New LDS Missionary Clothing Guidelines

The LDS Church announced new clothing guidelines for LDS Missionaries.  Here are a few changes to clothing guidelines for missionaries.

New Clothing Guidelines for LDS Missionaries

  • Elders may wear lighter-colored suits.
  • Elders may wear lighter-colored pants/slacks.
  • Elders may wear ties of more vibrant colors- such as pink and pastel-colored ties.
  • In some missions, missionaries are allowed to wear closed-toe sandals.
  • Elders are not required to wear suit coats during their daily missionary routine.

General LDS Missionary Clothing Guidelines

  • “Wear professional, conservative clothing that is consistent with your sacred calling and that will clearly identify you as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.” – LDS Missionary Website
  • “You should strive to look your best. Be neat and clean. Keep your clothes clean, mended, and pressed. Do not wear clothing that is casual, wrinkled, or sloppy.” – LDS Missionary Website
  • During exercise and physical service activities, “Do not wear clothing with slogans or logos that are not consistent with your calling as a missionary. ” – LDS Missionary Website

Online Reactions to New Missionary Clothing Guidelines

  • “It seems there are very little restrictions on the Sisters clothing other than being modest. The make up is a bit restricted as well as hair coloring. I believe they’ve become a little too flashy at times.” – Mike
  • “Cool. Glad they are updating! Dark suits have connotations in some countries (ie mob ties, federal officials, etc). We want the missionaries to look professional, yet approachable. Yay!” – Bacan
  • “This is a good idea. When I served in WA and would go on the Indian Reservations a lot of people thought we were from the government and would be terrified of us. Or maybe they were just terrified of Missionaries…haha Either way this is a good idea, I know my friend in Russia always seemed to get into some problems when walking the streets in a dark suite and tie.” – Gladware

Mission-Specific Clothing Guidelines

  • Mission Presidents can choose to prohibit certain clothing for missionaries in their mission, according to their discretion.
  • As stated above, only some LDS Missions (where it is appropriate for the climate and culture) allow missionaries to wear closed-toe sandals.

While The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has given Elders more choices for their slacks and suits, the majority of clothing guidelines remain the same.  The overall purpose for missionary clothing guidelines remains the same- to help missionaries appropriately represent the Savior and not distract from the sacred message they carry.

For more information visit the LDS Church’s Official Missionary Dress and Grooming Website.

*Featured image from Grooming Website.

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