Some Cool Tagalog Words

Tagalog is a pretty fun language because of its long and sometimes tongue-twisting words. Here are some of my favorites:

Paniniwala: Belief

Pananampalataya: Faith

Pangangailangan: Need

Pinakamakapangyarihang: All-powerful

Kapani-paniwalang: Convincing/Believable

Kapaki-pakinabang: Beneficial/profitable

Nakakatakot: Scary

Nakakatawa: Funny

Kayumanggi: Brown

Magpakailanman: Forever

Nakakapagpabagabag: Troublesome/bothersome

Pagpapakumbaba: Humility

*Less commonly used is the longest word in the Tagalog dictionary: Nagsisipagsisinungasinungalingan, which means  “trying to tell fake lies to another.”

(Contributed by Rebecca, Philippines Baguio Mission, 2009-2011)

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