Strong winds in the Patagonia

One of the most defining characteristics of the Patagonia is the dry and windy climate.  On my mission to the Neuquen Argentina LDS Mission I experienced many, many wind storms.  I remember a few times the wind was so strong that you could lean forward into the wind without falling over.

Sometimes the wind would be nice because it would break up the hot weather.  Sometimes the weather could be in the 90s, but you wouldn’t feel like you were sweating that much because of the wind.  Sometimes the sand would be picked up from the dry roads and thrown past your face.

On windy days I was very grateful for my eyeglasses because my glasses protected my eyes from the sand.  I think there were some elderly natives who had bad eyesight because of all the sand that had flown into their eyes over the decades.  Sometimes sand or little shards of glass might be kicked up in the wind and would sting my face a little bit.

Although the wind sometimes made it hard and noisy to travel from place to place I really miss the Patagonian winds.  I miss those times I would come home from a long day of work and wipe off my face that had wet dust on it.  I fondly remember times my white collars would become light brown with the sand that had flown onto my neck during the day.  If ever the sand became too strong we could always walk backwards.

The Patagonian winds can also enable some cool sights.  Sometimes you see plastic bags flying through the air.  One potential danger to look out for in very extreme wind is flying water lids.  Almost every house in Argentina had a water container with a plastic or metal lid.  Sometimes those lids get lifted up by the winds and fly down the streets.

It’s best to just listen to what the natives tell you when there is a bad storm,  Many natives will let you know to be careful if the winds are dangerously strong.

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