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California San Diego Mission Boundaries Map

Here’s a link to the official mission boundaries map of the California San Diego Mission (LDS). *To access the official map for the San Diego Mission, simply Log into your LDS account here. Click here. Alex on Google Plus

California San Diego Mission Groups

California San Diego Mission Groups- for LDS missionary moms, returned missionaries, mission presidents and other alumni who served in the California San Diego Mission. California San Diego Mission The One and Only San Diego Mission Reunion Facebook Group (312 members) California San Diego Mission 2005-2008 Facebook Group (272 members) California San Diego Mission (The Washburn Years) Facebook Group (150 members) [...]

California San Diego Mission Address

Here’s the address for the California San Diego Mission (Mission Home or Office address): Mission Home Address: California San Diego Mission 7404 Armstrong Pl San Diego, CA, USA 92111-4912 Phone Number: 1-858-277-0910 Mission President: President Paul N. Clayton *If you would like to update this address, please contact us.

California San Diego Mission Blogs

California San Diego Mission (LDS) Mission Alumni 2014 Sister Audrey Bishop 2014 Elder Alex Hansen 2014 Sister Kylie McKee 2014 Sister Brianna Barnes 2014 Elder Taylor Davis 2014 Elder & Sister Goeringer 2014 Sister Jill Chi Wang 2014 Elder Cameron Rutland 2014 Elder Charles Larsen [...]

San Diego Mission RM: Justin

Justin served in the California San Diego Mission.  In this video interview he talks about San Diego, safety tips, interesting places to see in San Diego, missionary experiences and principles of the Gospel.