June 4, 2014

May 2014 Reports

Prepare to Serve – Progress Report

May 2014’s been a busy month!

Here are some of the things we’ve been working on:
  • Uploading video interviews with returned missionaries (we just uploaded the 200th interview and 4,000th YouTube video)
  • Growing our social media following (gained abt. 1600 followers across FacebookTwitterPinterest and YouTube)
  • Applying for and being accepted to have BYU interns this Fall semester (I’m very grateful for this- last year our interns helped us nearly double our website traffic and social media following)
  • Organizing a LDS Influencers Event (Where we will get to know the founders of Sugar DoodleMeridian Magazine, and other local online businesses.  I’ve learned that working together with online influencers, has been key to accelerating our growth)
  • Interviewing Tyler Haws about his mission (Here’s a link for any of you who are sports fans 🙂 )
  • Customizing youtube playlist thumbnails for each of the 200 interviewees (I should have done this a long time ago- it makes each of the RMs look better and be more willing to share their interviews with their friends)
Also, during May we hit a couple of milestones- we served the 250,000th unique visitor to our website and reached one million minutes in viewing time on our video interviews.
Our traffic hasn’t grow much over the last month.  I think it could be correlated to school getting out and summer attracting more people outside.
I’ll be thinking of ways to improve and add to our website resources so we can continue to pull in news users via google search and social media.  I think we may be losing some of our mobile visitors, due to slow load times for some pages on our current theme.  I think we will be able to retain more of our mobile visitors after transferring our website to the new mobile-friendly site layout.
Some things coming up in June
  • Interviewing 20-30 returned missionaries for additional countries.  We’re reaching out to returned missionaries who served in countries we have no interviews up for (like Madagascar, Zambia, Indonesia, etc.)
  • Uploading 20-40 video interviews with returned missionaries.
  • Updating mission resources (blogs, addresses, etc.).
  • Networking with LDS Influencers (on the 28th of June- feel free to message me, if you’re interested in coming- you are more than welcome to attend!)
  • Continuing to prepare for collaboration with Sugar Doodle (they’re going to try to launch their new site this month- transferring their content to their new website is a huge undertaking)

PreparetoServe.com – Traffic Report

Website Analytics – May 2014


Unique visitors: 30,454 (last month= 30,981)
Visits: 42,036 (last month= 41,838)
Page views: 96,924 (last month= 95,499)
New visitors: 63.4% (last month= 65%)
Returning visitors: 36.6% (last month= 35%)

Top Cities (visitors):

      1. Salt Lake City
      2. Provo
      3. South Jordan
      4. Orem
      5. Boise
      6. Lehi
      7. American Fork
      8. St. George
      9. Denver
      10. Bountiful
      11. Layton
      12. Logan
      13. Manila
      14. Makati
      15. Sandy
      16. Paradise
      17. Los Angeles
      18. Draper
      19. West Jordan
      20. Mesa

Traffic Sources

Search visits: 32,484 (last month= 30,515)
Referral visits: 1,365 (last month= 1,160)
Direct visits: 5,573 (last month= 5,438)
Social visits: 2,614 (last month= 4,725)

Top Referring Websites:

      1. Pinterest
      2. ExMormon
      3. Facebook
      4. YouTube
      5. Mission Home
      6. Mormon Missions Exposed
      7. LDS Media Talk
      8. LDS Smile
      9. Deseret News
      10. LDS.net
      11. Blogger
      12. Google Plus
      13. Mormon Discussions
      14. WordPress
      15. The Idea Door
      16. Twitter
      17. Mission Geek
      18. Mission Site
      19. Reddit
      20. Sugar Doodle

Website all-time stats (November 2012-May 2014)

Unique visitors: 254,397
Total visits: 368,730
Total page views  798,967

YouTube Analytics – May 2014

Total subscribers: about 1630 (last month= 1470)
Total video interview segments: about 4,000 (last month= 3,600)

May video views:  95,491 (last month= 93,423)
May view time (in minutes): 189,549 (last month= 184,113)

YouTube Analytics – All-Time (March 2012-May 2014)

Total video views:  639,109
Total view time (in minutes): 1,100,178

*If you have any questions for me about the project, feel free to let me know!

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