Types of cookies in Argentina

When an Argentine welcomes you into their home, they often offer you something to eat.  Many times on my mission as we visited Argentine homes, we were offered Argentine cookies (galletitas).  At most Argentine convenience stores (kioskos) you can find a variety of cookies.  At the larger grocery stores there is an even greater selection of cookies.

Some varieties of Argentine cookies (galletitas)

Variety cookie bag

One of the most common store-bought cookies Argentines offer visitors are variety cookies- some of the cookies are vanilla flavored, some choclate chip flavored, some chocolate favored and others fruit flavored.

Jelly-filled cookies (pepitas)

Another common Argentine cookie is a soft vanilla cookie that has strawberry or raspberry jam filling (pepitas).  The quality of these types of cookies varies greatly in Argentina.  While some cookies are harder and have stickier jam, others are soft and have jam that melts in your mouth.


Though it would be uncommon to be offered a store-bought alfajor in Argentina while visiting a family, it does happen occasionally and you will likely eat many alfajores during your stay.  Alfajores are two cookies with a cream, peanut butter, dulce de leche or chocolate filling and are often coated in chocolate.

Alfajores are a favorite among natives and visitors and can be found in kioskos every few blocks throughout Argentina.  One of my favorite brands of alfajores in the Milka brand.


Oreos may be purchased in some kioskos and larger grocery stores (such as La Anonima and Carrefour).  The oreos come in a wide variety of flavors including traditional oreo, double-stuffed oreo, vanilla oreo, merengue oreo (like marshmellow oreo), mint oreo, etc.

Vanilla/chocolate crackers

One of my personal favorite cookies in Argentina are these big, thin cookies that are flavored chocolate or vanilla.  I like the cookies because they are lightly flavored- like animal crackers.  You can eat a lot of them without feeling too unhealthy.

Animal crackers

Though I did not buy animal crackers frequently, Argentina does offer its own types of animal crackers.

Of all the Argentine cookies, I’d say alfajores are the most famous and delicious   Galletitas are very delicious when eaten with milk or yogurt.  While cookies in Argentina can be quite delicious, I think most Argentines would agree that Argentine facturas (donuts/pastries) are even more delicious.

-Written by Alex Balinski (Argentina Neuquen Mission 2008-2010)

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