Panaderias, Verdulerias and Fruterias in Argentina

Every few blocks in Argentine cities you can find panaderias (bakeries), verdulerias (veggie shops) and fruterias (fruit shops).

Panaderias (Argentine bakeries)

One of my favorite Argentine foods is bread.  At panaderias you can buy several types of bread.  Often the bread is prepared in baguette or biscuit shape.  The bread is either sold by the kilo or by the piece.  You can purchase a kilo (2.2 lbs) of bread for about 4 pesos (about 1 U.S. dollar).

The quality of bread varies greatly from panaderia to panaderia, though generally the bread is fresh and delicious.  Some panaderias offer wheat breads, others don’t. Besides offering breads, panaderias sell delicious desserts.

Argentine desserts at panaderias


Alfajores are two cookies with filling in the middle.  Alfajores are usually covered in chocolate and filled with dulce de leche.  Sometimes Alfajor cookies are made with wheat flour and sometimes with corn flour.  Sometimes alfajores de maizena (corn flour) are filled with dulce de leche and rolled in coconut fakes.  Alfajores are delicious and are also sold by major companies in small kioskos (convenience shops).


Facturas are a wide variety of donuts and pastries.  Some of the facturas are filled with jam, some with dulce de leche (caramel) and some with vanilla cream.  Some are fried and some are baked.  Some are rolled in sugar and others are glazed.  My personal favorite facturas are the ones filled with dulce de leche and the facturas filled with cream.


Tartas are little pies filled with jams or creams.  I didn’t buy tartas very often, but most medium-sized panaderias offer tartas.

Verdulerias/Fruterias (Argentine veggie/fruit shops)

Just as often as you find Panaderias in Argentina, you find verdulerias/fruterias.  As far as I experienced- fruterias and verdulerias are essentially the same- they both offer fresh veggies and fruits.

Fruits/vegetables you will often find in a verduleria include: squash, tomatos, onions, potatos, eggplants, carrots, apples, pears, plums, watermelons, grapes, cabbage, bananas, etc.  Beside offering fruits and veggies, verdulerias usually sell condiments, tomato sauces, and snacks near the register.

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