July 2, 2016

June 2016 Reports

June’s been an amazing month!

We video interviewed about 30 returned missionaries- many from missing missions, which is great!  Among those we interviewed this month was McKay Crockett, the director of BYU’s Vocal Point group and Yahosh Bonner, a singer who was recently featured in James The Mormon’s “Treasure” music video.

Also, we moved our website over to Amazon Web Services, which seems to be faster and more reliable than Bluehost hosting.  We also moved into our apartment which is substantially cheaper than our previous apartment, which is nice to keep our expenses low.

We have a promo video/collaboration video with James The Mormon ready to be shared out in July. In July we will continue to interview lots of returned missionaries, and tweak our website to make it faster. We’ll continue to edit/publish written surveys on mission pages and grow our social presence. We’re planning to start publishing more shareable posts to increase our viewership as well.

About Lifey

I’ve continued to feel I need to do something more with my career in the form of Lifey. There is a high likelihood that I will start working on Lifey full-time come January 1st, 2017. Lifey could take several directions, but these are what I hope it accomplishes:

  • Provide a free way for people to create high-quality, browsable video life histories.
  • Help individuals learn more in-depth about people they want to learn more about.
  • Help individuals make more informed decisions through easy to browse video collections (kind of like how Prepare to Serve has collections of videos to help pre-missionaries, Lifey could have collections of videos to help people anticipating any life change to prepare themselves through videos with people who’ve gone through what they’re about to go through.)

Anyway, I could talk lots about my hopes for both Prepare to Serve and Lifey, but I’ll keep it brief!

Now for the stats this month (we experienced a few hiccups with the site being down a few times, due to the website hosting switch and our inexperience with AWS, so some of the stats will be lower than usual).

PreparetoServe.com – Traffic Report

Website Analytics – June 2016

  • Users: 49,760 (last month=55,851)
  • Sessions: 66,103 (last month=75,315)
  • Page views: 122,999 (last month=141,058 )
  • New visitors: 65.8% (last month=65.2%)
  • Returning visitors: 34.2% (last month=34.8%)

Top Cities (visitors):

  1. Salt Lake City
  2. Provo
  3. Los Angeles
  4. West Jordan
  5. Phoenix
  6. South Jordan
  7. Orem
  8. Lehi
  9. Quezon City
  10. Boise

Traffic Sources

  • Search visits: 47,392 (last month=54,947)
  • Referral visits: 1,695 (last month=2,925)
  • Direct visits: 10,186 (last month=11,253)
  • Social visits: 6,830 (last month=6,190)

Top Referring Websites:

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. Pinterest
  4. Sugardoodle
  5. Blogger
  6. Mormon Missions Exposed
  7. LDS Missionaries
  8. Mission Home
  9. Weebly
  10. LDS Daily

Website all-time stats (November 2012-June 2016)

  • Users: 1,317,712
  • Sessions: 2,004,599
  • Page Views:  4,244,828

YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics – June 2016

  • Total subscribers: about 24,800 (last month=24,000)
  • Total video interview segments: about 11,595 (last month=11,210)
  • June video views:  932,929 (last month=907,112)
  • June view time (in minutes): 2,064,343 (last month=1,988,666)

Lifetime YouTube Analytics

  • Total video views:  16,718,744
  • Total view time (in minutes): 37,257,858