LDS Sister Missionaries In Michigan Save Neighbors’ Lives

Sister Missionaries in the Michigan helped save about 20 neighbors from a deadly poison this week. Watch the Fox news story here:

On Sunday morning Sister Adams and Sister Rambert were awoken by their carbon monoxide detector alarm going off. After calling 911 the Sisters went door to door alerting their neighbors of the Carbon Monoxide leak.

When firefighters appeared on the scene the carbon monoxide levels were at about 100 parts per million- enough to be dangerous to human health. Everyone survived, but several of the younger and older residents were taken away by ambulance and put on oxygen.

Read more of the story here.

*Access resources about the Michigan Detroit Mission.

One thought on “LDS Sister Missionaries In Michigan Save Neighbors’ Lives

  • They are here not just to save physical lives . . . they are here to save spiritual lives so that death will have no effect, and those that believe in Jesus Christ, repent, and join him in the matter he said you should, will gain eternal lives.

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