The Philippines Urdaneta Mission

The Philippines Urdaneta Mission was one of the 58 new missions recently announced by the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This mission used to be the Philippines Baguio mission, but the Baguio mission will now be split into two missions at the end of June 2013.   The boundaries of some adjacent missions (such as Angeles, Laoag, and Cauayan) may be adjusted and some of their areas included in the new Baguio and Urdaneta missions.

Although the Philippines Urdaneta Mission will not exist until this summer, the mission home of the Philippines Baguio Mission had already relocated to Urdaneta back in June 2011. The official name of the mission still remains “Philippines Baguio,” however. One of the reasons for this relocation is that in the October General Conference of 2010, President Monson  made the exciting and historic announcement that a temple would be built in Urdaneta. This will be the Philippines’ 3rd temple. The other two temples are located in Manila (about a 5 hour bus-ride south of Urdaneta) and on the island of Cebu (in the southern region of the Philippines)

The new mission home is in located in Urdaneta city, situated right behind the new stake center. The church is flourishing in Urdaneta, and the members are excitedly preparing for the soon-to-be-built temple in their city. As of April 2013, there has been no news of temple groundbreaking yet.

While nothing has been announced yet, it is possible that this new mission could greatly affect missionaries serving in outside missions. In 2010, the Philippines Bacolod mission was split into the Bacolod and the brand-new Ilo-ilo mission. Some missionaries from the Bacolod mission were reassigned to serve in the Ilo-ilo mission. Therefore, it is possible that missionaries now serving in Baguio or other adjacent missions may be reassigned to finish up their missions in the Urdaneta mission. One reason for this may be to bring experienced missionaries to help train the brand-new missionaries who are called to serve in Urdaneta.

(Contributed by Rebecca, Philippines Baguio Mission, 2009-2011)

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