LDS Missionaries in Peru: 40+ Spiritual Experiences

Here’s a compilation of spiritual experiences LDS missionaries in Peru have had.

If you served a mission in Peru, feel free to share a spiritual experience in the comments section below.

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40+ Spiritual Stories from LDS Missionaries in Peru

  1. I went from being the junior companion in a trio to whitewashing a new area as a trainer. This was very intimidating for me. I felt very incapable of being the missionary I needed to be. One day, I remembered some counsel my mission president had given me. If you aren’t sure how the Lord feels about you, ask Him! So I prayed, and I didn’t feel an answer for a while. That Sunday, as we were in Sacrament meeting, I took the bread. When I took it, I had this overwhelming feeling of love come over me, and in my head I heard “You are my daughter, and I love you. And I am proud of the work you are doing here.” It was a personal experience I’ll always remember. (Jamie, Peru Chiclayo Mission)
  2. Having the Spirit be our constant companion was a life saver. Once we went to pick up a family of three for their baptism. When we got to their house the mom said to just take her kids and that she wasn’t going to go. We talked for several minutes and just couldn’t figure out what had changed her mind. We stood silent for a minute and the Spirit gave us the answer. We asked her if she needed a dress to wear. This poor lady had no dress to her name and was too embarrassed to show up to her baptism in her sweat pants. With the help of the Spirit we were able to identify her concern and help her meet her baptism date with her children! (Melanie, Peru Arequipa Mission)
  3. In short, we had a rotten day, visiting all potential lessons in about 2 hours with not one door opened to us. We kept trudging through the village of mostly abandoned houses, and then when the day was coming to a close and we hadn’t sat down since lunch time, we went to the room to quickly use the restroom. While the other was in the bathroom, we each said a personal prayer, and then together we prayed to know what to do with the last hour of the night. I can’t begin to describe the inexplicable feeling of peace and deep love that I felt which could only have come from my Heavenly Father. Separately, we each thought of the same family and went and were able to have a wonderful lesson with a family slowing being reactivated. (Decker, Peru Huancayo Mission)
  4. I have a hard time sharing these, because they are so personal, so subtle. I can’t explain them. Words don’t work. But there were many spiritual experiences. Small moments that felt like being run over by a train that no one else even noticed because we were just reading our scriptures. Moments of silence and then suddenly an investigator was crying because they’d never been so touched. Moments that made me realize I had a testimony about something I’d never stopped to consider. Moments of insight into another person’s life that may have been visionary or wishful thinking, and I have chosen to believe the first. Stepping off the plane in Cuzco and feeling something different than I’ve ever felt before. They don’t make for great stories because there’s not really a beginning or an end or a plot. They just *were*. And they were real, and profound. You’ll understand what I mean when you’re looking back, trying to find good talk fodder or maybe filling out a questionnaire like this for yourself. (Jessica, Peru Lima Central Mission)
  5. I was emergency transferred to be in a trio. Our first lesson together was with an elderly gentleman and went on for 3 hours. I was new and didn’t know how to handle the situation. The lesson had covered random information he didn’t need to know and was all over the place. The next day, the lesson was the same; 3 hours long covering many different topics. I wondered why this man continued to meet with us. Transfers happened and we went back to visit this man and introduce him to our new companion. He started off by saying he had found a book that was answering a lot of the questions he had. Dread started to fill us as we asked what book he had been reading. He went to the back and pulled out a relief society manual from the 50’s. He found it at a bookstore and read about half of the manual. I was astonished. Bookstores are rare in Peru and the fact that he found an old relief society manual in one… He was baptized about 2 weeks later. His baptism was one of the most spiritual experiences I’ve ever had. He was a man who had been taught by the Spirit, not by us. It proved that it doesn’t matter if you’re incompetent or whatever, if someone is prepared, they will be taught, one way or another. (Rachel, Peru Lima North Mission)
  6. Helped convert a man who had been receiving missionary discussions for 30+ years whose children were all return missionaries and whose wife worked in the temple. He is currently in the stake presidency. (Tyler, Peru Lima North Mission)
  7. I had 3 years of high school Spanish I left the LTM as a 1.5 in Spanish. I didn’t understand anything anybody said for the first 3 months in the field. However, after about 6 weeks we were having a chat with a long-term investigator Catholic priest. I couldn’t follow the discussion at all. All of a sudden, I just started lecturing this guy. I spoke for several minutes until the Spirit wore off. My companion thought I was sand bagging him about my Spanish ability. I still have no idea what I said. After 3 months I was very fluent, another true miracle. (David, Peru Lima North Mission)
  8. People had dreams testifying of The Book of Mormon. People inviting us to their home because of the Spirit we brought. (Andrew, Peru Lima North Mission)
  9. Giving a blessing to somebody who is supposed to be dead. (Jorge, Peru Lima North Mission)
  10. Baptizing 25 people in one Sunday afternoon. Three families of 7 each, and some other individuals. It was the closest I felt to heaven. (Rodrigo, Peru Lima North Mission)
  11. Having fasted and prayed to know where to go, my companion and I remembered a trail we had seen. We decided to go find the trail and when we started up the trail we found a man who accepted our message and was baptized two weeks later. That man has since gone to the temple and completed baptisms for the dead and has been an amazing missionary in his village. (Robby, Peru Trujillo Mission)
  12. Taught and baptized 7 members of the Adventist Church with my new companion who spoke little non Spanish at the time. (Tony, Peru Trujillo North Mission)
  13. I had received a transfer from Lima to the Huacho Zone which was a couple of hours north of Lima by bus. Elder Hardman and I were traveling together and it was night. As we entered the outskirts of Huacho, one lady got off the bus on the side of the road. We were waiting for the bus to get to the bus station in Huacho to get off . More than an hour had passed and still no bus station. There were no more signs of the city and we were in the middle of a desert at night. I walked up to the bus driver and asked when we would be arriving at the bus station in Huacho and he said we passed Huacho an hour ago and would not be stopping until we reached Chimbote which was another 6 hours. We did not want to go another 6 hours so we told the bus driver we wanted off. He said here and we said yes. We were in the middle of the desert at night and not close to any houses or any businesses. After getting off the bus we had waited at least another hour and only seen about 4 cars come by but no one stopped to pick us up. Elder Hardman then told me Elder Hinckley we need divine help. We both kneeled at the side of the road and said a prayer. Within 30 seconds of finishing our prayer a dump truck stopped and asked if we needed help. We told him we were trying to get to the Mormon church building in Huacho. He said he knew where it was and told us to get in the back of the dump truck. We hopped in and he brought us to the Church building in Huacho. (Bret, Peru Lima North Mission)
  14. Having all of our appointments fall through one after the other all morning with nothing else planned and no ideas  for what to do next, we decided to visit an elderly sister who lived in a shack made of poles and woven mats. I had no idea why but we went and found that part of her roof had collapsed and she was unable to fix it. When we arrived, she was crying and said “my angels are here!” We were able to dig a hole and put in a new wooden pole and get the roof fixed. A couple months later, the whole branch got together to get new mats on her whole house. I didn’t realize it at the time, but all those failed appointments led us to her in the worst moment of her life. (Steve, Peru Trujillo Mission)
  15. I had amazing spiritual experiences every day. One of the best was when we started teaching a girl in Puno who was a friend of a member in Barrio Los Incas. She overcame many trials and difficulties with her family and was baptized. She became a very active member and has since been married and sealed in the temple! (Brad, Peru Arequipa Mission)
  16. Seeing how the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real and powerful and can really cleanse/change a soul. (Malesa, Peru Arequipa Mission)
  17. I was teaching about the First Vision and Joseph in the grove of trees when I felt the Spirit so strong that I wouldn’t have been surprised if the light had appeared and I were to see Heavenly Father and his Son, Jesus Christ. That feeling stayed with me for a long time. (Gayle, Peru Arequipa Mission)
  18. Testifying about the Book of Mormon one night to a family of four. It was a little bit dark and when I finished my testimony the whole family was in tears and also my companion. (Jose, Peru Arequipa Mission)
  19. Praying on my knees with a family. (Nicole, Peru Chiclayo Mission)
  20. I had been in an area (Tuman) for 9 months and my companions and I spent all of those 9 months teaching an elderly woman Hermana Eucebia. She watched as we taught and baptized her two granddaughters and son. She went to the temple and also would attend all the meetings but for some reason she always waited to be baptized. A week before I would finish my mission she told me after sacrament that she decided to be baptized. So my last day of the mission I watched as she was baptized and confirmed a member of The Church. (Monika, Peru Chiclayo Mission)
  21. We gave a blessing to a ward member in shock from a diabetes attack. And with his young daughters sang hymns as the fever slowly passed and the convulsions stopped. (Justin, Peru Chiclayo Mission)
  22. After an especially discouraging day (regarding Spanish and people not wanting to be taught), we saw a miracle! We were teaching a sister who was speaking quietly (which just made Spanish harder), when I had the feeling to share a few things. I had no idea what she was saying, but I continued to converse with her. After, my companion commented on how much Spanish I understood. I responded that I couldn’t even hear her! She pointed out a few things: I shared a story about Joseph Smith feeling alone in Liberty Jail and praying right after she said she was feeling alone and found comfort in prayer. I shared a scripture about the Lord being with the faithful, reminding her she is never alone. I shared the scripture on my mission plaque (1 Nephi 21:13-16), which includes a part about mothers loving their children. She and her mom weren’t getting along. It was a miracle which I needed! It showed the promise fulfilled from D&C 33:8: If you open your mouth, the Lord will give you the words you need. Another discouraging day (I was the only American in my first district, including my companion, which made any type of communication… special), we were returning home. After praying in English, I felt a profound peace and God’s love. I got to have a private interview with a member of the 70. It was a spiritual experience for me. Actually, any interview with either Mission President or their wives was a wonderful experience. (Michelle, Peru Chiclayo Mission)
  23. Where do I even start? I guess I’ll talk about a young man we taught. His name was Josimar. We met him while visiting some recent converts, and when I saw him in the background, I felt the Spirit prompt me to talk with him and asked one of the new members to get him for me. He came over and we made an appointment. When we came back, he was belligerent and confrontational regarding his atheistic beliefs, and the resulting visit was more frustrating than anything else. A bit exasperated, we left him a copy of the Book of Mormon and a chapter to read, made another appointment and left. When that appointment came, we were running late and had to choose whether to go to him or to another appointment. I prayed and felt like we needed to go back to Josimar. We did. It turned out that he had read just eight verses from the chapter we had left, but his demeanor was entirely different. He sincerely wanted to learn. We taught him the Plan of Salvation, and from then on he began to progress. Eventually, our friend Josimar was baptized and is happily serving in his ward to this day. (Ryan, Peru Huancayo Mission)
  24. Watching Monica change as she accepted the gospel and felt forgiven. Teaching Max about the restoration. (Lisee, Peru Huancayo Mission)
  25. Our investigator Juan Piña. When we would testify to him, the spirit was soooo strong and he eventually got baptized. (Sydney, Peru Huancayo Mission)
  26. We were teaching an amazing family. The father was named Johnatan, and he was a less active member, and the mother was named Graciela, and she was an investigator who wanted to be baptized. They had a 4-year-old son named Luis and had been living together for years, but they never got married. (That is the norm in Iquitos/Pucallpa.) They wanted to get married, but they were running into all sorts of obstacles. Things kept coming up, problems kept happening, and sometimes they would get discouraged. But there was one evening that we went to the house and I could just see the light in their eyes. They told us of their determination to get married and for Graciela to get baptized. We knelt in prayer together, and I could feel the literal ministration of angels in the room. It was something absolutely incredible. I felt the Spirit so strongly. God loved this family, and God sent his angels to help them. They did eventually get married, and Graciela was baptized. (Kristen, Peru Iquitos Mission)
  27. Bearing pure testimony. It’s a different feeling than just stating something. When your heart truly extends to those you teach, it is touched by the Spirit. (Shad, Peru Lima Central Mission)
  28. We got a referral from the secretary of referrals and we contacted the referral right away. We felt that we should invite her to get baptized and we did and the member who was with us shared his testimony about his baptism and she said I want this for my life. I was waiting for this my whole life! It’s like fresh water in the desert. We couldn’t believe it. She got baptized and she is a great person!! (Pierina, Peru Lima Central Mission)
  29. Watching the look of hope come into the eyes of the people who had previously had none. Hearing a man tell a missionary that God had sent him to save his family and they were planning to go to the temple. (David, Peru Lima Central Mission)
  30. Too many, but one was being able to baptize a man and his daughter on the last day of my mission. His family thought he would NEVER be baptized, but he wanted me to baptize him before I left. (Paul, Peru Lima East Mission)
  31. Baptizing a whole family. (Chase, Peru Lima East Mission)
  32. There where so many it’s hard to choose. There was this older couple, they were both in their 80s, they were the sweetest souls on the planet. The day they were married and baptized….you could feel the angels singing and cheering. (Caitlin, Peru Lima North Mission)
  33. Having just about everything go wrong for a baptism, but still being able to get the man baptized. (Karl, Peru Lima North Mission)
  34. During the power outage, we were called into someone’s home randomly. (Jessie, Peru Lima North Mission)
  35. Cuando habían bautismos míos perdona se animaban a ser bautizadas. (Everth, Peru Lima North Mission)
  36. Blessing of the sick. (Rodger, Peru Lima North Mission)
  37. I read El Libro de Mormón. Me dio gran testimonio de su veracidad. (Dave, Peru Lima North Mission)
  38. I spent all the winter holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year) in the MTC. The prophet at that time, Pres. Kimball, came to talk to us. He also visited us in Peru. There was no doubt in my mind that that was the right place for me to be at that time of the year. I never felt homesick or sad for being away from my family during the holidays. The day I entered the MTC, I had been a member of the Church for only 23 months, but I was on fire! I couldn’t wait to share the Gospel in Peru. (Lemuel, Peru Lima South Mission)
  39. I had the awesome opportunity of baptizing a family who had been investigating the church for about 3 years. They just decided to go ahead and be baptized out of the blue and they’ve been super strong ever since! (Greg, Peru Lima South Mission)
  40. Todos los bautismos, y el echo de que el Señor me demostrara su poder con cada cambio para enseñarme que la revelacion existe y que esta plenamente en esta Iglesia. (Javier, Peru Lima South Mission)
  41. Having a recent convert bear his testimony in his first fast and testimony meeting and holding up the Book of Mormon in his hand telling everyone he knows it is true. Then he got all teary eyed and thanks two angels who came and knocked on his  door. I was one of his angels…it was the best feeling I have ever felt. The man was 69 years old and seeing him tear up over loving and learning about the gospel and being excited to bear his testimony was the best! (Hannah, Peru Lima West Mission)
  42. Getting ready to teach a lady and she said Sisters, is there a way I can give my money, or donate things. And we were just about to teach her tithing, it was cool, because we were so prepared when her question came. (Hannah, Peru Lima West Mission)
  43. Every single conversion. (Skyler, Peru Piura Mission)
  44. Too many to pick. The whole thing is a spiritual experience of you are obedient. (Jessica, Peru Piura Mission)
  45. I love visiting less active members. I found a name on one of the lists that stuck out to me and determined we should go to visit the family. It was a mother and her adult son. They welcomed us into their home and we determined that they had been offended by some members 25 years ago and had never gone back to church. They had had very few visitors from the church come to see them and had forgotten many things. We helped bring back their testimonies and get them reactivated in The Church. It was an experience that I will not easily forget. I watched them change and saw their hearts soften. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the Atonement work in a life. (Hannah, Peru Trujillo Mission)
  46. I remember one time we were teaching someone about our age whose grandparents and aunts and uncles were members but whose parents were not. He loved what we were teaching, came to church, and wanted to learn more and more but didn’t want to get baptized until he knew more of the gospel and had read the Book of Mormon completely. We kept teaching all that we could because we just loved him, but eventually we hit a point where there wasn’t really more we could teach him and he would just need to get a testimony himself and decide whether or not he wanted to be baptized. We expressed our love for him and that we understood his concerns. We explained that there wasn’t more we could teach him and he would have to get a testimony for himself and act on the testimony he received. We bore our testimonies and then just waited to hear what he had to say. After what seemed like forever and after letting the Spirit do the teaching for a while, he simply asked when he could get baptized. I cried. He said he knew it was true and that he just needed to take the step of faith and be baptized. He was baptized and is still doing well today. (David, Peru Trujillo Mission)
  47. After opening Otuzco as a new area, we taught the adult children in a family and their children. In one case the mother and children wanted to be baptized and the father asked to talk with us. Over the course of about 35 minutes my companion and I talked about why membership was important. I talked about how beneficial being a member of the church was while I was primary age. The Spirit testified to that father of the blessings to come and his family was baptized the following Sunday. (Matt, Peru Trujillo Mission)
  48. The mission, of course, was full of them. One of the strongest ones for me though was in my first area. We were walking down the street and some chick kept calling out to us. We were far enough away we couldn’t hear what she was saying so we figured she was just cat-calling us and we kept moving. She hurried to catch up and when she yelled “Elderes!” we realized she at least had an inkling of who we were. We turned and closed the gap to talk to her. It turns out she had received all of the discussions in Piura but had moved to Chimbote right before being able to be baptized. She really wanted to be baptized. We were still a bit leery but went ahead and made an appointment and quizzed her about the charlas. She was able to intelligently answer everything so we figured she really did have a desire beyond speaking with a couple of gringos. Since we weren’t present for the original discussions we decided we’d probably better go back through them before moving on to baptism. Her uncle joined one day after we were 3-4 charlas in, so we gave him a condensed first discussion and a Book Of Mormon along with a reading assignment and a follow-up appointment. He seemed pretty much a vato so we didn’t expect much out of him. A few days later as all of our appointments were falling through, I mentioned to my companion that we should go check up on this girl’s uncle and see if he read his assignment and wanted to continue the discussions. I suppose I was young enough and not cynical enough yet to have the same thoughts as my companion; he was ready to write him off. We visited him. To our utter surprise, not only had he read the assignment we gave him, but he read the entire book of 3rd Nephi and memorized about half of it. He told us he wanted to be baptized. We spent the next couple months teaching him and working through some challenges he had but ultimately he was baptized and actually asked and went proselyting with us after he had the third discussion. He entered the mission field shortly after I came home and continues to be a strong member of the Church (as does his niece). (Jonathan, Peru Trujillo Mission)
  49. Reading the scriptures every day and feeling the Spirit touching people’s lives when we share the gospel. (Juana, Peru Trujillo North Mission)

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