(VIDEO) Hoverboard Demonstrated In United States

No, this has nothing to do with missionary work. BUT, this is amazingly awesome and I couldn’t help but share it!

A company called Zapata Racing has developed a hover board that can fly faster than 90mph and for longer than 4 minutes at a time. Zapata Racing is the company that developed the hover boards propelled by water. After four years of working on it, they were finally ready to showcase their new hover board propelled by air in the USA (Florida).


This is not a hoax.

Just Google ‘Flyboard Air’ and you can learn a bunch about the project.

Potential applications forĀ the Flyboard Air in missionary work:

  • escape from rabid dogs chasing you
  • get to appointments with investigators faster
  • jet from a neighborhood when you hear a gunshot
  • transfers

More videos demonstrating the new hover board:

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