New Edition of LDS Standard Works

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced it finished an eight-year project to update and adjust chapter headings, footnotes and scripture study aids. The updated version of the scriptures can be accessed on for free.  Referring to the new edition of scriptures, Elder Neil L. Andersen said

“This new edition incorporates adjustments that will be a blessing to church members for years to come, but members should not feel that they need to purchase a new set of scriptures, particularly since all of the adjustments are available in digital formats at no cost.”

Here is a list of some of the changes made in the new edition of LDS scriptures.

Info about new changes in LDS Scriptures

  • About 99% of the changes made were to study helps, not the scripture text itself.
  • Many of the updates came as a result of new research with the Joseph Smith Papers.
  • In Doctrine and Covenants 39 and 40 James Covill was referred to as a Baptist Preacher, new research revealed that James’ last name was spelled “Covel,” and that he was a Methodist Preacher.
  • Some spelling changes include: aul–>awl, bason–>basin, lunatick–>lunatic
  • Some hyphens were removed out of words, like “fir-trees”
  • Some adjustments were made to the headings of Doctrine and Covenants 76.
  • The “house,” in House of Israel was made lowercase on The Book of Mormon title page.
  • Introductions were added to Official Declaration 1 and Official Declaration 2 to provide more context.

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