New “Sister Training Leader” LDS missionary role

In response to the dramatic increase of Sister missionaries leaving to serve full-time missions, the LDS Church announced Friday it will create a new leadership role for LDS Sister Missionaries.

Sisters called to serve as “Sister Training Leaders,” will be responsible for training and caring for Sisters they oversee.  Sister Training Leaders will also attend a Mission Leadership Council (new- replaces the Zone Leader Council) with the Mission President, his wife, assistants to the President and Zone Leaders.

The Executive Director of the Missionary Department, Elder David F. Evans said “We are very excited about the new Mission Leadership Council and this role for sister missionaries.”

The Mission President’s wife will also gain an enhanced role in training and caring for the Sisters in their mission, as their circumstances permit.

In conjunction with making the announcement, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released a video Friday that shows the General Relief Society President, Primary President and Young Women’s President discussing leadership and authority in The Church. They expressed how their callings have helped them grow and acted as blessings in their lives.

Here’s the video were the Auxiliary leaders discuss women, leadership and authority in The Church.


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