Preto Aubrey Sperry 2013
Brazil Ribeirao Preto Rebekah Hoggan 2013
Brazil Ribeirao Preto Elder Richardson 2012
Brazil Ribeirao Preto John Wood 2013
Brazil Ribeirao Preto Mission Alumni 2013
Brazil Ribeirao Preto Jacob Graf 2013
Brazil Ribeirao Preto Sister Sumsion 2013
Brazil Ribeirao Preto Scott McLelland 2012
Brazil Ribeirao Preto Greg Shelley 2011
Brazil Ribeirao Preto Carson Teuscher 2013
Brazil Ribeirao Preto Taylor Short 2013
Brazil Ribeirao Preto Connor Schmutz 2013
Brazil Ribeirao Preto Tanner Johnson 2013
Brazil Ribeirao Preto Nicholas Henrie 2012
Brazil Ribeirao Preto Elder Gates 2011
Brazil Ribeirao Preto Ben Anderson 2011

Brazil Rio de Janeiro Mission (LDS)

Brazil Rio de Janeiro Sister Packer 2013
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Sister Nelson 2013
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Sister Missionary 2013
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Sister Tanton 2013
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Sister Colvin 2013
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Abigail Tingey 2013
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Nate Mountain 2013
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Elder Siebers 2013
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Steven Bennett 2013
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Elder Helland 2009
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Connor Ottosen 2013
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Daniel Baldwin 2013
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Mission Alumni 2010
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Christopher Snyder 2012
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Nathan Eyring 2011
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Brighton Youd 2013
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Amanda Loux 2013
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Anthony Knight 2011
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Nick Kerr 2013
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Cody Jacox 2013
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Elder Hannemann 2012
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Jacob Arnold 2013
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Gray Allen 2013

Brazil Salvador Mission (LDS)

Brazil Salvador Jackson Spiller 2013
Brazil Salvador Daniel Pavlakos 2013
Brazil Salvador Calvin Panah 2013
Brazil Salvador Peter Melton 2013
Brazil Salvador Elder Fender 2013
Brazil Salvador Adrian Emmett 2012
Brazil Salvador Enoch Davis 2012
Brazil Salvador Katherine Stone 2013
Brazil Salvador Meredith Ottley 2012
Brazil Salvador Sister Grundvig 2013
Brazil Salvador Sister Mckenzie 2013
Brazil Salvador Tabitha Benedict 2013
Brazil Salvador Sister Villaroman 2013
Brazil Salvador Mission Alumni 2013
Brazil Salvador Elder Krause 2013
Brazil Salvador Elder Winn 2013
Brazil Salvador Jordan Brown 2012
Brazil Salvador Mitchell Mender 2011
Brazil Salvador The Toledos 2011
Brazil Salvador Adriel Johnson 2012

Brazil Salvador South Mission (LDS)

Brazil Salvador South Brayden Crump 2011
Brazil Salvador South The Morgans 2013
Brazil Salvador South Erin Petersen 2012
Brazil Salvador South Matthew Hadley 2013
Brazil Salvador South Trevor Johnson 2013
Brazil Salvador South Jackson Rucker 2013
Brazil Salvador South Mission Alumni 2007
Brazil Salvador South Sister Clark 2013
Brazil Salvador South Sister Cornwall 2012
Brazil Salvador South Sister Stevens 2013
Brazil Salvador South Sister Whitaker 2013

Brazil Santa Maria Mission (LDS)

Brazil Santa Maria Taylor Spilker 2011
Brazil Santa Maria Samuel Matthews 2011
Brazil Santa Maria Alex Kelley 2012
Brazil Santa Maria Colton Gillett 2011
Brazil Santa Maria Elder Bott 2012
Brazil Santa Maria Cory Albrechtsen 2011
Brazil Santa Maria Nick Hintze 2013
Brazil Santa Maria Dane Eskildsen 2013
Brazil Santa Maria Sarah Phelps 2013
Brazil Santa Maria Sister Clay 2013
Brazil Santa Maria Natalie Gold 2013
Brazil Santa Maria Sister Kane 2013
Brazil Santa Maria Mission Alumni 2010
Brazil Santa Maria Elder Wilson 2010
Brazil Santa Maria Sam Ball 2011
Brazil Santa Maria Jed Breinholt 2010
Brazil Santa Maria Devin Hanson 2013
Brazil Santa Maria Mark Jolstead 2013
Brazil Santa Maria Carson Shepherd 2013
Brazil Santa Maria Caleb Carriere 2011

Brazil Santos Mission (LDS)

Brazil Santos Elder Maughan 2013

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission (LDS)

Brazil Sao Paulo East Mission Alumni 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo East Sister Waite 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo East Elder Henkel 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo East Steven Clark 2012
Brazil Sao Paulo East Sister Cooper 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo East Elder McKeon 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo East Elder Tonks 2007
Brazil Sao Paulo East Elder Bushman 2012
Brazil Sao Paulo East Sister Bruno 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo East Caleb Anderson 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo East Aaron Jensen 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo East Grant Merrill 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo East Alex Wright 2012
Brazil Sao Paulo East Robby Walton 2012
Brazil Sao Paulo East Luke Rockwood 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo East Marcy Petersen 2011
Brazil Sao Paulo East Trent Lewis 2012
Brazil Sao Paulo East Elder Lawrenson 2011
Brazil Sao Paulo East Elder Jolley 2011
Brazil Sao Paulo East Spencer Hedrick 2012
Brazil Sao Paulo East Alexander Gosch 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo East Ryan Bell 2013

Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos Mission (LDS)

Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos Mission Alumni 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos Devyn Phillips 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos Sister Olsen 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos Abbie Hills 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos Sister Ricchio 2011
Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos Sister Thornhill 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos Brooke Wolfgramm 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos Braden Knudson 2012
Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos Elder Summerhays 2011
Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos Kyle Madsen 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos Jaron Hansen 2010
Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos Katelynn Siepert 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos Tyler Hatch 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos Elder Christensen 2012
Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos Jacob Firl 2012
Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos Jacob Watson 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos Jacklyn Steig 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos Skyler Sinks 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos Jennifer Riding 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos Brianne Marble 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos Zachary Isaacson 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos Braydon Graf 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos Jimmy Gillespie 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos MacLane Taggart 2012
Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos Elder Garr 2011
Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos Jared Carmon 2013

Brazil Sao Paulo North Mission (LDS)

Brazil Sao Paulo North Sister Steinbeigle 2011
Brazil Sao Paulo North Heather Sabin 2011
Brazil Sao Paulo North Evan Gutzman 2011
Brazil Sao Paulo North George Groesbeck 2012
Brazil Sao Paulo North Alec Garner 2012
Brazil Sao Paulo North Eric Arnett 2011
Brazil Sao Paulo North Sister Fuller 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo North Emily Peck 2011
Brazil Sao Paulo North Elder Castillo 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo North Sister Lund 2012
Brazil Sao Paulo North Mission Alumni 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo North Elder Caldwell 2010
Brazil Sao Paulo North Tavin Fox 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo North Elder Krusi 2012
Brazil Sao Paulo North Elder Peterson 2011
Brazil Sao Paulo North Elder Jacobson 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo North Trent Carnahan 2012
Brazil Sao Paulo North William Shelton 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo North Elder Paxman 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo North Elder Loucks 2009
Brazil Sao Paulo North S. Bryan Briggs 2010
Brazil Sao Paulo North Erin Knudsen 2011

Brazil Sao Paulo South Mission (LDS)

Brazil Sao Paulo South Aubrie Tannen 2011
Brazil Sao Paulo South Kyle Starr 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo South Anthony Snapp 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo South Jordan Ray 2012
Brazil Sao Paulo South Jared Merrill 2012
Brazil Sao Paulo South Kaitlin Hartmann 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo South Cameron Goold 2011
Brazil Sao Paulo South Elder Engdahl 2011
Brazil Sao Paulo South Joshua Anderson 2012
Brazil Sao Paulo South Sarah Jacobsen 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo South Sister Cox 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo South Lindsay Dixon 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo South Hope Goimarac 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo South Whitney Todd 2009
Brazil Sao Paulo South Tasha Bierman 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo South Elder Tagg 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo South Mission Alumni 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo South Blake Lawrence 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo South Elder Doggett 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo South Elder Schwartz 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo South Elder Gubler 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo South Elder Clements 2012
Brazil Sao Paulo South Ryan McCord 2012
Brazil Sao Paulo South Michael Biancardi 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo South Blake Mealy 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo South Garrett Parsons 2012
Brazil Sao Paulo South Mission blog 2008

Brazil Sao Paulo West Mission (LDS)

Brazil Sao Paulo West Sister Neeleman 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo West Sister Araujo 2013
Brazil Sao Paulo West Carter Morgan 2013

Brazil Teresina Mission (LDS)

Brazil Teresina George Stewart 2012
Brazil Teresina Sister Miller 2013
Brazil Teresina Taralyn Smith 2012
Brazil Teresina Scott Rackham 2011
Brazil Teresina Clifford Larsen 2013
Brazil Teresina Kyle Rindlisbacher 2013
Brazil Teresina Tanner Smoot 2012
Brazil Teresina Derek Lambert 2013
Brazil Teresina Elder Crittenden 2011
Brazil Teresina Elder Howe 2013
Brazil Teresina Connor Steed 2013

Brazil Vitoria Mission (LDS)

Brazil Vitoria McKayla Earl 2013
Brazil Vitoria Austin Weaver 2013
Brazil Vitoria Jacob Vester 2013
Brazil Vitoria Elder Jacobson 2013
Brazil Vitoria Elder Athans 2011
Brazil Vitoria Kelsi Johnson 2012
Brazil Vitoria Sister Peterson 2013
Brazil Vitoria Elder Cluff 2012
Brazil Vitoria Andy Furrows 2013
Brazil Vitoria Elder Finch 2012
Brazil Vitoria Elder McBarron 2013
Brazil Vitoria Matt Pellegrini 2012
Brazil Vitoria Elder Turley 2011
Brazil Vitoria Jordan Thompson 2012
Brazil Vitoria Katie Parks 2013
Brazil Vitoria Cora Kessler 2011
Brazil Vitoria Elder Hanke 2013
Brazil Vitoria Lindsey Felshaw 2013


Bulgaria Sofia Mission (LDS)

Bulgaria Sofia Jason Stults 2012
Bulgaria Sofia Casey Stratton 2013
Bulgaria Sofia Spencer Hoy 2013
Bulgaria Sofia Holden Hays 2009
Bulgaria Sofia Kendall Blaylock 2013
Bulgaria Sofia Courtney Turnbow 2013
Bulgaria Sofia Matthew Maddix 2013
Bulgaria Sofia Weston Killpack 2013
Bulgaria Sofia Tyler Petersen 2013
Bulgaria Sofia Nick Forshee 2013
Bulgaria Sofia The Segebergs 2012
Bulgaria Sofia Mission Alumni 2012
Bulgaria Sofia The Densleys 2010


California Anaheim Mission (LDS)

California Anaheim Sister Russon 2013
California Anaheim Alex Gallego 2013
California Anaheim The Calls 2012
California Anaheim Erika Thompson 2013
California Anaheim Elder Wardle 2013
California Anaheim Matthew Arnold 2013
California Anaheim Nikko Meza 2013
California Anaheim Elder Christensen 2013
California Anaheim Carson Richards 2013
California Anaheim Mission Alumni 2012
California Anaheim (Spanish) Sister Layton 2013
California Anaheim Elder Harvey 2013
California Anaheim Elder Tione 2011
California Anaheim Christian Speakman 2011
California Anaheim Gregory Pace 2013
California Anaheim Elder Lopez 2012
California Anaheim William Groesbeck 2012
California Anaheim Chelsee Christensen 2012
California Anaheim Dallen Brooks 2012
California Anaheim Gonzalo Bojorquez 2013
California Anaheim Brandon Anderson 2011
California Anaheim Josh Brown 2012
California Anaheim Douglas Baldwin 2010

California Arcadia Mission (LDS)

California Arcadia Duncan Pickett 2012
California Arcadia (Spanish) Elder Nielsen 2013
California Arcadia Tanner DeBry 2013
California Arcadia (Spanish) Taylor Thomas 2013
California Arcadia Rachel Wheatley 2013
California Arcadia (Armenian) Elder Twelves 2013
California Arcadia (Spanish) Tanner Christensen 2013
California Arcadia Jake Peterson 2013
California Arcadia Elder Angell 2013
California Arcadia Andrew Page 2013
California Arcadia Laura Johnson 2013
California Arcadia Sister Fjeldsted 2013
California Arcadia Sister Turner 2013
California Arcadia Mission Alumni 2013
California Arcadia Sister LaPierre 2013
California Arcadia Josh Garry 2013
California Arcadia Jeremy Parker 2013
California Arcadia Hayden Finlinson 2013
California Arcadia Chaz Emery 2012

California Bakersfield Mission (LDS)

California Bakersfield Sister Dodge 2013
California Bakersfield Joshua James 2013
California Bakersfield Brady Scott 2013
California Bakersfield Blake Garrett 2013
California Bakersfield Kaeley Haws 2013
California Bakersfield Sami Lau 2013
California Bakersfield Andres Ruelas 2013
California Bakersfield Jordan Parkinson 2013
California Bakersfield Sister Wiscombe 2013
California Bakersfield Mathew Rust 2013
California Bakersfield Kaitlyn Riddle 2013
California Bakersfield Nikolas O’Leary 2013
California Bakersfield Zachary Lambert 2013
California Bakersfield Quin Forsey 2013
California Bakersfield Evan Broby 2013

California Carlsbad Mission (LDS)

California Carlsbad Jonathan La Follette 2012
California Carlsbad Elder Daniel 2013
California Carlsbad Mission Alumni 2010
California Carlsbad Jonathon Wixom 2013
California Carlsbad Elder Orgill 2013
California Carlsbad Sister Park 2013
California Carlsbad Elder Gemperline 2013
California Carlsbad Sister Broadbent 2013
California Carlsbad Elder Strong 2013
California Carlsbad Sister Berg 2013
California Carlsbad Kevin Ellsworth 2011
California Carlsbad Amy Christensen 2012
California Carlsbad Jessica Connor 2013
California Carlsbad Mikhael Thornell 2011
California Carlsbad Elder Thacker 2012
California Carlsbad Wesley Rivers 2013
California Carlsbad Jason Metcalfe 2013
California Carlsbad Craig Lewis 2013
California Carlsbad McKaylee Lemon 2013
California Carlsbad Mason Jensen 2013
California Carlsbad Marisa Gittins 2011
California Carlsbad Travis Fackrell 2012
California Carlsbad Elder Cunningham 2012
California Carlsbad Zach Braegger 2012
California Carlsbad Sister Boehm 2011
California Carlsbad Rio Andrus 2011
California Carlsbad J. J. Gibbons 2012

California Fresno Mission (LDS)

California Fresno Sister Caramella 2011
California Fresno Kara Otterstrom 2013
California Fresno (Spanish) Sister Hammer 2013
California Fresno Kiley Miller 2013
California Fresno Kaitlyn Marler 2013
California Fresno Brandon McMaster 2013
California Fresno (Spanish) Elder Taylor 2013
California Fresno Elder Wilson 2013
California Fresno Cade Lundberg 2013
California Fresno David Dea 2013
California Fresno Tanner Aiken 2013
California Fresno Scott Burdick 2013
California Fresno Elder Barnard 2011
California Fresno Mission Alumni 2013
California Fresno Elder Neely 2013
California Fresno Elder Melanson 2012
California Fresno Samuel Christian 2013
California Fresno Brett Coles 2013
California Fresno David Moss 2013
California Fresno Ryan Winfield 2011
California Fresno Brandon Wilson 2013
California Fresno Christian Riboldi 2013
California Fresno Nathan Murdock 2012
California Fresno Matthew Marr 2012
California Fresno Taylor Brown 2013
California Fresno Jarom Bettinger 2013
California Fresno Kaitlin Bolliger 2011
California Fresno Jason Glowa 2011

California Irvine Mission (LDS)

California Irvine Sister Carlson 2013
California Irvine Taylor Burningham 2013
California Irvine (Spanish) Marci Johnson 2013
California Irvine Sister Simms 2013
California Irvine Kristin Kimball 2013
California Irvine Mission 2013
California Irvine Daniel Winters 2013
California Irvine Elder Sobczak 2013
California Irvine Griffin Epperson 2013

California Long Beach Mission (LDS)

California Long Beach Krosbi Moesinger 2013
California Long Beach Jaynee Pendleton 2013
California Long Beach Sister Washburn 2013
California Long Beach Sister Henderson 2013
California Long Beach Sister Bauer 2013
California Long Beach Mission Alumni 2010
California Long Beach Nate Benfell 2013
California Long Beach Delci Brown 2013
California Long Beach Elder Bowles 2013
California Long Beach (Cambodian) Nicholas Liddell 2013
California Long Beach (Spanish) Noah Frost 2013
California Long Beach Brandyn Burbank 2013
California Long Beach Dallin Beck 2013
California Long Beach Gregory Kline 2011
California Long Beach Elder Colwell 2011
California Long Beach Elder Cline 2012
California Long Beach James Haskell 2011
California Long Beach Ben Rubert 2011

California Los Angeles Mission (LDS)

California Los Angeles Channing Winterrose 2013
California Los Angeles Scott Marrott 2013
California Los Angeles Elder Gishie 2011
California Los Angeles Elder Moore 2012
California Los Angeles (Spanish) Ryan Reichman 2012
California Los Angeles Elder Bowman 2013
California Los Angeles Keenan Schwalger 2013
California Los Angeles Sister Lago 2013
California Los Angeles Jordyn Petersen 2013
California Los Angeles Sister Brinkerhoff 2012
California Los Angeles (Spanish) ElderPuertas 2013
California Los Angeles Sister Davis 2013
California Los Angeles Kiera Wright 2013
California Los Angeles (Spanish) Sister Warner 2013
California Los Angeles (Spanish) Sister Baeza 2013
California Los Angeles Jacob Williams 2013
California Los Angeles Elder Van Dyke 2013
California Los Angeles The Weidmans 2013
California Los Angeles Mission Alumni 2013
California Los Angeles Justin Westergreen 2013
California Los Angeles Sister Stout 2011
California Los Angeles Aaron Stinson 2013
California Los Angeles Chris Graves 2011
California Los Angeles Brady Fourr 2011
California Los Angeles Landon Evans 2011
California Los Angeles Judy Elmer 2013
California Los Angeles Shaun Coulson 2011
California Los Angeles Ethan Chambers 2011
California Los Angeles Cree Anderson 2012
California Los Angeles Eric Alsop 2013
California Los Angeles Sally Wilson 2010
California Los Angeles Jesse Carter 2012
California Los Angeles Zackary Waldvogel 2012
California Los Angeles Ross Watkins 2012
California Los Angeles Kevin Jones 2012
California Los Angeles Erik Leavell 2011

California Oakland/San Francisco Mission (LDS)

California Oakland/San Francisco Sam Hoole 2013
California Oakland/San Francisco Sister Hess 2013
California Oakland/San Francisco Sara Miller 2013
California Oakland/San Francisco Stefanie Chen 2013
California Oakland/San Francisco (Spanish) Sister Croft 2013
California Oakland/San Francisco Janell Anderson 2013
California Oakland/San Francisco Elder Pelera 2013
California Oakland/San Francisco McKay Barkdull 2013
California Oakland/San Francisco Jeannie Kwan 2013
California Oakland/San Francisco Laurel Martin 2013
California Oakland/San Francisco KariElle Thalman 2011
California Oakland/San Francisco Mission Alumni 2013
California Oakland/San Francisco KariElle Thalman 2012
California Oakland/San Francisco Elder Rockwood 2011
California Oakland/San Francisco Abriel Mauerman 2013
California Oakland/San Francisco Christian Hatch 2012
California Oakland/San Francisco Ilse Amezquita 2011
California Oakland/San Francisco Jerry Albretsen 2013
California Oakland/San Francisco The Heatons 2011
California Oakland/San Francisco Brady Johnson 2011
California Oakland/San Francisco Matt Christensen 2011

California Rancho Cucamonga Mission (LDS)

California Rancho Cucamonga Sister Bushman 2013
California Rancho Cucamonga Steven Schmidt 2013
California Rancho Cucamonga Shannon Woodward 2013
California Rancho Cucamonga Zachary Browning 2013
California Rancho Cucamonga Sister Packer 2013
California Rancho Cucamonga Garrett Roos 2013
California Rancho Cucamonga Jenni Smoot 2013
California Rancho Cucamonga Jarett Iverson 2013
California Rancho Cucamonga Tyler Ercanbrack 2013
California Rancho Cucamonga Eric Eckersley 2013

California Redlands Mission (LDS)

California Redlands Kelsi Wall 2013
California Redlands Nathan Galt 2013
California Redlands Chloe Myers 2013
California Redlands Elder Judd 2013
California Redlands Zachary Gore 2013
California Redlands Elder Summerhays 2013
California Redlands The Vancotts 2013

California Riverside Mission (LDS)

California Riverside Katelyn Dirks 2013
California Riverside Zachary Daniel 2012
California Riverside Gretchen Schillemat 2013
California Riverside Dexter Murray 2013
California Riverside Elder Tonini 2013
California Riverside Amanda Chase 2013
California Riverside Mission Alumni 2013
California Riverside The Smarts 2013
California Riverside Tanner Wilson 2013
California Riverside Jackson Moyer 2013
California Riverside Tyler Johnson 2011
California Riverside Elder Gardner 2013
California Riverside Jason Floyd 2011
California Riverside Justin Craig 2013
California Riverside Elder Cornia 2011
California Riverside Elder Alexander 2010
California Riverside Amanda Lusk 2011

California Roseville Mission (LDS)

California Roseville Mission Alumni 2013
California Roseville Wilson Simons 2013
California Roseville The Westons 2011
California Roseville Elder Leydsman 2013
California Roseville Sarah Johnson 2013
California Roseville Robby Martindell 2011
California Roseville Keenan Hyde 2013
California Roseville Levi Heward 2013
California Roseville The Pendletons 2008
California Roseville Hunter Payne 2013
California Roseville James Armstrong 2012
California Roseville Lexis Allen 2013
California Roseville Nathanael Thomas 2013
California Roseville Aubry Parkin 2013
California Roseville Westin Olsen 2013
California Roseville Douglas Moseley 2013
California Roseville Nathaniel Morris 2013
California Roseville Daniel Merkley 2012
California Roseville Elder Mears 2010
California Roseville Elder McGinnis 2011
California Roseville Taisha Likes 2013
California Roseville Dallas Hileman 2013
California Roseville Sister Grant 2012
California Roseville Tanner Davies 2012
California Roseville Megan Butler 2013
California Roseville Nathan Buhler 2012
California Roseville Elder Bodily 2011
California Roseville Elder Biggs 2013
California Roseville Tristan Benedict 2013
California Roseville Tanner Arnett 2013
California Roseville Jacob Hansen 2011
California Roseville The Pendletons 2011

California Sacramento Mission (LDS)

California Sacramento Hamish Macpherson 2011
California Sacramento Elder Wheeler 2013
California Sacramento (Spanish) Elder Branchini 2013
California Sacramento Chris Andrew 2013
California Sacramento Brandon Evans 2009
California Sacramento John Gaskill 2013
California Sacramento Elder Bishop 2013
California Sacramento Mission Alumni 2010
California Sacramento Elder Sierra 2013
California Sacramento Sister Wilson 2013
California Sacramento Megan Arntsen 2013
California Sacramento (Spanish) Sister Skidmore 2013
California Sacramento Sister Lacusta 2013
California Sacramento Whitney McLelland 2013
California Sacramento Sarah Burchett 2013
California Sacramento The Lewises 2011
California Sacramento Audrey White 2013
California Sacramento Audrey White 2013
California Sacramento Kelsie Swainston 2013
California Sacramento Steele Reid 2013
California Sacramento Alexander Milner 2013
California Sacramento Brandon McBride 2013
California Sacramento Joseph Lewis 2013
California Sacramento Elder Harral 2012
California Sacramento Cody Doud 2011
California Sacramento Kodey Clements 2013
California Sacramento Denis Baryshnikov 2012
California Sacramento Trevor Anderson 2013
California Sacramento Karl Anderson 2012
California Sacramento Tyler Arnett 2012

California San Bernardino Mission (LDS)

California San Bernardino Taylor Gull 2012
California San Bernardino Megan Johnson 2013
California San Bernardino Sister Busenbark 2013
California San Bernardino Elder Ettinger 2013
California San Bernardino Landon Bell 2013
California San Bernardino Chase Newton 2013
California San Bernardino Mission Alumni 2013
California San Bernardino Dustan Barnard 2010
California San Bernardino Megan Stacey 2013
California San Bernardino Elder Marriott 2013
California San Bernardino Joshua Reitz 2011
California San Bernardino Todd Patch 2013
California San Bernardino Hali Hicken 2012
California San Bernardino Sean Heath 2013
California San Bernardino Kyle Christensen 2013
California San Bernardino Collin Braithwaite 2013
California San Bernardino John Bolliger 2012
California San Bernardino Molly Anderson 2010

California San Diego Mission (LDS)

California San Diego Sister Newman 2012
California San Diego Cassie Rasmussen 2013
California San Diego Ralynne Riggs 2013
California San Diego Sister Madsen 2013
California San Diego Mission Alumni 2013
California San Diego Aaron Lloyd 2013
California San Diego The Claytons 2013
California San Diego Jill Chi Wang 2013
California San Diego Marnie Strasser 2013
California San Diego Shad Sims 2013
California San Diego Cameron Rutland 2013
California San Diego Elder Porras 2012
California San Diego Taylon Niederhauser 2013
California San Diego Charles Larsen 2013
California San Diego Derek Kirchhoefer 2011
California San Diego Zachary Hudson 2013
California San Diego Nicholas Eskelson 2012
California San Diego Timothy Dudley 2013
California San Diego Anthony DeVito 2013
California San Diego Elder Daniel 2011
California San Diego Derek Clement 2012
California San Diego Brandon Clay 2012
California San Diego Rocky Cisneros 2011
California San Diego Daniel Bird 2013
California San Diego Kim Miller 2011
California San Diego Tawny Christensen 2011
California San Diego Tawny Dunn 2011
California San Diego Heather Smith 2011
California San Diego Megan Story 2011
California San Diego Ross Little 2011

California San Fernando Mission (LDS)

California San Fernando Mission Alumni 2010
California San Fernando Elder Huffaker 2013
California San Fernando Sister Brown 2012
California San Fernando Sister Reese 2013
California San Fernando Tessa Bishop 2013
California San Fernando Elder Ellsworth 2013
California San Fernando Sister Redner 2013
California San Fernando (Spanish) Sister Blackburn 2012
California San Fernando Chantel Olsen 2013
California San Fernando Sister Cottrell 2013
California San Fernando Emily Christensen 2013
California San Fernando Elder Riggs 2012
California San Fernando Tara Prince 2012
California San Fernando Andrew Okazaki 2013
California San Fernando Meaghan Lopez 2013
California San Fernando Spenceer Kottcamp 2013
California San Fernando Jacob Johnson 2011
California San Fernando Elder Hudson 2013
California San Fernando Kyle Hokanson 2012
California San Fernando Connor Henderson 2012
California San Fernando Joseph Hawker 2013
California San Fernando Aric Hansen 2011
California San Fernando Miles Flake 2012
California San Fernando Sean Ellsworth 2012
California San Fernando Colton Christensen 2013
California San Fernando Cameron Babcock 2013
California San Fernando Rob Emery 2012

California San Jose Mission (LDS)

California San Jose Sister Stegelmeier 2013
California San Jose Jillian Cannady 2013
California San Jose Kristen Billings 2013
California San Jose Courtney Barker 2012
California San Jose Sister Mason 2013
California San Jose Sister Fischetti 2013
California San Jose Elder Frost 2010
California San Jose Kristin Bassett 2013
California San Jose Elder Badger 2012
California San Jose Elder Clarke 2013
California San Jose Spencer Harbold 2012
California San Jose Mission Alumni 2013
California San Jose Adam Seelos 2013
California San Jose Shad Whaley 2013
California San Jose Chelsea Spackman 2013
California San Jose Katerina Solomona 2012
California San Jose Elder Maxfield 2012
California San Jose Jared Manning 2012
California San Jose Elder Magee 2013
California San Jose Elder Louk 2011
California San Jose Riley Hoggan 2013
California San Jose Emma Goodman 2013
California San Jose Jordan Fields 2012
California San Jose Tiffany Craig 2013
California San Jose Cole Baldwin 2013
California San Jose Johnny Babcock 2013
California San Jose Brook Kenemore 2011
California San Jose Jacob Chipman 2012
California San Jose Matt Karlsven 2010
California San Jose Joseph Christensen 2012
California San Jose (Spanish) Dawson Flake 2012

California Santa Rosa Mission (LDS)

California Santa Rosa Parker Albertson 2013
California Santa Rosa Elder Tubbs 2013
California Santa Rosa Sister Wallace 2013
California Santa Rosa Sister Agura 2013
California Santa Rosa Mission Alumni 2013
California Santa Rosa The Adamsons 2012
California Santa Rosa (Spanish) Whitney Stephenson 2012
California Santa Rosa The Albas 2013
California Santa Rosa Stephen Wykle 2013
California Santa Rosa Tyler Volksen 2012
California Santa Rosa Sister Skroski 2012
California Santa Rosa Elder Pope 2012
California Santa Rosa Ashlie Parker 2013
California Santa Rosa Brooke Palmer 2013
California Santa Rosa Travis Olsen 2012
California Santa Rosa Casey Olsen 2011
California Santa Rosa Colton Mahoney 2013
California Santa Rosa Hunter Lots 2013
California Santa Rosa Bianca Gorder 2011
California Santa Rosa Steven Call 2013
California Santa Rosa Megan Andreasen 2013
California Santa Rosa Jessica Maughan 2011
California Santa Rosa Stephen Tomoser 2012
California Santa Rosa Nathan Hancock 2012
California Santa Rosa Brittany Nestman 2012
California Santa Rosa Chris Spendlove 2011
California Santa Rosa Cameron Wright 2011
California Santa Rosa Bianca Gorder 2011
California Santa Rosa Brandt Elison 2011
California Santa Rosa William Eccles 2011
California Santa Rosa Greyson Bankhead 2011
California Santa Rosa Loisa Martinez 2011
California Santa Rosa David Manciati 2011
California Santa Rosa Michael Millett 2011
California Santa Rosa Rob Vomocil 2011
California Santa Rosa Darion Beven 2011
California Santa Rosa James Abbott 2011
California Santa Rosa The Bunkers 2013
California Santa Rosa Richard Mackelprang 2011

California Ventura Mission (LDS)

California Ventura Sister Higgins 2013
California Ventura Sister Millet 2013
California Ventura Elder Blair 2009
California Ventura Melia Mason 2013
California Ventura Sister Bennett 2013
California Ventura Corey Harper 2013
California Ventura Sister Cusick 2013
California Ventura Elder Tingey 2010
California Ventura Mission Alumni 2013
California Ventura Elder Bostrom 2013
California Ventura Elder Call 2013
California Ventura Jared Teeples 2013
California Ventura Elder Zundel 2009
California Ventura Andrew Tincher 2012
California Ventura Kyler Thomas 2013
California Ventura Wade Smallwood 2013
California Ventura Randall Robinson 2013
California Ventura Ryan Rich 2013
California Ventura Austin McKinley 2013
California Ventura Julia Martin 2013
California Ventura Ashley Kalama 2013
California Ventura Robert Hughes 2010
California Ventura James Hoye 2012
California Ventura Corey Harper 2013
California Ventura Kevin Garcia 2013
California Ventura Tyler Davis 2013
California Ventura Tyler Bernards 2013
California Ventura Ben Christensen 2011


Cambodia Phnom Penh Mission (LDS)

Cambodia Phnom Penh Aaron Langford 2014
Cambodia Phnom Penh Blair Wu 2011
Cambodia Phnom Penh Caleb Hermann 2011
Cambodia Phnom Penh Cameron Blocker 2013
Cambodia Phnom Penh David Nguyen 2012
Cambodia Phnom Penh Izzy Hays 2012
Cambodia Phnom Penh Jenna Pham
Cambodia Phnom Penh Kenny James 2011
Cambodia Phnom Penh Keyanee Faught 2012
Cambodia Phnom Penh Kurt Burrell 2014
Cambodia Phnom Penh Laura Bayles 2012
Cambodia Phnom Penh Luke Nelson 2013
Cambodia Phnom Penh Miranda Pechon 2014
Cambodia Phnom Penh The Dicksons 2006
Cambodia Phnom Penh The Hendersons 2012
Cambodia Phnom Penh Zach Lichtenberg 2014
Cambodia Phnom Penh
Cambodia Phnom Penh
Cambodia Phnom Penh
Cambodia Phnom Penh
Cambodia Phnom Penh


Canada Calgary Mission (LDS)

Canada Calgary Tyson Winder 2011
Canada Calgary Jacob Macmichael 2013
Canada Calgary Whitney Long 2013
Canada Calgary Hayley Harris 2013
Canada Calgary Jessica Hansen 2013
Canada Calgary Lauren Butler 2013
Canada Calgary Stephanie Blommaert 2013
Canada Calgary The Pridays 2009
Canada Calgary Devin Townsend 2011
Canada Calgary Elder Bettilyon 1998
Canada Calgary Logan Petersen 2011
Canada Calgary Rebecca Thorpe 2013
Canada Calgary Justin Gagnon 2013
Canada Calgary Richard Dowd 2013
Canada Calgary Logan Bluth 2013
Canada Calgary Shelbey King 2012
Canada Calgary Kyle Madsen 2012
Canada Calgary Zachary Martin 2013
Canada Calgary Colby Jorgensen 2013
Canada Calgary Taylor Burrows 2013
Canada Calgary Sarah Martin 2013
Canada Calgary The Owens 2011
Canada Calgary Ryan Draper 2012
Canada Calgary Keith Madsen 2012
Canada Calgary Devin Townsend 2011
Canada Calgary Chet Norman 2011

Canada Edmonton Mission (LDS)

Canada Edmonton Christopher LaFontaine 2011
Canada Edmonton Matthew Ladd 2012
Canada Edmonton Ethan Coomer 2013
Canada Edmonton Jonathan Stevens 2012
Canada Edmonton Steven Read 2013
Canada Edmonton Riley Knaphus 2013
Canada Edmonton The Garretts 2013
Canada Edmonton Christopher Fawson 2013
Canada Edmonton Leanna Thompson 2013
Canada Edmonton The Campbells 2012
Canada Edmonton Lucas Bodine 2012
Canada Edmonton Mitchel Brown 2012
Canada Edmonton McKay Bailey 2010

Canada Halifax Mission (LDS)

Canada Halifax Richard Larsen 2013
Canada Halifax The Muhns 2010
Canada Halifax The Duncans 2013
Canada Halifax Dallin Hunt 2013
Canada Halifax Jacyln Olson 2013
Canada Halifax Rachele Riddle 2013
Canada Halifax Amber Lewis 2013
Canada Halifax Elicia Bentley 2012
Canada Halifax Kelsey Christensen 2013
Canada Halifax The Tiffanys 2013
Canada Halifax Ashley Crofts 2011
Canada Halifax Diana Nicholls 2011
Canada Halifax Jordan Rogers 2011
Canada Halifax Kyle Davis 2011

Canada Montreal Mission (LDS)

Canada Montreal Jarrod Wilbur 2013
Canada Montreal Rebecca Smith 2013
Canada Montreal Lindy Pace 2011
Canada Montreal Austen Oviatt 2013
Canada Montreal Sylvia Cutler 2013
Canada Montreal Clayton Ellis 2013
Canada Montreal Ashlee Smith 2013
Canada Montreal Addison Call 2010

Canada Toronto Mission (LDS)

Canada Toronto Mission Alumni 2013
Canada Toronto Elder Lau 2011
Canada Toronto Elder Tan 2013
Canada Toronto Sister Bauss 2013
Canada Toronto Sister Colvin 2013
Canada Toronto Sister Jensen 2013
Canada Toronto Sister Barton 2011
Canada Toronto Benjamin Warner 2013
Canada Toronto Kiersten Reid 2013
Canada Toronto The Wheelers 2012
Canada Toronto Sister Warburton 2013
Canada Toronto Mallory Hutchings 2013
Canada Toronto The Starks 2013
Canada Toronto Sister De Groot 2013
Canada Toronto Karly Prescott 2013
Canada Toronto Elder Vanderstel 2013
Canada Toronto Justin Steele 2013
Canada Toronto Jillian Ormond 2013
Canada Toronto Sidney Lamb 2013
Canada Toronto Jesse King 2013
Canada Toronto Tanner Howell 2013
Canada Toronto Braedon Hegemann 2013
Canada Toronto Elder Germann 2012
Canada Toronto Bradley Ellsworth 2013
Canada Toronto Jonathan DePaula 2013
Canada Toronto Braiden Ashton 2013

Canada Toronto East Mission (LDS)

Canada Toronto East The Fishers 2010
Canada Toronto East Monica Savage 2011
Canada Toronto East Dickson Lau 2011
Canada Toronto East Evan Dumouchel 2011

Canada Toronto West Mission (LDS)

Canada Toronto West Michelle Barton 2011
Canada Toronto West Macaulay Wilson 2012
Canada Toronto West Robbie Tripp 2011
Canada Toronto West Derek Allen 2011

Canada Vancouver Mission (LDS)

Canada Vancouver Kelsey Jaeger 2013
Canada Vancouver Megan Flinders 2013
Canada Vancouver Elder Ramsbottom 2010
Canada Vancouver Amanda Arbon 2013
Canada Vancouver The Neeses 2013
Canada Vancouver The Jones 2013
Canada Vancouver Clarke Hawkinson 2013
Canada Vancouver Jaynanne Petersen 2013
Canada Vancouver Spencer Leyba 2013
Canada Vancouver Zachary Kitchen 2013
Canada Vancouver Bryon Bingham 2013
Canada Vancouver Kameron Lahache 2012

Canada Winnipeg Mission (LDS)

Canada Winnipeg Brett Hardison 2011
Canada Winnipeg Ricky Banovich 2013
Canada Winnipeg Shane Dola 2013
Canada Winnipeg JJ Schmidt 2013
Canada Winnipeg TJ Galbraith 2012
Canada Winnipeg Crystal Horning 2011
Canada Winnipeg The Bastings 2012
Canada Winnipeg Chris Lyons 2013
Canada Winnipeg Robert Clark 2013
Canada Winnipeg Chandler Smith 2011
Canada Winnipeg Noelle Reid 2011
Canada Winnipeg Paul Turner 2011

Cape Verde

Cape Verde Praia Mission (LDS)

Cape Verde many The Durrances 2009
Cape Verde Praia Joshua Shelhamer 2011
Cape Verde Praia Carson Coleman 2011
Cape Verde Praia Taryn Beus 2012
Cape Verde Praia Emma Brooks 2012
Cape Verde Praia Drew Bushman 2013
Cape Verde Praia Jessica Payton 2013
Cape Verde Praia Caleb Stratton 2013
Cape Verde Praia Alice Bradford 2013
Cape Verde Praia Maya Yerman 2013
Cape Verde Praia Peder Schillemat 2013
Cape Verde Praia Jaime Turley 2013
Cape Verde Praia Kendall Pitts 2013
Cape Verde Praia Ryan Podzikowski 2012
Cape Verde Praia Paula Turner 2013
Cape Verde Praia Brent Dorff 2013
Cape Verde Praia Lindsay Sharp 2013
Cape Verde Praia Melissa Alvarado 2013
Cape Verde Praia Stephanie Chidester 2013
Cape Verde Praia Joan Llano 2012
Cape Verde Praia Jared George 2013
Cape Verde Praia Nick Accordino 2013


Chile Antofagasta Mission (LDS)

Chile Antofagasta Mission Alumni 2013
Chile Antofagasta Robert Wall 2013
Chile Antofagasta Ryan Tarpenning 2012
Chile Antofagasta Sean Stringham 2012
Chile Antofagasta Garrett Stratford 2013
Chile Antofagasta Benjamin Rebman 2013
Chile Antofagasta Samantha LeFevre 2013
Chile Antofagasta Marcus Harding 2012
Chile Antofagasta Andrew Congleton 2013
Chile Antofagasta Brandon Butler 2013
Chile Antofagasta Jordan McCaskill 2013
Chile Antofagasta Zach Newman 2013
Chile Antofagasta Kami Severtson 2013
Chile Antofagasta James Gillespie 2013
Chile Antofagasta Mason Paxman 2013
Chile Antofagasta Jennifer Howell 2013
Chile Antofagasta Zachary Farnsworth 2013
Chile Antofagasta President Bruce 2011
Chile Antofagasta Rachelle Romney 2013
Chile Antofagasta The Bruces 2013
Chile Antofagasta Ryan Stone 2012

Chile Concepcion Mission (LDS)

Chile Concepcion Mission Alumni 2012
Chile Concepcion Ashley Lovell 2013
Chile Concepcion Merissa Woodbury 2013
Chile Concepcion Peter Blomfield 2013
Chile Concepcion Jared Philpott 2012
Chile Concepcion Aubrey England 2013
Chile Concepcion Mission Home 2013
Chile Concepcion Jeremy Meservy 2012
Chile Concepcion Jordanne Burgess 2013
Chile Concepcion Zachary Brown 2013
Chile Concepcion Gabriel Zepeda 2011
Chile Concepcion Tyler Scott 2011
Chile Concepcion Mark Roberts 2011
Chile Concepcion Myles Lulla 2012
Chile Concepcion Mackenzie Knapp 2011
Chile Concepcion Cyrus Holt 2013
Chile Concepcion Jace Hancock 2013
Chile Concepcion Tanner Curtis 2013
Chile Concepcion Elizabeth Crosby 2012
Chile Concepcion Paige Conley 2011
Chile Concepcion Samantha Smith 2011
Chile Concepcion Cody Moss 2011
Chile Concepcion Brent Reed 2012
Chile Concepcion Nathan Pitcher 2011
Chile Concepcion Trevor Vincent 2011
Chile Concepcion Austin Nelson 2011
Chile Concepcion Matthew Ward 2011
Chile Concepcion Cody Dastrup 2012
Chile Concepcion Christopher McNeil 2012

Chile Concepcion South Mission (LDS)

Chile Concepcion South Mission Alumni 2011
Chile Concepcion South Michael Sevigny 2013
Chile Concepcion South Blake Savage 2013
Chile Concepcion South Daniel Oversby 2011
Chile Concepcion South Mark Mondragon 2011
Chile Concepcion South Qynn Marble 2013
Chile Concepcion South Brady Loefke 2013
Chile Concepcion South John Craven 2012
Chile Concepcion South Kyle Allen 2012
Chile Concepcion South Mollie Bowman 2013
Chile Concepcion South Morgan Ferrell 2013
Chile Concepcion South Michael Ricks 2013
Chile Concepcion South Ross Wilcox 2013
Chile Concepcion South Nate Butterfield 2013
Chile Concepcion South The Hawkins 2012
Chile Concepcion South Dallin Gomez 2012
Chile Concepcion South Tanner Long 2013
Chile Concepcion South Jalon Miyasaki 2013
Chile Concepcion South Amy Loveless 2011
Chile Concepcion South Kelly Heath 2011
Chile Concepcion South Riley Harper 2011

Chile Osorno Mission (LDS)

Chile Osorno Mission Alumni 2011
Chile Osorno Kody Ulmer 2013
Chile Osorno Nathan Turner 2012
Chile Osorno Rylin Murphy 2011
Chile Osorno Houston Moore 2013
Chile Osorno Rachel Kitto 2012
Chile Osorno Alec Jessip 2013
Chile Osorno Erin Hunsaker 2013
Chile Osorno Sarah Furniss 2013
Chile Osorno Geoffrey Davis 2013
Chile Osorno Thomas Aston 2012
Chile Osorno August Simmons 2013
Chile Osorno Mickell Lethco 2013
Chile Osorno Colin Reeder 2012
Chile Osorno Jen Wood 2009
Chile Osorno John Barker 2013
Chile Osorno McKay Warren 2013
Chile Osorno Matthew Jones 2012
Chile Osorno Ben Burge 2013
Chile Osorno Constanza Ramirez 2013
Chile Osorno Tanner Brown 2013
Chile Osorno Jentry Nelson 2013
Chile Osorno Maxwell Poirier 2013
Chile Osorno Connor Christopherson 2013
Chile Osorno Zack Carter 2013
Chile Osorno Taylor Teeples 2013
Chile Osorno Alex York 2013
Chile Osorno Jessica Larsen 2013
Chile Osorno The Lovells 2011
Chile Osorno The Rappleyes 2013
Chile Osorno Madi Burningham 2011
Chile Osorno Katie Bourne 2011
Chile Osorno Janelle Bertagnole 2012

Chile Rancagua Mission (LDS)

Chile Rancagua Mission Alumni 2013
Chile Rancagua David Winward 2013
Chile Rancagua Colten Page 2013
Chile Rancagua Alyssa Olson 2010
Chile Rancagua John Hart 2013
Chile Rancagua Connor Edwards 2012
Chile Rancagua Taylor Dixon 2013
Chile Rancagua Dalin Crosland 2010
Chile Rancagua Colton Brooks 2011
Chile Rancagua Zachary Willis 2013
Chile Rancagua Jayson Welker 2013
Chile Rancagua Dean Dunmire 2013
Chile Rancagua Jared Hoff 2013
Chile Rancagua Ynez Davis 2013
Chile Rancagua Mikele Stephenson 2013
Chile Rancagua Tami Schmidt 2013
Chile Rancagua Hermana Hutchinson 2013
Chile Rancagua Mandy Nokes 2013
Chile Rancagua Kaila Rhodes 2013
Chile Rancagua Miguel Velasquez 2013
Chile Rancagua Anna Berbert 2013
Chile Rancagua The Warnes 2013
Chile Rancagua Tate Harding 2013
Chile Rancagua The Warnes 2013
Chile Rancagua Samantha Morris 2011
Chile Rancagua Sister Gillespie 2010

Chile Santiago East Mission (LDS)

Chile Santiago East Mission Alumni 2013
Chile Santiago East Forrest Stephenson 2012
Chile Santiago East Logan Stark 2012
Chile Santiago East Judd Stanger 2013
Chile Santiago East Jordan Smith 2012
Chile Santiago East Ty Skousen 2013
Chile Santiago East Stephen Owen 2011
Chile Santiago East Bethany Leishman 2013
Chile Santiago East Joshua Hilburn 2012
Chile Santiago East Jeremy Hales 2013
Chile Santiago East Daniel Gleave 2013
Chile Santiago East Lehi Emmett 2013
Chile Santiago East Davis Crosland 2010
Chile Santiago East Mitchell Cottrell 2013
Chile Santiago East Kevin Costner 2011
Chile Santiago East Kellen Chumbley 2013
Chile Santiago East Kaleb Christensen 2012
Chile Santiago East Josh Cadden 2013
Chile Santiago East Brendan Paige 2011
Chile Santiago East Hailey Sommerfeld 2013
Chile Santiago East Madeleine Bailey 2013
Chile Santiago East Seth Hill 2013
Chile Santiago East Nate Schwartz 2013
Chile Santiago East Meghan Godfrey 2013
Chile Santiago East Cameron Cowger 2012
Chile Santiago East Lauren Jennings 2013
Chile Santiago East The Laycocks 2012
Chile Santiago East Danielle Coley 2011
Chile Santiago East Aaron Mayberry 2011
Chile Santiago East Matthew Mooney 2011
Chile Santiago East Braden Tilley 2011
Chile Santiago East Christopher Pedersen 2012

Chile Santiago North Mission (LDS)

Chile Santiago North Mission Alumni 2009
Chile Santiago North Sister Ostler 2013
Chile Santiago North Elizabeth Gosney 2013
Chile Santiago North The Christensens 2011
Chile Santiago North Alexandra Johnson 2013
Chile Santiago North Tanner Jenson 2013
Chile Santiago North Garrett Wilkes 2010
Chile Santiago North Jordan King 2013
Chile Santiago North The Eulitts 2013
Chile Santiago North Mara Thomas 2013
Chile Santiago North Brianne Pedersen 2013
Chile Santiago North Michael McColley 2013
Chile Santiago North Tyler Jones 2011
Chile Santiago North Emily Ireland 2013
Chile Santiago North Jaromy Holland 2013
Chile Santiago North Taylor Fernandez 2013
Chile Santiago North Charles Ericson 2013
Chile Santiago North Austin Dykstra 2013
Chile Santiago North The Mays 2011
Chile Santiago North Amy Arnold 2010
Chile Santiago North Amber Moss 2011
Chile Santiago North Stephanie Whyte 2012
Chile Santiago North Scott Murdoch 2011
Chile Santiago North Weston Fischer 2011
Chile Santiago North Tyler Nelson 2011
Chile Santiago North Jackson Christensen 2011
Chile Santiago North Todd Hendrickson 2011
Chile Santiago North Conway Kanahele 2011
Chile Santiago North Abby Chamberlain 2013

Chile Santiago South Mission (LDS)

Chile Santiago South Mission Alumni 2013
Chile Santiago South Sister Tuttle 2013
Chile Santiago South Sister Talbot 2013
Chile Santiago South Zachary Ashworth 2013
Chile Santiago South Sister Leavitt 2013
Chile Santiago South Rochelle Leavitt 2013
Chile Santiago South Samuel Williams 2013
Chile Santiago South Jaela Mooney 2013
Chile Santiago South Kilee Earl 2013

Chile Santiago West Mission (LDS)

Chile Santiago West Mission Alumni 2013
Chile Santiago West Sean Tognetti 2012
Chile Santiago West Jonathan Strong 2013
Chile Santiago West Jaela Mooney 2013
Chile Santiago West Adam Lewis 2012
Chile Santiago West Macey Jorgensen 2013
Chile Santiago West Autumn Hamilton 2013
Chile Santiago West Austin Cole 2013
Chile Santiago West James Barrett 2012
Chile Santiago West Joshua Jones 2012
Chile Santiago West Jared Moser 2013
Chile Santiago West Sara Mercado 2013
Chile Santiago West Michael Cloward 2010
Chile Santiago West Taylor Thomas 2012
Chile Santiago West Matthew Kenison 2011
Chile Santiago West Jared Bryson 2010
Chile Santiago West Cole Moffat 2013
Chile Santiago West Nick Holton 2012
Chile Santiago West Hadfield Family 2009
Chile Santiago West Ian Kennedy 2013
Chile Santiago West Kurtis Christensen 2012
Chile Santiago West Nathan Stoddard 2011
Chile Santiago West Alex Leavitt 2012

Chile Vina del Mar Mission (LDS)

Chile Vina del Mar Mission Alumni 2013
Chile Vina del Mar Katherine Pendleton 2013
Chile Vina del Mar Sister Schrader 2013
Chile Vina del Mar Troy Teeples 2011
Chile Vina del Mar Caleb Whittle 2012
Chile Vina del Mar David Stringham 2012
Chile Vina del Mar Ryan Stratford 2010
Chile Vina del Mar Spencer Stevens 2011
Chile Vina del Mar Steven Richardsen 2010
Chile Vina del Mar Andrew Newbold 2013
Chile Vina del Mar Dallas McManamon 2011
Chile Vina del Mar Andrew Mackay 2012
Chile Vina del Mar Dylan Greer 2011
Chile Vina del Mar Chelsea Ellsworth 2012
Chile Vina del Mar Jayne Boud 2012
Chile Vina del Mar Matt Horspool 2009
Chile Vina del Mar Tynan Hamilton 2013
Chile Vina del Mar Natalie Sargent 2013
Chile Vina del Mar The Schramms 2013
Chile Vina del Mar James Biesinger 2013
Chile Vina del Mar Tiffanie Lichty 2012
Chile Vina del Mar Katelyn Smith 2013
Chile Vina del Mar Nathan Hales 2013
Chile Vina del Mar Matthew Weidman 2013
Chile Vina del Mar Justin Erickson 2012
Chile Vina del Mar Caleb Tonkinson 2013
Chile Vina del Mar The Gillespies 2012
Chile Vina del Mar Anonymous 2013
Chile Vina del Mar Mark Hall 2013
Chile Vina del Mar Hadley Faught 2013
Chile Vina del Mar Amanda Siler 2013
Chile Vina del Mar Truman Rowley 2011
Chile Vina del Mar Kenneth Millard 2012


China Hong Kong Mission (LDS)

China Hong Kong Joshua Sutherland 2012
China Hong Kong Tragen Herrick 2013
China Hong Kong Sammy Brailsford 2013
China Hong Kong Jordan Bingham 2013
China Hong Kong Kyle Allen 2013
China Hong Kong Matthew Liu 2012
China Hong Kong Ashley Palmer 2013
China Hong Kong The Davis’s 2012
China Hong Kong Bronson Osborne 2013
China Hong Kong Rachel Simkovits 2010
China Hong Kong Justin Mikesell 2013
China Hong Kong Bubba Brown 2013
China Hong Kong Garrett Hazen 2013
China Hong Kong The Sackleys 2012
China Hong Kong Sara Black 2011
China Hong Kong Chris Carey 2012
China Hong Kong Jeffrey Wright 2011
China Hong Kong Noah Kershnk 2011


Colombia Barranquilla Mission (LDS)

Colombia Barranquilla Nathan Norberg 2013
Colombia Barranquilla Jacob Vanderheyden 2013
Colombia Barranquilla Sam Milliron 2013
Colombia Barranquilla Jon Belyeu 2012
Colombia Barranquilla Andrew McFarlane 2012
Colombia Barranquilla Clinton Long 2013
Colombia Barranquilla Brennan Franks 2013
Colombia Barranquilla Chris Frame 2012

Colombia Bogota North Mission (LDS)

Colombia Bogota North Jonathon Rickords 2010
Colombia Bogota North Gabriel Rallison 2012
Colombia Bogota North Joseph Cannon 2013
Colombia Bogota North The Petersons 2011
Colombia Bogota North Kody Crook 2013
Colombia Bogota North Evan Bogdan 2012
Colombia Bogota North Zander Sawyer 2013
Colombia Bogota North Nathan Naegle 2011
Colombia Bogota North Kade Larsen 2013
Colombia Bogota North Christian Nieman 2013
Colombia Bogota North Alex Pratt 2013
Colombia Bogota North AJ Wigginton 2013
Colombia Bogota North Nick Sales 2013
Colombia Bogota North Bridger Hall 2012
Colombia Bogota North The Hendersons 2013
Colombia Bogota North Evan Stallings 2011
Colombia Bogota North Mitchell Lichtenberg 2013
Colombia Bogota North Tanner Holmes 2013
Colombia Bogota North Kyle Deaton 2011
Colombia Bogota North Damian Darrach 2011
Colombia Bogota North David Bates 2013
Colombia Bogota North The Stulls 2009

Colombia Bogota South Mission (LDS)

Colombia Bogota South Emerson Hammer 2012
Colombia Bogota South Spencer Varney 2012
Colombia Bogota South Stetson Ruth 2012
Colombia Bogota South Aaron Prince 2013
Colombia Bogota South Hayden Petka 2012
Colombia Bogota South Taylor Miller 2012
Colombia Bogota South Jefferson Jones 2013
Colombia Bogota South Sam Elmer 2013
Colombia Bogota South The Carpenters 2013
Colombia Bogota South Matthew Anderson 2013

Colombia Cali Mission (LDS)

Colombia Cali Kyle Anderson 2013
Colombia Cali Robert Dean 2013
Colombia Cali Payden Jolley 2013
Colombia Cali Landon Peterson 2013
Colombia Cali Brandon Chase 2013
Colombia Cali Benjamin Belnap 2012
Colombia Cali Jonathan Prince 2011
Colombia Cali Rawly Lyle 2013
Colombia Cali Kalob Stevenson 2013
Colombia Cali The Princes 2013
Colombia Cali Dallin Eliason 2013
Colombia Cali Alec Meyers 2013
Colombia Cali Corey Hoddenbach 2012
Colombia Cali Tyler Welling 2013
Colombia Cali Jesse Walker 2013
Colombia Cali Cameron Strahm 2012
Colombia Cali Kaden Peek 2012
Colombia Cali Billy Musselman 2013
Colombia Cali Michael Laws 2013
Colombia Cali Tyler Kutterer 2012
Colombia Cali Jake Jones 2013
Colombia Cali Christopher Edwards 2012
Colombia Cali Brandon Cain 2013
Colombia Cali Dane Brodowski 2012
Colombia Cali Michael Atwood 2011

Colombia Medellin Mission (LDS)

Colombia Medellin Jayden Rucker 2013
Colombia Medellin Jonathan Toronto 2013


Colorado Colorado Springs Mission (LDS)

Colorado Colorado Springs Elder Hathcock 2012
Colorado Colorado Springs Brady Neeley 2013
Colorado Colorado Springs Britny Baker 2013
Colorado Colorado Springs Elder Nielson 2013
Colorado Colorado Springs Sister Woodruff 2013
Colorado Colorado Springs Thomas Trotter 2011
Colorado Colorado Springs Clinton Neff 2013
Colorado Colorado Springs Elder Low 2013
Colorado Colorado Springs James Kannan 2011
Colorado Colorado Springs Isaac Jacobson 2009
Colorado Colorado Springs Jonathan Hovorka 2013
Colorado Colorado Springs Zachary Guy 2013
Colorado Colorado Springs Hayden Clegg 2013
Colorado Colorado Springs Emmett Florence 2012
Colorado Colorado Springs Spencer Craft 2011

Colorado Denver North Mission (LDS)

Colorado Denver North Cassie White 2013
Colorado Denver North Angelica Strasser 2013
Colorado Denver North Brenin Patterson 2013
Colorado Denver North Brianna Moore 2013
Colorado Denver North Nathaniel Maxwell 2011
Colorado Denver North Jacob Marble 2013
Colorado Denver North Logan Green 2011
Colorado Denver North Alexander Asay 2011
Colorado Denver North Keller Reeves 2013
Colorado Denver North Ian Makechnie 2010
Colorado Denver North Johanna Hardy 2013
Colorado Denver North Mike Shepard 2011
Colorado Denver North Aaron Diaz 2013
Colorado Denver North Dillon Escudero 2013
Colorado Denver North Carson Gnehm 2011
Colorado Denver North Samuel Pedro 2013
Colorado Denver North Logan Bryan 2013
Colorado Denver North Elder Hauck 2013
Colorado Denver North Collette Knowlton 2013
Colorado Denver North Taylor Peterson 2011

Colorado Denver South Mission (LDS)

Colorado Denver South Tanner Scheurer 2011
Colorado Denver South Kristy Partridge 2013
Colorado Denver South James Messina 2013
Colorado Denver South Jacob McGee 2013
Colorado Denver South Kayla Marshall 2013
Colorado Denver South Anders Jacobson 2013
Colorado Denver South Brendan Gilbert 2013
Colorado Denver South Benjamin Dale 2011
Colorado Denver South Austin Cox 2011
Colorado Denver South Sister Gregerson 2013
Colorado Denver South Peter Redd 2013
Colorado Denver South Kendra Gampe 2013
Colorado Denver South Nicholas Austin 2013
Colorado Denver South Joshua Hatfield 2013
Colorado Denver South The Christisons 2008
Colorado Denver South Kyle Stanley 2013
Colorado Denver South Brandon Bringhurst 2013
Colorado Denver South Allison Spencer 2012
Colorado Denver South Matthew Watkins 2011
Colorado Denver South Damon Janis 2011
Colorado Denver South Thomas Stevenson 2011
Colorado Denver South Garth Forsyth 2011

Colorado Fort Collins Mission (LDS)

Colorado Fort Collins Sister Mehner 2013
Colorado Fort Collins Karisa Nielsen 2013
Colorado Fort Collins Sister Wilson 2013
Colorado Fort Collins Alexander Hamilton 2013
Colorado Fort Collins Sister Smith 2013
Colorado Fort Collins Hannah Mangum 2013
Colorado Fort Collins Macy England 2013
Colorado Fort Collins Sister Hoer 2013
Colorado Fort Collins Michelle Cardon 2013


Connecticut Hartford Mission (LDS)

Connecticut Hartford Daniel Taylor 2011
Connecticut Hartford Elder Stakland 2011
Connecticut Hartford David Kunz 2010
Connecticut Hartford Jordon Miller 2010
Connecticut Hartford David Burbridge 2011
Connecticut Hartford Kaelynn Monson 2010

Costa Rica

Costa Rica San Jose Mission (LDS)

Costa Rica San Jose Logan Whittaker 2012
Costa Rica San Jose Keith Skousen 2013
Costa Rica San Jose Dallin Pace 2013
Costa Rica San Jose Michael Ellsworth 2013
Costa Rica San Jose Anthony Constantino 2012
Costa Rica San Jose Brendan Baca 2012
Costa Rica San Jose Cameron Keysor 2013
Costa Rica San Jose Anne Jenkinson 2013
Costa Rica San Jose Sarah Sorensen 2013
Costa Rica San Jose Clint Saylor 2013
Costa Rica San Jose Tim Malone 2009
Costa Rica San Jose Shaleah Anderson 2013
Costa Rica San Jose The Wilkinsons 2012
Costa Rica San Jose Anthony Smith 2011
Costa Rica San Jose Anthony Tobler 2010
Costa Rica San Jose Jacob Kuoha 2012
Costa Rica San Jose Kaylie Turnbaugh 2011
Costa Rica San Jose Taylor Graham 2012
Costa Rica San Jose The Munroes 2011


Adriatic North Mission (LDS)

Adriatic  North Austin Meline 2012
Adriatic  North Nathan Mecham 2013
Adriatic  North Ryan Mattson 2013
Adriatic  North Kylee Flanders 2013
Adriatic  North Josh Bell 2013
Adriatic  North Taran Bailey 2013
Adriatic  North P.J. Quinn 2013
Adriatic  North Holly Cuthbert 2013
Adriatic  North Jordan Stuart 2013
Adriatic  North Cameron Benson 2013
Adriatic  North Couple Missionaries 2013
Adriatic  North The Ivins 2013
Adriatic  North McKenzie Giles 2013
Adriatic  North Katherine Orgill 2013
Adriatic  North Brooke Mortensen 2013

Czech Republic

Czech Prague Mission (LDS)

Czech Republic Prague Brent Anderson 2011
Czech Republic Prague Joseph Heath 2013
Czech Republic Prague Christina Izatt 2012
Czech Republic Prague Preston Bahr 2013
Czech Republic Prague Missionary Couple 2011
Czech Republic Prague Lucy Brimhall 2012
Czech Republic Prague The Stiles 2012
Czech Republic Prague The Coopers 2013
Czech Republic Prague Matthew Bird 2013
Czech Republic Prague Ashley Dean 2011
Czech Republic Prague Adam Williams 2012
Czech Republic Prague James Meiling 2012
Czech Republic Prague Andrew Monk 2011
Czech Republic Prague The Slovaceks 2010

Czech/Slovak Mission (LDS)

Czech Republic Slovak Stephanie Scerra 2013
Czech Republic Slovak Anonymous 2013
Czech Republic Slovak Kari Kane 2013
Czech Republic Slovak Francesca Bruno 2013
Czech Republic Slovak The Mills 2013
Czech Republic Slovak Sister Jones 2013
Czech Republic Slovak Melissa Pysnak 2013
Czech Republic Slovak Adam Williams 2012
Czech Republic Slovak James Meiling 2012
Czech Republic Slovak Brandon Neumann 2013
Czech Republic Slovak Bryce Johnson 2012
Czech Republic Slovak Christa Huggard 2013
Czech Republic Slovak Jeremy Eliason 2013

Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo Kinshasa LDS Mission

Congo Kinshasa Devin Masse 2013
Congo Kinshasa Ryan Lavering 2013
Congo Kinshasa Thayer Hunt 2013
Congo Kinshasa The Staggs 2012
Congo Kinshasa The Wheatleys 2013
Congo Kinshasa The Livingstones 2009
Congo Kinshasa The Smiths 2013
Congo Kinshasa The Bowlers 2012
Congo Kinshasa The Gates 2011
Congo Kinshasa Eric Palmer 2011

Democratic Republic of Congo Lubumbashi LDS Mission

Congo Lubumbashi The Moores 2012
Congo Lubumbashi The Frogleys 2012


Denmark Copenhagen Mission (LDS)

Denmark Copenhagen McKay Holbrook 2013
Denmark Copenhagen The Gronnestads 2011
Denmark Copenhagen Samuel Feil 2012
Denmark Copenhagen Elder Crank 2013
Denmark Copenhagen Anonymous 2013
Denmark Copenhagen McKay Holbrook 2013
Denmark Copenhagen Logan Wooden 2012
Denmark Copenhagen Mackenzie Wible 2013
Denmark Copenhagen Jared Pitts 2013
Denmark Copenhagen Kenneth Swenson 2013
Denmark Copenhagen Christian Wawro 2013
Denmark Copenhagen Sister Rogers 2013
Denmark Copenhagen Sister Morse 2012
Denmark Copenhagen Sister Murray 2013
Denmark Copenhagen Kelly Orgill 2013
Denmark Copenhagen Brittany Rigby 2013
Denmark Copenhagen Kolby Madsen 2013
Denmark Copenhagen The Sederholms 2013
Denmark Copenhagen Mission 2013
Denmark Copenhagen The Brobergs 2011
Denmark Copenhagen The Wilbergs 2010
Denmark Copenhagen Erik Hansen 2011
Denmark Copenhagen Tyler Lee 2011
Denmark Copenhagen Skyler Hardy 2011
Denmark Copenhagen Ricky Pullan 2011
Denmark Copenhagen Ryan Smith 2009

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Santiago Mission (LDS)

Dominican Republic Santiago Jesse Westergard 2010
Dominican Republic Santiago Tyler Willett 2013
Dominican Republic Santiago Elder Jensen 2013
Dominican Republic Santiago Matthew Griner 2013
Dominican Republic Santiago Elder Cannon 2013
Dominican Republic Santiago Trent Taylor 2013
Dominican Republic Santiago Derrick Kueser 2013
Dominican Republic Santiago Byron Alarcon-Benedetto 2013
Dominican Republic Santiago C. Rufus Sweeney 2012

Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Mission (LDS)

Dominican Republic Santo Domingo The Claires 2013
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo The Finlaysons 2011

Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Mission (LDS)

Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Sister Morales 2013
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Sister Cottam 2012
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Michael Cowley 2013
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Mattie Cox 2013
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East The Haws 2013
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Sister Bradley 2011
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Taylor McBride 2011
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Elder Merrell 2009
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Sister Coe 2013
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Sawyer Garrity 2011
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Jared Turley 2011
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Elder Cudd 2012
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Jeff DeSpain 2012
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Steven Shattuck 2011
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Elyse Bradley 2011
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Dena Reay 2011

Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Mission (LDS)

Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Kaitlin Olsen 2013
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Elder Finlayson 2013
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Michael Sullivan 2013
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West James Pemberton 2013
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West The Fords 2012
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West The Johnsons 2013
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Nathalie Fernandez 2013
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Sister Hamblin 2013
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Seth Wilson 2013
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Riley Reeder 2013
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Rachel Erickson 2013
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Zoe Safeer 2013
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Elder MacArthur 2011
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Madison Rush 2013
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Scott Carlson 2013
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Logan Bentley 2013
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Elder Wolff 2011
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Davis Rasmussen 2013
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Addison Day 2012
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Jeffrey Carruth 2011
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West Aaron Bremer 2011


Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission (LDS)

Ecuador Guayaquil North Elder Farley 2013
Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission Alumni 2013
Ecuador Guayaquil North Justin Van Wagoner 2012
Ecuador Guayaquil North McKay Randall 2013
Ecuador Guayaquil North Stephanie Parry 2013
Ecuador Guayaquil North Tanner Laub 2012
Ecuador Guayaquil North Jared Brady 2013
Ecuador Guayaquil North Jennifer Hunt 2013
Ecuador Guayaquil North Kody Gould 2013
Ecuador Guayaquil North Randall and Tamina 2009
Ecuador Guayaquil North Curtis Goode 2010
Ecuador Guayaquil North Brad Jacobsen 2013
Ecuador Guayaquil North Tyler Walke 2010
Ecuador Guayaquil North Jacoby Remington 2013
Ecuador Guayaquil North Jessica Welch 2013
Ecuador Guayaquil North Griffin McGinn 2012
Ecuador Guayaquil North Brandon Messer 2011
Ecuador Guayaquil North Patrick Beck 2011

Ecuador Guayaquil South Mission (LDS)

Ecuador Guayaquil South Elder Sawyer 2010
Ecuador Guayaquil South Elder Warner 2012
Ecuador Guayaquil South Elder Johnson 2012
Ecuador Guayaquil South Nathan Guymon 2013
Ecuador Guayaquil South Mission Alumni 2013
Ecuador Guayaquil South Ty Tait 2012
Ecuador Guayaquil South Michael Miller 2011
Ecuador Guayaquil South Zach Leininger 2013
Ecuador Guayaquil South Ryan Jensen 2011
Ecuador Guayaquil South Mark Demke 2012
Ecuador Guayaquil South Alexander Castro 2013
Ecuador Guayaquil South Adam Brooks 2013
Ecuador Guayaquil South Jeremiah Robinson 2013
Ecuador Guayaquil South Garrett Cederquist 2012
Ecuador Guayaquil South Rebecca Nazer 2013
Ecuador Guayaquil South Sarah Ayer 2013
Ecuador Guayaquil South Sean Firmage 2013
Ecuador Guayaquil South Jesse McCammon 2013
Ecuador Guayaquil South Melanie Forbush 2012
Ecuador Guayaquil South Benjamin Duzett 2013
Ecuador Guayaquil South Jeremiah Robinson 2011
Ecuador Guayaquil South Spencer Keables 2011
Ecuador Guayaquil South Adam Vuinovic 2011
Ecuador Guayaquil South Ellen Chamberlain 2011
Ecuador Guayaquil South Dana Glanzer 2011

Ecuador Guayaquil West Mission (LDS)

Ecuador Guayaquil West Mason Moore 2013
Ecuador Guayaquil West Bryce Eberhard 2013
Ecuador Guayaquil West Kelsey McKee 2013
Ecuador Guayaquil West Hermana Younce 2013
Ecuador Guayaquil West Sarah Dennis 2013
Ecuador Guayaquil West Sister Weller 2013
Ecuador Guayaquil West The Dennises 2013
Ecuador Guayaquil West Michael Costello 2013

Ecuador Quito Mission (LDS)

Ecuador Quito Eden Sanders 2013
Ecuador Quito Sister Norton 2013
Ecuador Quito Sarah Fischbuch 2013
Ecuador Quito Sister Waxman 2013
Ecuador Quito Sister Ellis 2013
Ecuador Quito Alex Gomez 2013
Ecuador Quito Mission Alumni 2013
Ecuador Quito Jason Wittwer 2013
Ecuador Quito Mario Thurber 2012
Ecuador Quito Jordan Thomas 2011
Ecuador Quito Alastair Ross 2013
Ecuador Quito Clark Poston 2012
Ecuador Quito Gabriela Jaramillo 2011
Ecuador Quito Kyle Itri 2012
Ecuador Quito Megan Holbrook 2013
Ecuador Quito Jaimee Flores 2012
Ecuador Quito Justin Caresia 2011
Ecuador Quito Logan Aitken 2012
Ecuador Quito The Curtises 2010
Ecuador Quito Evan Hamblin 2010
Ecuador Quito Joshua Lee 2013
Ecuador Quito Joshua Thomas 2013
Ecuador Quito Spencer Wallace 2012
Ecuador Quito The Sloans 2011

Ecuador Quito North Mission (LDS)

Ecuador Quito North Elder Bolton 2013
Ecuador Quito North Sister Harlos 2013
Ecuador Quito North Skylar Black 2013
Ecuador Quito North Sister Wright 2013
Ecuador Quito North Madison Dunne 2013
Ecuador Quito North Jacob Stank 2013
Ecuador Quito North Lauren Bowman 2013

El Salvador

El Salvador San Salvador Mission (LDS)

El Salvador San Salvador Jared Walton 2013
El Salvador San Salvador Brandon Steenhoek 2013
El Salvador San Salvador Jacob Rogers 2012
El Salvador San Salvador Connor Queen 2013
El Salvador San Salvador Michael Poyfair 2012
El Salvador San Salvador Tyler Golden 2013
El Salvador San Salvador Anthony Devito 2013
El Salvador San Salvador Ty Bingham 2013
El Salvador San Salvador Chad Albrechtsen 2013
El Salvador San Salvador Brad Richardson 2013
El Salvador San Salvador Christian Jacobsen 2013
El Salvador San Salvador Derrick Jorgensen 2013
El Salvador San Salvador Andrew Flake 2013
El Salvador San Salvador Joshua Vaughan 2013

El Salvador San Salvador East Mission (LDS)

El Salvador San Salvador East Parker Hudson 2010
El Salvador San Salvador East Brittany Jones 2011
El Salvador San Salvador East Jason Harvey 2012
El Salvador San Salvador East Alex Proksch 2011
El Salvador San Salvador East Nicholas Reid 2011
El Salvador San Salvador East Corey Day 2011
El Salvador San Salvador East Colin Price 2011

El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Mission (LDS)

El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Harrison Ward 2013
El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Joshua Tuck 2012
El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Trent Hardy 2012
El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Dylan Hammond 2012
El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Skyler Griffin 2013
El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Reed Gubernick 2013
El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Daniel McKenna 2013
El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Derek Sutton 2012
El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Lyndee Ahrendsen 2013
El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Alicia Thomas 2013
El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Kevin Lunt 2011
El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize The Pattees 2012
El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Samuel Schriever 2013
El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Elizabeth Peterson 2013
El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Sister Missionary 2012
El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Chris Bailey 2013
El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize The Davises 2013
El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Austin Ralphs 2013
El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Jason Richardson 2013
El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Kevin Lunt 2011
El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize David Arrington 2012
El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Kali Clark 2012
El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize Crystal Bush 2011


England Birmingham Mission (LDS)

England Birmingham Jessie Wengert 2013
England Birmingham Kyle Durrant 2012
England Birmingham The Tufts 2012
England Birmingham The Bodens 2013
England Birmingham Miranda Miller 2013
England Birmingham Casey Sorensen 2013
England Birmingham Tyler Wilson 2013
England Birmingham Luke Houghton 2013
England Birmingham Seth Poulsen 2013
England Birmingham Michael Barton 2013
England Birmingham David Doty 2013
England Birmingham Rylee Nelson 2013
England Birmingham The Rasmussens 2013
England Birmingham Christopher Prosman 2013
England Birmingham Tyler Nelson 2013
England Birmingham Brock Mathews 2012
England Birmingham Peter MacArthur 2013
England Birmingham Ryan Kerr 2013
England Birmingham Frazer Keir 2013
England Birmingham Kathryn Hanks 2013
England Birmingham Christian Hall 2013
England Birmingham Nathan Gardner 2013
England Birmingham Taylor Dahl 2012
England Birmingham Paulus Chardon 2013
England Birmingham Cassie Benson 2012
England Birmingham Tosca van Eeden 2011
England Birmingham Brice Anderson 2011
England Birmingham The Ogdens 2012

England Leeds Mission (LDS)

England Leeds Cole Mosley 2013
England Leeds Kathryn Smith 2011
England Leeds Alex Winder 2012
England Leeds Isaac Ivins 2013
England Leeds Gabriel Spencer 2012
England Leeds Sister Kuhn 2013
England Leeds Alexia Rawle 2013
England Leeds The Olsons 2013
England Leeds The Allens 2013
England Leeds The Wilsons 2013
England Leeds Allison Monroe 2013
England Leeds Elder Ressler 2013
England Leeds Hayley Burningham 2013
England Leeds Austin Wilkes 2013
England Leeds Thaddeus White 2013
England Leeds Alisha Scott 2013
England Leeds Joseph Orr 2013
England Leeds Andrew Jensen 2012
England Leeds Connor Jaeger 2013
England Leeds James Howard 2011
England Leeds Zachari Crandell 2011
England Leeds Davis Crabb 2013
England Leeds Spencer Burt 2013
England Leeds Kevin Ball 2013
England Leeds Brady Moore 2012
England Leeds Taylor Brown 2013
England Leeds Ali Stout 2012

England London Mission (LDS)

England London The Hales 2012
England London John Krebs 2012
England London Stuart Onychuk 2012
England London Abigail Cannon 2008
England London Lydia Vermeer 2012
England London Andy Larsen 2013
England London Marieke Bottema 2012
England London Megan Allred 2013
England London Jenn Olsen 2010
England London The Sills 2013
England London Chase Leavitt 2013
England London The Browns 2013
England London Casey Stevenson 2013
England London The Jordans 2013
England London The Fugals 2012
England London Janelle Freeman 2011
England London Calvin Juarez 2009
England London Mike Speksnijder 2011
England London Kade Karges 2010
England London Brighton Solomon 2013

England London South Mission (LDS)

England London South Kyle Beardall 2012
England London South Stewart Foster 2013
England London South Nathan McCook 2013
England London South Erica Ernenwein 2013
England London South The Beckstroms 2009
England London South Tanner Steed 2012
England London South Braiden Green 2013
England London South Kameron Dearing 2010
England London South Mary Stuart 2013
England London South Matthew Frederickson 2013
England London South Joseph Mecham 2013
England London South Devin Oviatt 2013
England London South The Millars 2013
England London South Terran Wehrman 2013
England London South Emese Mocza 2011
England London South Mark McCammon 2013
England London South Justine Jonutz 2012
England London South Kyle Johnson 2012
England London South Kenneth Hayes 2013
England London South Austin Dressman 2013
England London South Jonni Clark 2013
England London South Katie Willard 2012
England London South Garren Allred 2010
England London South Kyle Warner 2010

England Manchester Mission (LDS)

England Manchester Erika Martin 2013
England Manchester Justin Beard 2012
England Manchester Jade Gish 2013
England Manchester Ollie Jared Sapaden 2013
England Manchester Richard Cunningham 2012
England Manchester Nicholas Noad 2013
England Manchester Mike Butterfield 2013
England Manchester Terrence Taylor 2013
England Manchester Kate Lovell 2011
England Manchester Matthew Humpherys 2013
England Manchester Tannen Fawcett 2012
England Manchester Molly Davis 2012
England Manchester Cody Eliason 2012
England Manchester The Blains 2011
England Manchester Skyler Ford 2013
England Manchester Elder Pereira 2013
England Manchester Kara Tolman 2013
England Manchester Kimberly Haskins 2013
England Manchester Kevin Ballantyne 2012
England Manchester Ollie Kersey 2010


Finland Helsinki Mission (LDS)

Finland Helsinki The Soininens 2011
Finland Helsinki Austin Hamner 2011
Finland Helsinki The Frances 2012
Finland Helsinki Missionary Couple 2013
Finland Helsinki Caleb Anderton 2013
Finland Helsinki Jeremy Troff 2013
Finland Helsinki William Perry 2013
Finland Helsinki McKay Hansen 2013
Finland Helsinki Brian Behnke 2011
Finland Helsinki Thomas Nielsen 2011


Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission (LDS)

Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission Alumni 2013
Florida Fort Lauderdale Jeffrey Ostler 2011
Florida Fort Lauderdale Jordan Matau 2012
Florida Fort Lauderdale Sheredie Jackson 2013
Florida Fort Lauderdale Zac Hunter 2013
Florida Fort Lauderdale Kylie Holder 2012
Florida Fort Lauderdale Meryl Call 2010
Florida Fort Lauderdale Kelli Dougal 2013
Florida Fort Lauderdale The Dallings 2010
Florida Fort Lauderdale David Fullmer 2013
Florida Fort Lauderdale Colton Pond 2013
Florida Fort Lauderdale Christian Hoole 2013
Florida Fort Lauderdale The Hales 2011
Florida Fort Lauderdale Sammi Denson 2011
Florida Fort Lauderdale Matt Gillispie 2011
Florida Fort Lauderdale Jason Hardman 2012

Florida Jacksonville Mission (LDS)

Florida Jacksonville Mission Alumni 2013
Florida Jacksonville McKenzie Winward 2013
Florida Jacksonville Giselle Toledo 2013
Florida Jacksonville Kylie Major 2013
Florida Jacksonville Londel Lucas 2011
Florida Jacksonville Brandon Little 2013
Florida Jacksonville Jace Johnson 2011
Florida Jacksonville Haleigh Hafslund 2011
Florida Jacksonville Parker Grant 2012
Florida Jacksonville Dalan Buhler 2012
Florida Jacksonville Trevor Bass 2012
Florida Jacksonville Tyler Allison 2013
Florida Jacksonville Braden Cristofano 2012
Florida Jacksonville Nik Allred 2011
Florida Jacksonville Kevin Bodily 2013
Florida Jacksonville Joshua Cordon 2013
Florida Jacksonville Christine McCracken 2013
Florida Jacksonville Heidi Phelon 2013
Florida Jacksonville Robert Nielson 2012
Florida Jacksonville The Browns 2013
Florida Jacksonville Jeremy Johnson 2013
Florida Jacksonville Kyle Oglivie 2013
Florida Jacksonville Abbi Nunes 2013
Florida Jacksonville Hayden Greenlaw 2013
Florida Jacksonville Eric Moore 2013
Florida Jacksonville Garrett Bushman 2013
Florida Jacksonville Chelsea Prettyman 2011
Florida Jacksonville James Graham 2012
Florida Jacksonville Michael Johnson 2011
Florida Jacksonville Justin Failner 2011
Florida Jacksonville Chanelle Pedersen 2011
Florida Jacksonville The Barrys 2013
Florida Jacksonville Seth Blair 2011

Florida Orlando Mission (LDS)

Florida Orlando Mission Alumni 2013
Florida Orlando Trevor Snowden 2013
Florida Orlando Anna Elise Miller 2012
Florida Orlando Roger Machado 2010
Florida Orlando Reggie Lewis 2012
Florida Orlando Cameron Jensen 2013
Florida Orlando Cameron Bennett 2012
Florida Orlando Kevin Christiansen 2013
Florida Orlando Michael Nelson 2011
Florida Orlando The Nielsons 2013
Florida Orlando Treavor Green 2013
Florida Orlando Katie Kirkham 2013
Florida Orlando Lakesha Good 2013
Florida Orlando Aisha Ploth 2013
Florida Orlando The Berrys 2013
Florida Orlando Austin Engemann 2012
Florida Orlando The Halls 2013
Florida Orlando (ASL) Kris Ellsworth 2011

Florida Tallahassee Mission (LDS)

Florida Tallahassee Tyler Stroupe 2013
Florida Tallahassee Shawnee Slivers 2013
Florida Tallahassee Chase Hawker 2013
Florida Tallahassee Dallon Glick 2013
Florida Tallahassee Drake Fuhriman 2013
Florida Tallahassee Cole Brian 2011
Florida Tallahassee Jordan Bell 2012
Florida Tallahassee Lauren Holmoe 2013
Florida Tallahassee Brendon Foster 2013
Florida Tallahassee Alissa Short 2009
Florida Tallahassee Kelsie Whipple 2011
Florida Tallahassee Cory Fife 2013
Florida Tallahassee Laura Cooper 2013
Florida Tallahassee The Smiths 2013
Florida Tallahassee Kevin Smith 2013
Florida Tallahassee Bethany Alston 2011
Florida Tallahassee Regan Hansen 2009

Florida Tampa Mission (LDS)

Florida Tampa Mission Alumni 2011
Florida Tampa David Parady 2011
Florida Tampa Tasha Henderson 2013
Florida Tampa Daniel Durrant 2013
Florida Tampa Dallen Thomas 2013
Florida Tampa Jarom Petersen 2013
Florida Tampa Marisa Daines 2013
Florida Tampa Sharon Andersen 2013
Florida Tampa Rosalee Hafen 2013
Florida Tampa Bryson Davies 2013
Florida Tampa Morgan Lewis 2013
Florida Tampa The Coltons 2013
Florida Tampa Jason Smith 2011
Florida Tampa Trevor Meserve 2012
Florida Tampa Kyle Hughes 2011
Florida Tampa Colton Hickman 2011
Florida Tampa Andrew Hargan 2013
Florida Tampa Kasey Cowley 2011
Florida Tampa Brady Chambers 2013
Florida Tampa Trevor Clayton 2012
Florida Tampa Mitchell Casey 2013
Florida Tampa Deanna Behr 2013
Florida Tampa Nathan Ballash 2013
Florida Tampa Grace Thomas 2011
Florida Tampa Kade Bartschi 2012
Florida Tampa Todd Salmon 2011
Florida Tampa (Spanish) Hilary Vaughan-Schultz 2010


France Lyon Mission (LDS)

France Lyon Sister Everett 2013
France Lyon Jazmyn Hall!mission-blog/c43n 2013
France Lyon Melissa Smith 2013
France Lyon Kyle Brown 2012
France Lyon Nicholas Davis 2013
France Lyon Karissa Magleby 2013
France Lyon Victoria Beeny 2013
France Lyon Devan Rose 2013
France Lyon The Rutmans 2013
France Lyon Sister Jones 2013
France Lyon Alisa Hulme 2013
France Lyon Elder Russo 2013
France Lyon Amy Fortuna 2013
France Lyon Matthew Smith 2012
France Lyon Elder Crossman 2013
France Lyon Michelle Hoar 2013
France Lyon Erik Ioaniddis 2013
France Lyon Ryan Ferguson 2013
France Lyon Josh Kunzler 2013
France Lyon Mission 2013
France Lyon Cade Visser 2013
France Lyon Cole Thompson 2013
France Lyon Austin Larsen 2012
France Lyon Keith Jonutz 2011
France Lyon Matthew Jackson 2013
France Lyon Chad Hilburn 2013
France Lyon Justin Adams 2013

France Paris Mission (LDS)

France Paris Mission Alumni 2013
France Paris Elder Zysk 2011
France Paris Sister Wynn 2013
France Paris Sister Woyak 2011
France Paris Sister Wade 2013
France Paris Byron Terry 2012
France Paris Chandler Smith 2013
France Paris Devyn Smith 2013
France Paris Ethan Ruttan 2013
France Paris Joshua Platt 2013
France Paris Timothy Murdock 2012
France Paris Brian Mattson 2013
France Paris Steven Livingston 2012
France Paris Breea Linton 2013
France Paris Jordan Jones 2013
France Paris Tyler Johnson 2013
France Paris Ryan Horne 2011
France Paris Jon Paul Dykstra 2012
France Paris Michael Davis 2013
France Paris Daniel Cutler 2011
France Paris Hank Costner 2013
France Paris Bobby Cannon 2012
France Paris Linda Barton 2013
France Paris Joshua Allen 2013
France Paris Joshua Wood 2013
France Paris Josh Webber 2013
France Paris Jacob Simonson 2010
France Paris Matthew Meyers 2013
France Paris Lexi Bracken 2013
France Paris Austin Bradley 2013
France Paris Madeline Vance 2013
France Paris Kayleigh Johns 2013
France Paris Sister Jackson 2013
France Paris Megan Berge 2013
France Paris John Nelson 2013
France Paris Sister Judd 2013
France Paris Sister Chard 2013
France Paris Jordan Pearce 2011
France Paris Jason Christensen 2012
France Paris Chase Player 2013
France Paris Saul Marquez 2013
France Paris Elder Thomas 2013
France Paris Miles Adams 2013
France Paris Kimberly Jorgensen 2012
France Paris Gaelin Turney 2012
France Paris Lindsay Williams 2012
France Paris Camille Pobst 2011
France Paris Andrea McClaine 2010
France Paris Trevor Wilson 2012
France Paris Benjamin Coburn 2012
France Paris Taylor Smith 2012

France Toulouse Mission (LDS)

France Toulouse Elder Dorton 2012
France Toulouse Elder Nicholes 2010
France Toulouse Jennilyn Lake 2011
France Toulouse Bryson Tudor 2012
France Toulouse Eric Garlock 2012
France Toulouse Matthew Smith 2012
France Toulouse Taylor Pogue 2010


Georgia Atlanta Mission (LDS)

Georgia Atlanta Dallas Thompson 2013
Georgia Atlanta Nicole Privett 2013
Georgia Atlanta Anthony Morris 2012
Georgia Atlanta Austin Miller 2013
Georgia Atlanta Josh Freeman 2013
Georgia Atlanta Kolten Condie 2011
Georgia Atlanta Christopher Burt 2012
Georgia Atlanta Avery Miyahara 2013
Georgia Atlanta Sister Nielsen 2013
Georgia Atlanta Madison Anderson 2013
Georgia Atlanta Eric Nelson 2011
Georgia Atlanta Jace Weaver 2013
Georgia Atlanta Rebecca Crowe 2011
Georgia Atlanta Alex Edwards 2011
Georgia Atlanta (Spanish) Erick Delgado 2010
Georgia Atlanta (Spanish) Dallin Wood 2010

Georgia Atlanta North Mission (LDS)

Georgia Atlanta North Matt Rogers 2013
Georgia Atlanta North Levi Moulton 2013
Georgia Atlanta North Ashley Harris 2013
Georgia Atlanta North Spencer Eldredge 2013
Georgia Atlanta North Carson Cleverly 2013
Georgia Atlanta North Dylan Bushaw 2013
Georgia Atlanta North Riley Bronson 2013
Georgia Atlanta North Ryan Anderson 2011
Georgia Atlanta North Sister Beasley 2013
Georgia Atlanta North Daniel Grimm 2011
Georgia Atlanta North Brandon Vance 2013
Georgia Atlanta North Jordan Clark 2013
Georgia Atlanta North Sister Hamilton 2013
Georgia Atlanta North Casey Dickson 2013
Georgia Atlanta North Sister Adorable 2013
Georgia Atlanta North Ashley Nichole 2013
Georgia Atlanta North Garcia Valle 2013
Georgia Atlanta North The Connors 2013
Georgia Atlanta North Dannika Nielsen 2013
Georgia Atlanta North Sister Smith 2013
Georgia Atlanta North Craig Hughes 2011
Georgia Atlanta North Michael Caplin 2011

Georgia Macon Mission (LDS)

Georgia Macon Lauren Waddoups 2013
Georgia Macon Karely Madsen 2013
Georgia Macon Curtis Bullock 2008
Georgia Macon Mission Alumni 2011
Georgia Macon The Gowans 2013
Georgia Macon Benjamin Walker 2013
Georgia Macon Matt Meiling 2013
Georgia Macon The Hansens 2011
Georgia Macon Craig Saunders 2013
Georgia Macon Tanner Pittard 2013
Georgia Macon Zachary Lee 2011
Georgia Macon Hanah Johnson 2011


Alpine German-Speaking Mission (LDS)

Alpine German-Speaking Tyler Chapman 2013
Alpine German-Speaking Houston Bodily 2013
Alpine German-Speaking Andrew Terry 2013
Alpine German-Speaking Jessica Linford 2013
Alpine German-Speaking Sister Stewart 2013
Alpine German-Speaking Tanner Rodgers 2013
Alpine German-Speaking The Masons 2013
Alpine German-Speaking Gentry Phillips 2013
Alpine German-Speaking Andy Merkley 2013
Alpine German-Speaking Lillie Hammock 2013
Alpine German-Speaking Sister Henry 2013
Alpine German-Speaking Sister Fokken 2012
Alpine German-Speaking Sister Regnier 2013
Alpine German-Speaking Joshua Spencer 2013
Alpine German-Speaking Jalen Gibbons 2013
Alpine German-Speaking Chad Janis 2013
Alpine German-Speaking Devon Kinghorn 2013
Alpine German-Speaking Nathan Bartholomew 2013
Alpine German-Speaking Brendon Ronna 2012
Alpine German-Speaking Elder Pope 2013
Alpine German-Speaking Sister Pingree 2012
Alpine German-Speaking Tavan Parker 2013
Alpine German-Speaking Fabian Mueller 2013
Alpine German-Speaking Scott McClellan 2013
Alpine German-Speaking Cameron Jimenez 2013
Alpine German-Speaking Jason Jerman 2013
Alpine German-Speaking Ian Harris 2013
Alpine German-Speaking Jake Brose 2012
Alpine German-Speaking Eric Bond 2011
Alpine German-Speaking Gavin Asay 2011

Germany Berlin Mission (LDS)

Germany Berlin David Weixler 2011
Germany Berlin Kyson Smith 2012
Germany Berlin Kristen Odenwalder 2013
Germany Berlin Kevin Noorda 2013
Germany Berlin Brennan Mitchell 2013
Germany Berlin Carson Jenkins 2013
Germany Berlin Sarah DeGraw 2013
Germany Berlin Daniel Burnett 2013
Germany Berlin Brian Bingham 2013
Germany Berlin Seth Bangerter 2011
Germany Berlin Mason Duncan 2013
Germany Berlin Claire Woodward 2013
Germany Berlin Eric Gibson 2013
Germany Berlin The Pimentels 2012
Germany Berlin The Pimentels 2011
Germany Berlin The Franks 2013
Germany Berlin Chris Luening 2013
Germany Berlin Sister Missionary 2013
Germany Berlin Reese Rasband 2013
Germany Berlin Ariel Nell 2013
Germany Berlin Brandon Hays 2013
Germany Berlin Jordan Colledge 2013
Germany Berlin The Kosaks 2013
Germany Berlin Tasha Singer 2011
Germany Berlin Adam Ott 2012
Germany Berlin Grant Lingard 2010

Germany Frankfurt Mission (LDS)

Germany Frankfurt Colton Weeks 2013
Germany Frankfurt Sister Robison 2013
Germany Frankfurt Michael Richards 2013
Germany Frankfurt Sister Petersen 2013
Germany Frankfurt Keith Noorda 2013
Germany Frankfurt Jacob Muller 2013
Germany Frankfurt Timothy Meyer 2012
Germany Frankfurt Joshua Hulet 2013
Germany Frankfurt Mitchell Hall 2013
Germany Frankfurt Austin Fausnaught 2011
Germany Frankfurt Scott Chambers 2012
Germany Frankfurt Ashley Kingery 2013
Germany Frankfurt Sean Whitnah 2010
Germany Frankfurt Mary Leavitt 2013
Germany Frankfurt Elder Henderson 2013
Germany Frankfurt Elder Mayle 2012
Germany Frankfurt Nathan Garlick 2012
Germany Frankfurt Cameron McGinn 2013
Germany Frankfurt Elder Rock 2013
Germany Frankfurt Daniel Squires 2013
Germany Frankfurt Nicholas Emery 2013
Germany Frankfurt Mission 2013
Germany Frankfurt The Ences 2011
Germany Frankfurt Tyler Mayle 2012
Germany Frankfurt Kyle Merrill 2011
Germany Frankfurt Michael Bentz 2010
Germany Frankfurt Daniel Schuetz 2010

Germany Munich/Austria Mission (LDS)

Germany Munich/Austria Andrew Andersen 2010
Germany Munich/Austria The Toolsons 2010
Germany Munich/Austria Carla Carroll 2011


Ghana Accra Mission (LDS)

Ghana Accra Elder Jones 2013
Ghana Accra Colton Hurley 2013
Ghana Accra Elder Henderson 2012
Ghana Accra Elder Harris 2013
Ghana Accra Jason Christensen 2013
Ghana Accra Jimmy Bay 2013
Ghana Accra Elder Mann 2012
Ghana Accra Elder Moss 2013
Ghana Accra Elder Farnbach 2011
Ghana Accra The Averys 2013
Ghana Accra Gerritt Bradley 2012
Ghana Accra Elder Anderson 2012
Ghana Accra Ray Bateman 2013
Ghana Accra Dallin Littlefield 2013
Ghana Accra Missionary Couple 2013
Ghana Accra Kade Eppich 2013
Ghana Accra Bradford Doyle 2011
Ghana Accra Taylor Edwards 2012
Ghana Accra Samuel Beck 2010

Ghana Accra West Mission (LDS)

Ghana Accra West David Wylie 2013
Ghana Accra West Zach Nelson 2013
Ghana Accra West Marcus Moyer 2013
Ghana Accra West The Palmers 2013
Ghana Accra West Taylor Ray 2013
Ghana Accra West The Hills 2013
Ghana Accra West Ty Bowden 2013
Ghana Accra West Mitchell Thornhill 2013
Ghana Accra West Jordan Schmeltzer 2013

Ghana Cape Coast Mission (LDS)

Ghana Cape Coast Ryan Rasmussen 2013
Ghana Cape Coast Daniel Miskin 2013
Ghana Cape Coast Zack Rogers 2012
Ghana Cape Coast Elder Briggs 2012
Ghana Cape Coast Sammuel Kitchen 2013
Ghana Cape Coast Elder McGuire 2013
Ghana Cape Coast Ian Stats 2011
Ghana Cape Coast Elder Adair 2013
Ghana Cape Coast Trevor Walston 2013
Ghana Cape Coast Elder Doggett 2013
Ghana Cape Coast The Saunders 2011
Ghana Cape Coast Cody Randall 2012
Ghana Cape Coast Devon Brown 2013
Ghana Cape Coast Seku Holder 2013
Ghana Cape Coast The Shulzs 2013
Ghana Cape Coast Garrett Adams 2012
Ghana Cape Coast Andrew Harris 2011
Ghana Cape Coast Jesse Mackay 2011
Ghana Cape Coast Andrew Lehr 2011
Ghana Cape Coast Quinton Petersen 2010
Ghana Cape Coast Tylan Carton 2010

Ghana Kumasi Mission (LDS)

Ghana Kumasi Missionary Couple 2013
Ghana Kumasi Austin Williams 2013
Ghana Kumasi Joseph White 2013
Ghana Kumasi Jacob Reid 2013
Ghana Kumasi Elder Riddle 2013


Greece Athens Mission (LDS)

Greece Athens Elder Steeby 2011
Greece Athens The Ollertons 2011
Greece Athens The Christensens 2013
Greece Athens The Charles 2012
Greece Athens Eric Mortensen 2010


Guatemala Coban Mission (LDS)

Guatemala Guatemala Coban Jeffrey Stuart 2013
Guatemala Guatemala Coban The Spradlins 2013
Guatemala Guatemala Coban Sister Esquerra 2013
Guatemala Guatemala Coban Elder Llewelyn 2012
Guatemala Guatemala Coban Elder Clark 2013
Guatemala Guatemala Coban Elder Kumpf 2013
Guatemala Guatemala Coban Elder Call 2013

Guatemala Guatemala City Central Mission (LDS)

Guatemala Guatemala City Central Mission Alumni 2013
Guatemala Guatemala City Central Kasey Turner 2012
Guatemala Guatemala City Central Melissa Belnap 2013
Guatemala Guatemala City Central Samuel Musick 2011
Guatemala Guatemala City Central Ben Pearson 2012
Guatemala Guatemala City Central Sara Hansen 2013
Guatemala Guatemala City Central Tanner Hopkins 2013
Guatemala Guatemala City Central Mason Yates 2013
Guatemala Guatemala City Central The Baldwins 2011
Guatemala Guatemala City Central Joshua Udall 2012
Guatemala Guatemala City Central Sara Trevino 2011
Guatemala Guatemala City Central Marc Reynolds 2013
Guatemala Guatemala City Central Christopher Pierce 2011
Guatemala Guatemala City Central Austin O’Harra 2013
Guatemala Guatemala City Central Joshua Nelson 2013
Guatemala Guatemala City Central Douglas Jankowski 2011
Guatemala Guatemala City Central Cory Hale 2013
Guatemala Guatemala City Central Tyler Giles 2013
Guatemala Guatemala City Central Samuel Butler 2012
Guatemala Guatemala City Central Parker Breinholt 2012
Guatemala Guatemala City Central Race Davis 2012
Guatemala Guatemala City Central Austin Moorhouse 2011
Guatemala Guatemala City Central Samuel Musick 2011
Guatemala Guatemala City Central The Graffs 2010
Guatemala Guatemala City Central Destinee Park 2012

Guatemala Guatemala City North Mission (LDS)

Guatemala Guatemala City North Mission Alumni 2012
Guatemala Guatemala City North Sister Nielsen 2013
Guatemala Guatemala City North Jake Asdel 2013
Guatemala Guatemala City North Tanner Hughes 2013
Guatemala Guatemala City North Janina Lopez-Carrasco 2013
Guatemala Guatemala City North Erick Rowan 2012
Guatemala Guatemala City North Emma Medina 2013
Guatemala Guatemala City North Travis Dixon 2012
Guatemala Guatemala City North Kyle Proctor 2012
Guatemala Guatemala City North Jace Norton 2012
Guatemala Guatemala City North Andrew Bronson 2012
Guatemala Guatemala City North Jordan Smith 2012
Guatemala Guatemala City North Jared Fadel 2012
Guatemala Guatemala City North Eric Hexem 2012
Guatemala Guatemala City North Derek Jensen 2011
Guatemala Guatemala City North Tayler Larsen 2011
Guatemala Guatemala City North Whitney Robbins 2009
Guatemala Guatemala City North The Torres 2011

Guatemala Guatemala City South Mission (LDS)

Guatemala Guatemala City South Mission Alumni 2011
Guatemala Guatemala City South Elder See 2013
Guatemala Guatemala City South Nathan Walton 2013
Guatemala Guatemala City South Samuel Butler 2013
Guatemala Guatemala City South Cailey Gurule 2013
Guatemala Guatemala City South Nicholas Banks 2013
Guatemala Guatemala City South Allen Cox 2013
Guatemala Guatemala City South Jacob Rasmussen 2012
Guatemala Guatemala City South Chad Call 2013
Guatemala Guatemala City South Nicholas White 2013
Guatemala Guatemala City South Eric Layton 2013
Guatemala Guatemala City South Scott Knutson 2012
Guatemala Guatemala City South Austin Woodfield 2012
Guatemala Guatemala City South Austin McKell 2013
Guatemala Guatemala City South Skyler Hayes 2013
Guatemala Guatemala City South Jordan Fraughton 2013
Guatemala Guatemala City South Mason Eyre 2012
Guatemala Guatemala City South Jace Chambers 2011
Guatemala Guatemala City South Paul Oakey 2011
Guatemala Guatemala City South Seth Price 2011
Guatemala Guatemala City South Jennifer Keele 2010

Guatemala Quetzaltenango Mission (LDS)

Guatemala Quetzaltenango Mission Alumni 2013
Guatemala Quetzaltenango Bruce Hansen 2012
Guatemala Quetzaltenango Parker Jackson 2013
Guatemala Quetzaltenango Aaron Snow 2013
Guatemala Quetzaltenango Mark Burgess 2013
Guatemala Quetzaltenango Preston Tucker 2011
Guatemala Quetzaltenango Erin Nelson 2012
Guatemala Quetzaltenango Jessie Stephens 2013
Guatemala Quetzaltenango Jonathan Stuart 2013
Guatemala Quetzaltenango Erik Dalton 2013
Guatemala Quetzaltenango Andrew Westenskow 2013
Guatemala Quetzaltenango Soren Schmidt 2013
Guatemala Quetzaltenango Bryan Carter 2013
Guatemala Quetzaltenango Jakob Breinhold 2013
Guatemala Quetzaltenango Adam Morrow 2013
Guatemala Quetzaltenango Matthew Vaughn 2012
Guatemala Quetzaltenango Emily Olsen 2012
Guatemala Quetzaltenango Jacob McKell 2011
Guatemala Quetzaltenango Elder Crompton 2009
Guatemala Quetzaltenango Andrew Allison 2011
Guatemala Quetzaltenango Rick Bryce 2012
Guatemala Quetzaltenango David Bitner 2012
Guatemala Quetzaltenango Landon Crapo 2012

Guatemala Retalhuleu Mission (LDS)

Guatemala Retalhuleu Charlie Meyer 2013
Guatemala Retalhuleu Mackenzie Bontempo 2013
Guatemala Retalhuleu Natalie Merrill 2013
Guatemala Retalhuleu Shelby Willie 2012
Guatemala Retalhuleu Victoria Ison 2013
Guatemala Retalhuleu Kami Alston 2012
Guatemala Retalhuleu Collin Grant 2013
Guatemala Retalhuleu Barbara Argueta 2013
Guatemala Retalhuleu Justin Jacobson 2012
Guatemala Retalhuleu Cory Henderson 2013
Guatemala Retalhuleu Andrew Smith 2013
Guatemala Retalhuleu Jared Wilkinson 2013
Guatemala Retalhuleu Kylie Gilland 2012
Guatemala Retalhuleu Ty Russell 2013
Guatemala Retalhuleu Chase Jensen 2013
Guatemala Retalhuleu AnaLeece Nielsen 2013
Guatemala Retalhuleu Tanner Skousen 2013
Guatemala Retalhuleu Joseph Potter 2013
Guatemala Retalhuleu Chad McKay 2012
Guatemala Retalhuleu Jared Lancaster 2011
Guatemala Retalhuleu Daniel Keller 2013
Guatemala Retalhuleu Patrick Hutchinson 2013
Guatemala Retalhuleu Derek Holmstead 2013
Guatemala Retalhuleu Thomas Fleming 2013
Guatemala Retalhuleu Osiris Elvir 2011
Guatemala Retalhuleu Cameron Diebold 2013
Guatemala Retalhuleu Robert Daniels 2013
Guatemala Retalhuleu Brandon Marquis 2012


Hawaii BYU-Hawaii Mission (LDS)

Hawaii BYU-Hawaii The McKells 2011

Hawaii Honolulu Mission (LDS)

Hawaii Honolulu Couple Missionaries 2011
Hawaii Honolulu (Laie Temple V.C.) Annie Moyes 2013
Hawaii Honolulu (Polynesian C. C.) Brenda Woods 2013
Hawaii Honolulu Tyler Randall 2013
Hawaii Honolulu The Fowlers 2009
Hawaii Honolulu Beau Gardner 2013
Hawaii Honolulu Sophia Tateoka 2013
Hawaii Honolulu (Laie Temple- Sp.) Shayla Rowley 2013
Hawaii Honolulu Jared Brooksby 2013
Hawaii Honolulu Ashley Annen 2013
Hawaii Honolulu Brad Workman 2011
Hawaii Honolulu Aaron Tenney 2012
Hawaii Honolulu Jonathan Tenney 2013
Hawaii Honolulu Teague Sorenson 2012
Hawaii Honolulu Justin Pincock 2012
Hawaii Honolulu Melanie Parkin 2012
Hawaii Honolulu Aaron Ormiston 2013
Hawaii Honolulu Jeffrey Niemann 2013
Hawaii Honolulu Tyler Lunt 2011
Hawaii Honolulu Geoffrey Lodder 2012
Hawaii Honolulu Brady King 2013
Hawaii Honolulu Krystal Jones 2013
Hawaii Honolulu Devin Hatch 2013
Hawaii Honolulu Colby Garr 2013
Hawaii Honolulu The Eldredges 2012
Hawaii Honolulu Braden Donaldson 2012
Hawaii Honolulu Thomas Chapman 2012
Hawaii Honolulu Drew Carter 2012
Hawaii Honolulu Heather Broomhead 2013
Hawaii Honolulu Garrett Boyle 2013
Hawaii Honolulu The Fairbanks 2012
Hawaii Honolulu Ashli Stringer 2010
Hawaii Honolulu Zachary Hatch 2010
Hawaii Honolulu Jordan Garritson 2012
Hawaii Honolulu Flint Gardner 2012

Hawaii Laie Mission (LDS)

Hawaii Laie (Visitors’ Center) The McArthurs 2011

Hawaii Polynesian Cultural Center Mission (LDS)

Hawaii Polynesian Cultural Center The Wights 2012


Honduras Comayaguela Mission (LDS)

Honduras Comayaguela Mission Alumni 2013
Honduras Comayaguela India Parsons 2013
Honduras Comayaguela Spencer Paulson 2011
Honduras Comayaguela Linda Hendriksen 2013
Honduras Comayaguela Alexandra Smith 2011
Honduras Comayaguela Michelle Wagner 2013
Honduras Comayaguela David Gurr 2013
Honduras Comayaguela David Livingston 2013
Honduras Comayaguela Nick Brown 2013
Honduras Comayaguela Mariano Long 2013
Honduras Comayaguela Christopher Smith 2011
Honduras Comayaguela Jackson Lake 2013
Honduras Comayaguela Danny Harding 2013
Honduras Comayaguela Tyler Archibald 2013
Honduras Comayaguela Benjamin Zamora 2013
Honduras Comayaguela Christian Williams 2013
Honduras Comayaguela Steven Jamieson 2013
Honduras Comayaguela Tanner Holt 2012
Honduras Comayaguela Christopher Hogstrom 2011
Honduras Comayaguela Jason Corless 2012
Honduras Comayaguela Spencer Paulson 2011

Honduras San Pedro Sula Mission (LDS)

Honduras San Pedro Sula The Veirs 2013
Honduras San Pedro Sula Mission Alumni 2013
Honduras San Pedro Sula Adam Moffitt 2013
Honduras San Pedro Sula Elder Kaaihue 2011
Honduras San Pedro Sula Sister Sherman 2013
Honduras San Pedro Sula Travis Ward 2012
Honduras San Pedro Sula Mariah Flake 2013
Honduras San Pedro Sula Richard van Neck 2013
Honduras San Pedro Sula Austin Thompson 2012
Honduras San Pedro Sula Kody Stewart 2013
Honduras San Pedro Sula Elder Salcedo 2011
Honduras San Pedro Sula Joshua Reid 2013
Honduras San Pedro Sula Jordan Moore 2011
Honduras San Pedro Sula Jacob Johnson 2012
Honduras San Pedro Sula Austin Goddard 2012
Honduras San Pedro Sula Tyler Brimley 2013
Honduras San Pedro Sula Gary Bracken 2011
Honduras San Pedro Sula Jake Bergquist 2012

Honduras San Pedro Sula West Mission (LDS)

Honduras San Pedro Sula West Sister Harmon 2013
Honduras San Pedro Sula West Sister Robertson 2013
Honduras San Pedro Sula West Sister Grondel 2013
Honduras San Pedro Sula West Sister Johnson 2013

Honduras Tegucigalpa Mission (LDS)

Honduras Tegucigalpa Sister Flynn 2013
Honduras Tegucigalpa Braden Smith 2013
Honduras Tegucigalpa Tate Brinton 2010
Honduras Tegucigalpa Mission Alumni 2013
Honduras Tegucigalpa Nathan Jones 2012
Honduras Tegucigalpa Dayne Stone 2012
Honduras Tegucigalpa Anonymous 2012
Honduras Tegucigalpa Tyler Lawson 2013
Honduras Tegucigalpa Matthew Ward 2013
Honduras Tegucigalpa Jameson Osmond 2013
Honduras Tegucigalpa Aaron Edwards 2013
Honduras Tegucigalpa Mitchell Cizmas 2012
Honduras Tegucigalpa Colton Gardner 2012
Honduras Tegucigalpa Mitchell Beckstead 2011


Hungary Budapest Mission (LDS)

Hungary Budapest Sister Roderick 2011
Hungary Budapest Daniel Olsen 2012
Hungary Budapest Elder Lundeen 2011
Hungary Budapest Sister George 2011
Hungary Budapest The Colledges 2013
Hungary Budapest Christopher Clark 2012
Hungary Budapest Kyler Carlsen 2013
Hungary Budapest The Hulberts 2013
Hungary Budapest Megan Butterfield 2013
Hungary Budapest Krystal Suranyi 2013
Hungary Budapest Sister Kennedy 2013
Hungary Budapest Sister Fresh 2013
Hungary Budapest Jake Nelson 2013
Hungary Budapest Tiffany Johnson 2013
Hungary Budapest Michelle Curtin 2013
Hungary Budapest The Baileys 2012
Hungary Budapest The Baughmans 2010
Hungary Budapest Elder Alldredge 2013
Hungary Budapest Mission Office 2013
Hungary Budapest The Felsteds 2013
Hungary Budapest The Thompsons 2012
Hungary Budapest The Rollingsons 2011
Hungary Budapest The Haslems 2011
Hungary Budapest Steven Jackson 2012
Hungary Budapest Benjamin Nealy 2012
Hungary Budapest Kyle Murray 2011
Hungary Budapest Trevor Hansen 2011
Hungary Budapest Joshua Hosch 2011
Hungary Budapest Braden Anderson 2011
Hungary Budapest Robert Crouch 2010


Idaho Boise Mission (LDS)

Idaho Boise Mission Alumni 2013
Idaho Boise Jacob Lee 2012
Idaho Boise Breanne Metcalf 2013
Idaho Boise Elder Paxton 2011
Idaho Boise Sister Bishaw 2013
Idaho Boise Brant Bevell 2012
Idaho Boise Katie Musick 2010
Idaho Boise Nicholas Dees 2013
Idaho Boise Andrew Sewell 2012
Idaho Boise Jason Moore 2011
Idaho Boise Colby Larsen 2013
Idaho Boise Ammon Ilagan 2010
Idaho Boise Derek Arnoczky 2011

Idaho Nampa Mission (LDS)

Idaho Nampa Sister Baker 2013
Idaho Nampa Elder Mann 2013
Idaho Nampa Elder Stuver 2013
Idaho Nampa Lindsay Taylor 2013
Idaho Nampa Christopher Freeman 2013
Idaho Nampa The Masters 2013
Idaho Nampa Brigg Savage 2013

Idaho Pocatello Mission (LDS)

Idaho Pocatello Mission Alumni 2013
Idaho Pocatello Elder Walker 2011
Idaho Pocatello Elder Fischetti 2013
Idaho Pocatello Brooklyn Rodriguez 2013
Idaho Pocatello Sawyer Eldredge 2013
Idaho Pocatello Elder Bush 2013
Idaho Pocatello Elder Davies 2012
Idaho Pocatello Jordan Arrowchis 2013
Idaho Pocatello Sister Jacobson 2013
Idaho Pocatello Karai Keil 2013
Idaho Pocatello Carson Jones 2013
Idaho Pocatello Philip Horton 2012
Idaho Pocatello Bryan Holman 2012
Idaho Pocatello Ashley Halbison 2013
Idaho Pocatello Shane Drake 2011
Idaho Pocatello Eric Cheney 2012
Idaho Pocatello Robert Call 2011

Idaho Twin Falls Mission (LDS)

Idaho Twin Falls Elder Slavens 2013
Idaho Twin Falls Laura Nettles 2013
Idaho Twin Falls Kim Walker 2013
Idaho Twin Falls Aaron Macfarlane 2013
Idaho Twin Falls Brandon Hammett 2013


Illinois Chicago Mission (LDS)

Illinois Chicago Kathryn Pankretz 2012
Illinois Chicago Sister Creson 2012
Illinois Chicago Brady Anderson 2013
Illinois Chicago Mission Alumni 2013
Illinois Chicago Marlee Matta 2013
Illinois Chicago Whitney Wilkinson 2013
Illinois Chicago Sister Delis 2011
Illinois Chicago Elder Harrison 2011
Illinois Chicago Amanda Ostler 2012
Illinois Chicago Shane McQuarrie 2013
Illinois Chicago Sister Izu 2013
Illinois Chicago Shaelyn Brown 2013
Illinois Chicago Alison Hatch 2012
Illinois Chicago Jamie Spackman 2013
Illinois Chicago Krista Avance 2012

Illinois Chicago North Mission (LDS)

Illinois Chicago North The Bradfords 2011
Illinois Chicago North Mission Alumni 2013
Illinois Chicago North Elder Valdez 2011
Illinois Chicago North James Payne 2012
Illinois Chicago North Maren Jones 2011
Illinois Chicago North The Dolls 2011

Illinois Chicago South Mission (LDS)

Illinois Chicago South Elder VanWagenen 2011
Illinois Chicago South Derek Munoz 2012

Illinois Chicago West Mission (LDS)

Illinois Chicago West Aisha Henderson 2013
Illinois Chicago West Elder Pope 2013
Illinois Chicago West Peggy Maynes 2013
Illinois Chicago West Melanie Frisbie 2013
Illinois Chicago West Madison Jones 2013
Illinois Chicago West Sister Israelsen 2013
Illinois Chicago West Sister Barlow 2013
Illinois Chicago West Travis Herdt 2013
Illinois Chicago West Eishelle Whitney 2013
Illinois Chicago West Samuel Beckett 2013

Illinois Nauvoo Mission (LDS)

Illinois Nauvoo The Tucketts 2013
Illinois Nauvoo The Chynoweth 2013
Illinois Nauvoo The Knudsens 2013
Illinois Nauvoo Marcia Geilmann 2011
Illinois Nauvoo The Bashaws 2013
Illinois Nauvoo The Scotts 2013
Illinois Nauvoo Nauvoo Mission 2013
Illinois Nauvoo The Winklers 2013
Illinois Nauvoo Mission Alumni 2013
Illinois Nauvoo The Evans 2011
Illinois Nauvoo The Williams 2010
Illinois Nauvoo Marcia Geilmann 2011
Illinois Nauvoo Anne Bailey 2010
Illinois Nauvoo William Loveless 2012

Illinois Peoria Mission (LDS)

Illinois Peoria Mission Alumni 2013
Illinois Peoria Brady Hale 2011


India Bangalore Mission (LDS)

India Bangalore Trey Brimhall 2013
India Bangalore The McKinleys 2010
India Bangalore Reid Sorensen 2010
India Bangalore Adam Hollings 2013
India Bangalore Erik Madsen 2011
India Bangalore Jordan Rigby 2011
India Bangalore Devon Jenks 2010
India Bangalore David Aruldoss 2013
India Bangalore Ryan Head 2013
India Bangalore Joshua Tuscano 2010
India Bangalore Sanjeev Dusara 2013
India Bangalore Kade Worton 2011

India Hyderabad Mission (LDS)

India Hyderabad Kaden Barr 2010

India New Delhi Mission (LDS)

India New Delhi Anonymous 2012
India New Delhi The Sackleys 2013
India New Delhi The Stevens 2013
India New Delhi Jacob Green 2013
India New Delhi Jarom Montgomery 2011
India New Delhi Angel Kalra 2013


Iowa Des Moines Mission (LDS)

Iowa Des Moines Jeffrey Morain 2010
Iowa Des Moines Brady Hale 2011
Iowa Des Moines Elder Nelson 2013
Iowa Des Moines Chloe Murphy 2013
Iowa Des Moines Chelsea Madsen 2012
Iowa Des Moines Michael Kilpatrick 2013
Iowa Des Moines Dallin Carlson 2013
Iowa Des Moines Brett Brown 2013
Iowa Des Moines Zachary McKenzie 2013
Iowa Des Moines Hannah Whipple 2013
Iowa Des Moines Gage Bell 2013
Iowa Des Moines Thomas Kirton 2013
Iowa Des Moines Daniel Wadsworth 2013
Iowa Des Moines Sister Bricker 2013
Iowa Des Moines Jilyn Hepworth 2011
Iowa Des Moines Caitlyn Murphy 2010
Iowa Des Moines Skyler Evans 2011
Iowa Des Moines Brendan Cooper 2011
Iowa Des Moines Glen Clarke 2010


Italy Catania Mission (LDS)

Italy Catania The Crawfords 2011
Italy Catania Ray Banks 2011
Italy Catania Elder Mathis 2008

Italy Milan Mission (LDS)

Italy Milan Drew Warren 2011
Italy Milan Elder VanAuker 2012
Italy Milan Emily Stewart 2013
Italy Milan Brian Parker 2012
Italy Milan Joshua Matau 2013
Italy Milan Benjamin Horrocks 2013
Italy Milan Sister Hoffman 2013
Italy Milan Matthew Gammel 2012
Italy Milan Craig DeVincent 2013
Italy Milan Jacob Barney 2012
Italy Milan Kyle Anderson 2012
Italy Milan Sister Alexander 2011
Italy Milan The Lisonbees 2011
Italy Milan Emma Katherine 2013
Italy Milan Jessica Van Alfen 2013
Italy Milan Sister Carlock 2013
Italy Milan Elder Burton 2013
Italy Milan Sister Caricato 2007
Italy Milan Sister Carter 2013
Italy Milan Sister Bennett 2013
Italy Milan Sister Missionary 2013
Italy Milan Sister Gilette 2013
Italy Milan Andrew Benson 2013
Italy Milan The Cleggs- Alumni 2010
Italy Milan Mission Alumni 2013
Italy Milan Sister Baer 2013
Italy Milan Elder Scheurn 2013
Italy Milan Sister Ervin 2013
Italy Milan Benjamin Treadway 2013
Italy Milan Elder Barnes 2012
Italy Milan Elder Edwards 2013
Italy Milan Jeremy Luening 2013
Italy Milan Mission Alumni 2013
Italy Milan Mission Office 2013
Italy Milan Sister Willis 2013
Italy Milan Frederique Carroll 2010
Italy Milan Robert Bona 2012
Italy Milan Benjamin Jolley 2012

Italy Rome Mission (LDS)

Italy Rome Houston Wright 2011
Italy Rome Elder Sturges 2011
Italy Rome Jared Stewart 2013
Italy Rome Kelton Schertz 2012
Italy Rome Samantha Perkins 2013
Italy Rome Brandon Lemmon 2013
Italy Rome Elder Koozer 2011
Italy Rome Christopher Hughes 2012
Italy Rome Bret Hansen 2013
Italy Rome Mandy Foote 2011
Italy Rome Jordan Davis 2011
Italy Rome Sister Wightman 2013
Italy Rome Elder Ginolfi 2013
Italy Rome Regan Smith 2013
Italy Rome Nathan Eads 2013
Italy Rome The Roberts 2013
Italy Rome The Steurers 2013
Italy Rome Brittany Bair 2013
Italy Rome Dallin Layton 2013
Italy Rome Clay Lacey 2013
Italy Rome The Waddoups 2013
Italy Rome The Kellys 2013
Italy Rome Craig Jones 2013
Italy Rome Corey Cherrington 2013
Italy Rome Nathan Turner 2013
Italy Rome The Scherbels 2013
Italy Rome The Marcuccis’s 2011
Italy Rome Caitlin Askew 2011
Italy Rome Carly Chambers 2011
Italy Rome Nerina Urban 2011
Italy Rome Caleb Larsen 2012
Italy Rome Jacob Parry 2012
Italy Rome Ray Banks 2011
Italy Rome Brent Hansen 2011

Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast Abidjan Mission (LDS)

Ivory Coast Abidjan Mission Alumni 2013
Ivory Coast Abidjan Shane Kitchen 2011
Ivory Coast Abidjan The Leavitts 2010
Ivory Coast Abidjan Elder Call 2010
Ivory Coast Abidjan Cameron Halvorsen 2011
Ivory Coast Abidjan The Blacks 2009
Ivory Coast Abidjan David Browning 2012
Ivory Coast Abidjan Sam Bertoch 2011


Jamaica Kingston Mission (LDS)

Jamaica Kingston Logan Wilson 2011
Jamaica Kingston Elder Snelson 2012
Jamaica Kingston Adam Creager 2013
Jamaica Kingston Nikelle Bezzant 2012
Jamaica Kingston Christopher Adamson 2013
Jamaica Kingston Vance King 2013
Jamaica Kingston Mission Alumni 2008
Jamaica Kingston Sister Pitt 2013
Jamaica Kingston Elder Nugent 2013
Jamaica Kingston Colton Harris 2013
Jamaica Kingston Sister Payne 2011
Jamaica Kingston The Murdocks 2013
Jamaica Kingston Daniel Pullan 2013
Jamaica Kingston Elder Fietkau 2013
Jamaica Kingston Jackson Romney 2013
Jamaica Kingston The Smiths 2012
Jamaica Kingston Sister Christiansen 2013
Jamaica Kingston The Pugmires 2013
Jamaica Kingston Elder Talbert 2011
Jamaica Kingston John McCready 2013
Jamaica Kingston Dustan Kraus 2012
Jamaica Kingston Jacob Clark 2011
Jamaica Kingston The Andersens 2011
Jamaica Kingston The Sorensens 2011


Japan Fukuoka Mission (LDS)

Japan Fukuoka Mission Alumni 2012
Japan Fukuoka Dallin Woodward 2012
Japan Fukuoka Jordan Wood 2013
Japan Fukuoka Miguel Villalobos 2012
Japan Fukuoka Meghan Stirling 2013
Japan Fukuoka Michael Montes de Oca 2012
Japan Fukuoka Nathan Fontanet 2012
Japan Fukuoka Jeremy Rees 2013
Japan Fukuoka Michael Peterson 2000
Japan Fukuoka The Arnells 2011
Japan Fukuoka Bryce Capener 2013
Japan Fukuoka Heidi Lewis 2013
Japan Fukuoka Carlie Eddy 2012
Japan Fukuoka Victoria Roberts 2013
Japan Fukuoka Samuel McConnell 2012
Japan Fukuoka The Christensens 2012
Japan Fukuoka Lucy Tingey 2012
Japan Fukuoka Joseph Gandy 2013
Japan Fukuoka Bronte Baird 2013
Japan Fukuoka Katelyn Sharp 2013
Japan Fukuoka The Margetts 2010
Japan Fukuoka Tia Johnson 2011
Japan Fukuoka Sarah Lemmon 2011
Japan Fukuoka Robert Gregory 2011
Japan Fukuoka Kyle Stubbs 2011

Japan Hiroshima Mission (LDS)

Japan Hiroshima Elder 2001

Japan Kobe Mission (LDS)

Japan Kobe Mission Alumni 2013
Japan Kobe Stephanie Shelton 2013
Japan Kobe Trevor O’Reilly 2013
Japan Kobe William Sheehan 2012
Japan Kobe Jena Anderson 2013
Japan Kobe Kyle Hutchings 2013
Japan Kobe Jordan Casper 2013
Japan Kobe The Zinkes 2013
Japan Kobe The Zinkes 2013
Japan Kobe Ty Vilchis 2012
Japan Kobe Alexander Smart 2013
Japan Kobe Priddis Family 2011
Japan Kobe Yuki Lofthouse 2013
Japan Kobe Kent Johnson 2011
Japan Kobe Jackson Healey 2013
Japan Kobe Zachary Hayward 2013
Japan Kobe Jessica Escalante 2011
Japan Kobe Jared Escalante 2010
Japan Kobe Jason Boice 2013
Japan Kobe Rilee Belnap 2012
Japan Kobe Isaac Swift 2012
Japan Kobe Rex Saito 2012
Japan Kobe Marcus Horton 2012
Japan Kobe Aaron Starks 2011
Japan Kobe Cameron Homer 2011
Japan Kobe The Mcintyres 2011

Japan Nagoya Mission (LDS)

Japan Nagoya Mission Alumni 2013
Japan Nagoya Alexander Fuller 2008
Japan Nagoya Amy Crofts 2013
Japan Nagoya Adam Voss 2012
Japan Nagoya Teles Grilo 2013
Japan Nagoya Evan Parry</