Coming Soon: The “Prepare to Serve” Of Healthcare!

A few weeks ago I began the journey to create the “Prepare to Serve” of healthcare- It’s called “Lifey Health“.

A brief introduction to Lifey

As you may have read on our about page, I started the Prepare to Serve website/YouTube channel about four years ago, when I felt impressed to create it. At the time it was a huge leap of faith for my wife Rebecca and I. We decided I’d quit my job and we’d give Prepare to Serve our full efforts- even if it meant failing.

Since that decision four years ago, we’ve witnessed tons of tender mercies which have enabled us to find success, and be able to create free resources to benefit missionaries and their families, while still make enough income to put bread on the table.

Recently we’ve felt inspired to do more- we want so much to serve the world at large and feel Lifey is our opportunity to do that. The basic idea is to do what we did with Prepare to Serve, but for many other verticals or niches. So, while Prepare to Serve connects returned missionaries with pre-missionaries, Lifey Health will connect experienced patients, with recently diagnosed patients of the same health condition.

So what, right?

There are already tons of forums and blogs about health conditions- so why create another resource? My answer is simple- because I feel inspired to, and I believe the resources out there are insufficient. There are several resources I wish existed that don’t yet exist in the world of healthcare, and so I’m setting out to create them.

Resources Coming Soon on Lifey Health

The basic idea behind Lifey Health is to enable you to browse 100s of health conditions and have easy access to dozens of people sharing personal experiences and insights relative to the health condition- primarily via written surveys and video interviews (not dissimilar to the video interviews we do with returned missionaries). The surveys and interviews will address topics such as: symptoms, causes, treatments, surgery stories, pain relief, recommendations, encouragement, helpful resources, etc.

Aside from surveys and video interviews, we will also compile blogs, support groups and other resources that already exist. The idea is to have one power page for every medical condition where you can access hours of free resources to help you learn everything you’d want to about any medical condition.

Instead of having a single expert’s curated opinion about a health condition, you will have access to dozens of firsthand accounts from regular people like you and me, who have lived the condition, and not merely studied it. In some cases you could reason that a person who has lived with leukemia for a decade is more of an expert on leukemia than a doctor who only studies leukemia, because that one person has likely consulted with several doctors and spent countless hours researching, and living with the disease. Instead of presenting an expert’s conclusions, we will give you access to first hand accounts and let you draw your own conclusions.

Anyways, stay tuned..a lot of cool resources will be created this year!

If you’re willing to complete a survey about a medical condition you’ve had, or participate in a video interview about a health condition you’ve had, feel free to email me at



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