Loving Those We Serve: The Extent to Which We Should Love

In Moses 7, we learn that God can weep over His children. When Enoch sees this, he asks how is it that God can weep, seeing that God is from all Eternity to all Eternity? However, God can weep. In the LDS church, we know that God has compassion on His children. We know God as a movable mover, or a Being that can be moved by His creations. Most of Christianity believes in an unmovable mover, or a God who just moves things, but is unaffected by His creations. In the book “The God Who Weeps,” this idea is further developed. But why did God cry during this chapter in the Book of Moses?

God gives four reasons as to why He weeps: God created man and gave him knowledge and agency; they received two commandments, which are to love one another and serve God; mankind had becomes without affection and they hate their own blood; and there “had never been such wickedness” in the creations. God loves His children; He loves His creations. To see them use their agency in such a manner as to hurt and destroy one another caused Him great sorrow, because He truly cares for them and their well-being. We know that God loves all of His children with a perfect love. As we strive to be the best missionaries we can be, shouldn’t we try to do the same?

As missionaries, we have been called to teach the principles of the gospel to all those around us. We have also been called to serve them. We cannot fully serve them without first loving them. Christ’s commandment to His apostles before performing the Atonement was this: Love one another; even as I have loved you, love one another. The commandment given before this one in regards to loving others was simply this: Love one another as yourself. However, there are many people who do not love themselves, or have a hindered ability to love themselves. Because we know all of our own sins and short-comings, it can sometimes be hard to fully love ourselves. Thus the need for this second commandment, of loving others, not as we love ourselves, but as Christ loves us. “As I have loved you, love one another.”

How much does Christ love us? He loved us enough to lay down His own life for us, to suffer unbearable agonies for us. He did everything for us, even though He didn’t have to. He used His agency to choose to become our Savior. He willingly took upon Himself this task; it wasn’t thrust or forced upon Him. This is the type of love that Christ has for us. This is the type of love that God has for us. And this is the type of love that we have been commanded to show and give unto others.

Going back to the example at the beginning: God weeps over His children when they choose what is wrong. Shouldn’t we do the same? Elder Jeffery R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve says, “What should we do when we learn that the investigator hasn’t read and prayed about the Book of Mormon? Be devastated!” We should be devastated when our investigators aren’t progressing, or keeping their commitments. Why? Because it is only by doing these things that they can enter into the Celestial Kingdom, and be eternally happy. That is the kind of life God wants for them, and we should feel no different. We are out serving a mission for others. Our whole mission goal is centered around other’s lives and their happiness, not our own. We should feel intense joy when our investigators do what we have asked, and intense sorrow when they have not, because it is only harming themselves when they don’t keep our commitments.

As missionaries, if we are to truly teach by the Spirit, we need the Spirit to be our constant companion. And one of the ways we can do this is becoming more like Christ, our Savior. The Savior always had the Spirit with Him, so it stands to reason that if we do as He did, then we will have the same. Becoming like the Savior includes loving others as much as He did. As our love increases for those we serve, so will our capacity to help them and lead them to the path that leads to Eternal life. It’s an upward spiraling cycle: as we become more Christ like in our love, we are better able to help others come unto Christ, which will then boost our faith in the Savior and continue to help us become more like Him.

Let us always remember the love that Jesus had for us, and that He still continues to have for everyone. He is not an unmovable mover; He cares for us and wants us to be happy and do well in this life. He wants us to become great missionaries, and with His help and His love, we truly can.

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