Why Priesthood Holders Should Attend Priesthood Session in Person


Although the Priesthood Session of General Conference is available online, Priesthood holders are encouraged to attend the Priesthood Session at their local church building.

In 2013 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints began streaming the Priesthood Session of General Conference on BYUtv, LDS.org and the Mormon Channel.

Shortly after the announcement, the Presiding Bishopric said the following:

“priesthood holders are encouraged to attend the general priesthood meeting at their local chapel, where distances permit.”

The Presiding Bishopric also stated two reasons why attending the Priesthood Broadcast in person is encouraged:

  1. It’s an important tradition.
  2. It’s an especially uplifting experience for Young Men who hold the Priesthood.

It seems the main purpose of providing the Priesthood Session online was to make the meeting more accessible to people who live far away from church broadcast locations and wasn’t meant to give people who live in Utah (like me) an excuse to stay home and watch it.

Hopefully this is helpful to someone else out there who had the same question I had as to whether attending the session at a church building was necessary.

*Read more about this topic on Deseret News here.

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