July 2, 2013

June 2013 Reports

Prepare to Serve – Progress Report

June’s been a good month. Since I’m still doing an internship (I need to graduate), I wasn’t able to dedicate all the time I would have liked to, to the website.  Regardless, it’s been a great month!

This month we had over 4,000 search visits (highest yet), uploaded our 40th video interview with returned missionaries/converts and reached about 10,000 mission prep and LDS-friendly travel videos on the website.

Other happenings this month:

  • Our “Friends of LDS Missionaries,” (Google Plus community) grew to over 1,000 members (from about 600 last month).
  • We found out about and wrote articles about the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles having profiles on Google Plus and the Hastening the Work Broadcast and new website.
  • We received about 1,000 new visitors to the website in one day from one blog post about the Hastening the Work website.  This showed us how we are starting to rank easier for missionary-related terms. We are excited about the implications of LDS missionaries having access to Facebook and becoming more digital.
  • I also redid the logos on the website to be smaller and more consistent.
  • We also put up on sixth sponsor image ad.
  • We also hosted our first event- an LDS Bloggers Meetup- and networked with several other Latter-day Saints who do related work online.

Things to expect in July:

  • Interviews with some well-known LDS musicians, artists, speakers, etc.
  • More active social media profiles on Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter (using Hootsuite to push out content).
  • Completion of my internship, which will allow me to devote all my time to building up Prepare to Serve.

PreparetoServe.com – Traffic Report

Website Analytics – June 2013


Unique visitors: 7,089 (last month= 6,434)
Visits: 8,499 (last month= 7,854)
Page views: 14,465 (last month= 16,984)
New visitors: 76.9% (last month= 76.8%)
Returning visitors: 23.1% (last month= 23.2%)

Top Cities (visitors):

  1. Salt Lake City
  2. Provo
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Orem
  5. St. George
  6. West Jordan
  7. Denver
  8. Sandy
  9. Phoenix
  10. Lehi
  11. South Jordan
  12. Boise
  13. American Fork
  14. Mesa
  15. Idaho Falls
  16. Las Vegas
  17. Logan
  18. Rexburg
  19. Houston
  20. Ogden

Traffic Sources

Search visits: 4,218 (last month= 3,680)
Referral visits: 2,041 (last month= 1,978)
Direct visits: 2,240 (last month= 2,196)

Top Referring Websites:

  1. Facebook
  2. Cougar Board
  3. Twitter
  4. Reddit
  5. Google Plus
  6. Meridian Magazine
  7. LDS Report
  8. YouTube
  9. Just for the Sisters
  10. LDS Living
  11. Blogger
  12. 123 People
  13. Bad Comma
  14. Mormon Life Hacker
  15. Brock Minson blog
  16. Social LDS
  17. The Daily Herald
  18. Mormon Haven
  19. LDS Parenting blog
  20. Patheos

Website all-time stats (November 2012-June 2013)

Unique visitors: 35,374
Search visits: 16,227
Referral visits: 15,828
Direct visits: 12,598
Total visits: 44,655

YouTube Analytics – June 2013

Total subscribers: 155
Total video interview segments: 1,219

June’s video views:  6,839 (last month= 7,050)
June’s view time (in minutes): 6,352 (last month= 6,050)

Prepare to Serve – Financial Report

Sponsorship/Donations – June 2013

  • DearElder.com sponsorship: $100/month
  • CTR Clothing sponsorship: $100/month
  • LDSBookstore.com sponsorship: $100/month
  • Cover Me Modest sponsorship: $100/month
  • Cougar Dental sponsorship: $100/month

Approximate total sponsorship: $500

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