LDS Mobile App: Inspired Questions – For Missionaries

Can young men and women really be ready to serve at 18 and 19?  There’s an App for that!


In response to the announcement by President Monson that missionaries would be eligible to serve at younger ages, a Priest Quorum and their adviser from Connell, WA developed an iPhone/iPad app that would help them get ready.

The app is called Inspired Questions- For Missionaries and it consists of 100 important questions that missionaries need experience expressing themselves about.  Prospective missionaries from all over the world are using it as a journaling tool and study help.  The app has social media features that allow families, quorums and friends to share their favorite Inspired Questions and their responses via Facebook, Messaging, E-mail and Twitter.

The app is FREE on the App Store.

You can learn more about the app at

*Article contributed by Dave Specht.

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