20 Funny & Crazy Stories From Mexico City Missionaries

If you served in Mexico City, you know there are some crazy and funny things that happen some times. Here’s a collection of some of the best stories from returned LDS missionaries who served in a Mexico City Mission.

Crazy Missionary Stories

  • Once, there was an earthquake (a small one) at night, and that was pretty scary because we lived on the 5th floor of an apartment complex and it was shaking like crazy. Also, there was this one crazy thing that happened, and ended up being a miracle. We were in a 2-story internet cafe on Preparation Day writing to our families, and a boy had climbed up on the roof and was messing around. He accidentally touched one of the telephone wires, and got electrocuted and thrown from the top of the building. But he survived! And we witnessed the whole thing. Crazy. (Leksi, Mexico City North Mission)
  • A guy pulled a gun on my companion and I. We ran. (William, Mexico City North Mission)
  • My companion and I were heading back to an area after Zone conference and were riding on a camion or (bus) and a person jumped on after us and a horrible feeling entered the vehicle and we noticed and felt he was prepared with weapons to assault and rob the bus. We quickly got off and took the next bus that came by. A little while later, we found out that that person did indeed rob the bus. We are ever grateful for the guidance of the Holy Ghost that shouted to us to get off. (Jeremy, Mexico City North Mission)
  • Walking down a road in Mexico City. Residential area. I hear something like a flag snapping in the wind but something really fast goes over our heads. I had been out about 1 year and this was my first week in Mexico City (up to this point I had been outside the city). So I ask my companion what was the noise. He calmly states it was a bullet. As we continued calmly along the street. At this point, I’m a little agitated. “Um shouldn’t we run, or something?” “No, it just encourages them to shoot more” was the reply. We do take the first corner available, but just kept walking like we were. Was just crazy. (Kris, Mexico City South Mission)
  • Me and my companion somehow ended up on the top of a mountain looking for someone’s house. All of a sudden out of nowhere comes this very drunk man with a gun in his hand. We ran as fast as we could and escaped. (Karen, Mexico City West Mission)
  • We almost got struck by lightning during a crazy electrical storm, it struck the ground only a couple yards away from us. (Jackie, Mexico City West Mission)
  • One Preparation Day we went to hike on a mountain (well, volcano really) to see some waterfalls. On our way down the trail, after we had already gotten to the waterfalls, two guys pulled machetes out of their backpacks and robbed us. Luckily they just took our stuff and left without hurting us. I also got lucky because I had nothing to rob that day, so I actually didn’t lose anything. (Garrett, Mexico City Chalco Mission)
  • Companion almost hit by a train, the area was the worst part of Mexico City. (Seth, Mexico City East Mission)
  • Breathing the air is dangerous I think. The people are nice. There are lots of drunks and drug addicts on the street but they don’t do much except talk to you. I have been followed by some people in a car for a while but we didn’t get kidnapped, so that’s good. (Ryan, Mexico City Northwest Mission)
  • Getting jumped in broad daylight on a busy main street while my companion took off running. (Steve, Mexico City South Mission)
  • When I almost got hit by a car after getting off a bus. (Cameron, Mexico City South Mission)

Funny Missionary Stories

  • I got to train a new Elder from the USA. He was fast tracked through MTC as he already knew Spanish fairly well. So he came very confident in himself. One of our first lunches or dinners (can’t remember exactly) the sister gave us the food but put chillies on the side as she knew he was new and didn’t want the food to be too spicy. Always so thoughtful, I love those people. I had been in Mexico over a year and was fairly accustomed and enjoyed the flavor so I proceeded to add chilies. Not wanting to be outdone and very confident in himself, he proceeded to also add the hot, but even more than me. I warned him to go slower with hot, give himself time to adjust, but he insisted he could take it. What is it they say “pride comes before the fall”.  (Kris, Mexico City South Mission)
  • I was walking on the street with my companion on the way to lunch and I stepped on the lid of a man hole that wasn’t completely set right and the lid doubled over I fell right in the man hole. (Karen, Mexico City West Mission)
  • It was raining hard and I tried jumping over a gutter full of water and I fell in front of everyone in the middle of a busy town. (Jackie, Mexico City West Mission)
  • On my first day in the mission we went to eat with a family. The first thing they gave us was sopa which looked white. Now, I didn’t know what sopa meant so I thought, humm maybe it means soap- I mean it looks white and it kind of looks like soap. So I was about to put my hands into it to wash them and luckily right then my companion saved me because he started to eat his. So I realized what it was actually and funny thing is that sopa actually just means soup. (Garrett, Mexico City Chalco Mission)
  • Trying to find homes without addresses. (Seth, Mexico City East Mission)
  • There were a lot of funny experiences with slips of the tongue, or word/language mix-ups. But one of the funniest experiences I had on my mission was when my companion and I contacted a man in the street who was so excited to meet with us. We went and taught him the Restoration, and he was accepting all of it! When we invited him to be baptized though…he said he was already baptized. We assumed he meant he was baptized as a baby, as are most Mexicans, but as he expounded, he told us that two Mormon Elders had baptized him a couple of years back, but that he doesn’t consider himself a member of The Church anymore. WHAT!?!?!? We had asked him lots of questions at the beginning to find out his religious background, and somehow that didn’t come up? My companion and I laughed all the way home. (Leksi, Mexico City North Mission)
  • Trying to fill the font for a baptism when the hot water pump broke down. We had to fill it up with buckets of cold water by hand. (Daniel, Mexico City North Mission)
  • Eating fried chapulinas on the bus with my companion. (William, Mexico City North Mission)
  • We had three “Guard” dogs named, chookies, rolies, and . Every day when we left our apartment, they were outside waiting for us and would follow us the entire day as we walked around the area working. On many occasions, we would be teaching a lesson and the dogs would sneak into the house of and just sit down during the middle of the lesson. As well,  as one day I was speaking in Sacrament meeting and halfway through my talk the three guardian angel dogs slipped in the side door and started running up to me. haha (Jeremy, Mexico City North Mission)
  • When the baptismal font had bugs in it, so I rolled up my pants and went in there with a bucket to fish them out. (Cameron, Mexico City South Mission)

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