Illinois Chicago West Mission Groups

January 1, 2014 at 4:04 pm

Illinois Chicago West Mission groups, forums and social networks.  For LDS missionary moms, returned missionaries, mission presidents and other alumni who served in the Illinois Chicago West Mission.

Illinois Chicago West Mission

  1. Illinois Chicago West Mission (Fenn) – Current Facebook Group (183 members)
  2. Illinois, Chicago/Chicago West Mission (Fenn) Alumni Facebook Group (133 members)


  • Lorene Miller

    I am so excited my daughter Madeline has just been called to this mission spanish speaking. I would love any info about the mission!!

  • Tracy Frisbie

    My daughter, Melanie Frisbie was called to that mission also. She was called to speak spanish, something she had never done! I assume your daughter will be going to the Mexico City MTC. My daughter was nervous at first, because every adult is required to speak Spanish! She did very well, they are all friendly, and it is right by the Temple. President Fenn is a remarkable person. My daughter’s first companion was from Arizona, but spoKe fluent Spanish. There is definately a lot of Hispanics there, and a need for more people to teach them. She will be called Hermana instead of Sister. and, the Hermanas are definately doing well there. I am so excited for your daughter! It has only been since Aug. 20, 2o13. I am sure she will be fantastic. The funny thing is that my daughter is blonde and very light, but fits in. Good Luck!

  • Lorene miller

    Tracy, thanks for replying! Yes my daughter will be going to the MTC in Mexico. She took three years of Spanish in high school but I know it will only help a little. I’m glad to hear there are many Hispanics to teach and that she will be busy. My daughter is also very blonde and light as well. I’m glad your daughter is doing so well.

  • Tracy Frisbie

    Lorene, I am excited for your daughter, and that she is light too! Melane [Hermana Frisbie] took two years of French in High School, so it was a challenge! It has been wonderful for her to see so many Hispanics who need the Savior! My daughter was put with a companion when she got there who had been out only two weeks before my daughter, but she spoke fluent Spanish! In Mexico City she was able to go to the temple three times. There will be challenges, but that is where blessings come! I hope our daughters have a chance to meet each other. President Fenn is so amazing!!

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