Christian Poem Response To The 2016 Presidential Election


Here’s my Christian poem response to the 2016 Presidential Election:

“There’s a fight going on
Not between you and me.
It’s a fight against evil, you see.
For at the heart of success
Is a heart that is good
A heart who does hard things
Whenever it should.
For success is not
In power or money
To redefine it as such
Is not even funny.
For success comes
From a power within
A power that comes
If there isn’t the sin.
A power more great
Than powers on Earth.
A power that lifts and gives birth.
For life is not ours
And good’s not our choice.
It’s always the same
No matter our voice.
We know the book
And we know the story
Eventually good will end
In heavenly glory.
But before that time comes
Men’s love will wax cold
And principles held
Will be rebranded as old.
For the new ways will seem
As a brightening day
Of peace and prosperity
At least that’s what they’ll say.
But whether the twilight
Is of dusk or of dawn
A crowd who does evil
Is always in wrong.
For right is as clear
As the sun in the sky
But wrong is uncertain,
We don’t always know why.
The end that one gives
Never justifies the wrong
If this wasn’t the case
I wouldn’t have written this song.
For at the core of every wrong
Is intent that is “good”
To make a wrong right
Just like it should.
For to use a little evil
To make a wrong right
Is to justify behavior,
No matter it’s sight.
It’s thinking like this
That’s deceived nations past
The sort of nations
That never will last.
For evil behavior
Is never the way
To peace, love and joy,
No matter what they say.
For evil breeds hate,
Distrust and scorn
It breeds contention
Replaces love with porn.
It governs by fear
And controls with force
It calls for unity
No matter the course.
And those who oppose it
Are shunned and despised
For people who stand upright
Are painted with crossed eyes.
I write this poem now
As a warning at length
That evil is still evil
No matter it’s strength.”

One thought on “Christian Poem Response To The 2016 Presidential Election

  • This has so many good thoughts, virtually none of which is merely LDS. I would like to see a less divisive title for a poem that celebrates these principles, not one creed. One of our candidates in the election, a good man, emphasized the inclusiveness of the good project, both in purpose and of those fulfilling the purpose.

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