25 Ways to become truly happy

“..and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.”

Revelation 21:4

While it may be a while before the world as a whole reaches the state of peace talked about in Revelation, there are many things we personally can do to help us experience peace and happiness now, despite our trials.

Here are some of tips on how to be happy and peaceful now.

25 Tips to be happy

1) Count your blessings

You can do this while walking outside.  Look around and count every blessing you see.  You will find you are happier as you focus on appreciating what you have.

2) Have a ‘yes’ mentality

It’s likely someone will ask you to do something every day- whether it be your spouse, supervisor or a stranger.  By having a ‘yes,’ mentality you are willing to do what others ask of you.  The ‘yes,’ mentality will not only make actions easier to do, but it will bless your relationships with others.

3) Seek for simplicity

Often life is as complicated as you make it.  By cutting out unnecessary stressors from your life, you will find yourself more relaxed.

4) Look for common ground

In society it’s often acceptable to argue with others.  From my experience there are very few times arguing is necessary.  Almost always there will be something in what someone says that you will be able to agree with and support.  We’re not as different as we sometimes appear.

5) Believe in all good

Believe in God, believe in others and believe in yourself and your capability to do good.  Your beliefs will guide your thoughts and actions.  Often your future molds around your beliefs in it.

6) Work hard

There a few more satisfying things than accomplishing a difficult task.  It’s harder to be depressed when you are productive.

7) Do happy things

Some people say emotions precede actions.  I believe your conscious actions can precede your emotions.  For example, if you don’t feel happy,  smile and act happy and soon you will feel happy.

8 ) Focus on concerns, not worries

There are things you can control- we call those concerns.  There are things you can’t control- we call those worries.  By forgetting your worries, you will have more energy to resolve the concerns in your life.

9) Be kind to others

Others will not always reciprocate your kindness, though often they will.  When you have an unconditional positive regard toward others, you’ll help them live up to their divine potential.

10) Don’t worry much about what others think

While we should respect others’ feelings, we should worry more about what God thinks about what we are doing.  Societal acceptance of our behavior is not a good measure of the rightness or wrongness of our behavior.  Some good things are deemed counter-cultural and some bad things are acceptable in society.  God’s opinion matters most.

11) Assume the best about others

There’s a phenomenon that we often interpret others’ actions as hostile.  For example, though someone may cut us off on the highway with no malicious intent, we have the tendency to judge their action as hostile.  This phenomenon is known as the hostile attribution bias.  The next time someone cuts you off in traffic, assume the best about them- you can play tricks on your mind- pretend the person is about to have a baby, or perhaps the person the person driving slowly in front of you is doing so to keep their fish water bowl from falling over.  Give others the benefit of the doubt- they probably have good intent.  Even if they have bad intent, you’ll feel more peace to assume the best.  When we assume the best we allow others to live up to their potential easier.

12) Focus on others

“Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved,” (Thomas S. Monson).  People matter more than anything.  This life is about people, not money, cars, problems, education, etc.  The greatest mark of a Christian is their love for others.

13) Don’t let norms stifle natural affection

Have you ever felt the urge to tell someone you love or appreciate them, but withheld because it didn’t seem socially appropriate?  Forget the social norms and act out of sincere love- I don’t think you will regret showing others your sincere affection.

14) Live God’s commandments

God’s plan is a plan of happiness.  If we follow His counsel, we’ll achieve happiness in this life and in the life to come.

15) Eat healthy

As you eat healthier, you will feel more fit and you will have more energy.  You won’t have to live with regrets from unhealthy eating.

16) Exercise regularly

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins into your brain, giving you a sensation of happiness.  If you feel depressed try doing some moderately-intense cardio exercise.

17) Keep a regular journal

By writing in a journal you learn about yourself.  You see trials as passing blocks along the roadside of life.  You can better identify your strengths and weaknesses.  It will be easier to remain calm when thinking about struggles you may be facing.

18) Strive to be sincere

American humor thrives on sarcasm.  I believe in sincerity.  Sincere kindness will help you have better relationships.  While someone may not show it, they often will feel sad at some point because of a sarcastic comment someone said about them.  Sometimes when discouraged, words can hurt more than sticks or stones.  You never know what difficulties a person may be facing.

19) Be social

Much of the happiness in life comes from associating with others.  I’m grateful for the times I’ve talked with people outside as as I’ve walked place to place.  I feel enriched by every new friend I’ve met.  Your relationships can fill your life with meaning.  Some people may be taken back at first but will warm up once they realize your just being friendly.

20) Set and achieve goals

When you set acheivable goals, you focus on things you can control.  Goal-achieving can be a great confidence booster.  Goals help you see how multi-faceted success is.  Success in life does is not measured by getting good grades or by getting a promotion at work (things you do not have complete control over).  Success comes from doing your best to achieve worthy goals.

21) Listen to the Spirit

God knows exactly what is best for your eternal happiness.  If you feel inspired by God to do something, do it.  You won’t regret it.

22) Be generous with your resources

In a materialistic culture we are taught to hold on tight to riches we acquire.  We can challenge that assumption by being overly generous.  I don’t think you can ever be too generous.  Think of the invitation Christ gave to the rich man to sell all he had and give to the poor.  We ought to become less attached to our possessions.  What we own really isn’t ours to keep.  We can’t take our possessions with us when we die, so we might as well relieve stress for ourselves and others by giving freely of our substance.  We’ll be better suited focusing on developing things we can have forever, such as our family relationships, knowledge, etc.

23) Take time to relax

By taking a few minutes to relax when tired or up tight, you’ll feel more peaceful and healthy.

24) Have soft start-ups

When you first interact with someone, start with a positive expression, such as a nice compliment.  Often how you start your interaction with others guides how your interaction will be.  The opposite of a soft start-up- a harsh start-up- occurs when you begin an interaction on a negative note.  For example a harsh start-up might be when someone starts a conversation by asking pointed questions or accusing others.  My wife is great at soft start-ups- she often hurries over to me, gives me a hug and tells me She loves me when I come home from work.

25) Consume uplifting media

Everything we watch, listen to or read has an impact on us.  Media can have an extremely positive or negative influence on our lives.  Good music, for example, can inspire  us to greatness, and bad music can spur on negative emotions.  Media is an amazing powerful tool- if used correctly it can help us feel happy and peaceful.  If you feel unsettled, angry or depressed while consuming media you may want to reconsider your media habits.

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”  

– Dalai Lama

Personal Notes: I know we can learn to become more happy.  Like anything practice is key.  I know the Lord can help us as we strive to become happier and help others become happier.  The Lord cares about us individually and wants us to be happy.

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