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New Hampshire Manchester Mission

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NH Manchester Mission Address

Here’s a recent address for the Manchester Mission. We try to keep this information up to date, but it’s a good idea to check the address with several sources, including your mission packet or the mission office.

New Hampshire Manchester Mission
2 Bedford Farms Drive Suite 208
Bedford, NH 03110-6525

Phone Number: 1-603-471-3285
Mission President: President Philip M. Stoker

NH Manchester Mission Map

Here’s a link to the mission map for the New Hampshire Manchester Mission (LDS). To access the official map for the Manchester Mission:

  1. Log into your LDS account here.
  2. Click here.

Videos with NH Manchester RMs

Here are in-depth YouTube video interviews with returned missionaries from the NH Manchester Mission.  We interview hundreds of returned missionaries each year, so check back regularly to see new RM interviews.

mission interview  mission interview  mission interview  mission interview  mission interview  mission interview

Videos about New Hampshire

Here are LDS-friendly educational videos about New Hampshire. We scoured YouTube to find the best quality videos about New Hampshire, that are free from inappropriate music, immodesty and profanity.

LDS Church  history  nature  time lapses

Videos about Vermont

Here are LDS-friendly educational videos about Vermont. We scoured YouTube to find the best quality videos about Vermont, that are free from inappropriate music, immodesty and profanity.

LDS Church  history  nature  time lapses  Places  Storms and Natural Disasters 

NH Manchester Missionary Blogs

Here’s a list of LDS missionary blogs for the NH Manchester Mission. This list includes the missionary’s name, URL and when their blog was updated.

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Mission Alumni 2015
Sister Priscilla Wright 2015
Sister Hailey Mayle 2015
Elder Michael Espinoza 2015
Elder Taylor Alarid 2015
Elder Jon Richins 2015
Sister Taylie Bee 2015
Sister Brynn Keown 2015
Sister Jillian Innes 2015
Sister Grace Sewell 2015
Sister Melinda Harper 2015
Sister Riley Stuart 2015
Sister Whitney Collins 2015
Elder Noah Adams 2015
Elder Jensen 2015
Elder Drew Dahlberg 2015
Sister Ashley Morgan 2015
Sister Kathryn Tyler 2015
President & Sister Stoker 2014
Missionary Couple 2014
Sister Lani Buxton 2014
Sister Bridget Lundahl 2014
Elder Max Jensen 2014
Sister Ashley Kotter 2014
Sister Vanderhoef 2014
Sister Bethany Lassen 2014
Sister Lindsey Berg 2014
Elder Bryson Dean 2014
Sister Angela Bateman 2014
Elder & Sister Dyches 2014
President & Sister Wilkey 2013
Sister Hailey Mayle 2013
Elder Ty Resendez 2013
Elder Kaleb Esplin 2013
Elder Jacob Esplin 2013
Elder Dustin Carr 2012
Elder Garret Jones 2012
Sister Staci Huntsman 2011
Elder Dustin Morgan 2011
Elder Mark Chen 2011
Sister Hillary Rankin 2011

NH Manchester Mission Groups

Here are New Hampshire Manchester Mission Groups- for LDS missionary moms, returned missionaries, mission presidents and other alumni of the Manchester Mission.

  1. LDS New Hampshire Manchester Mission Group (453 members)
  2. New Hampshire Manchester Mission Group (86 members)
  3. Manchester Mission- Pres. Charles Hobbs Group (64 members)
  4. Manchester Mission 1990-94 Group (53 members)
  5. New Hampshire Manchester Mission Group (51 members)
  6. NH Manchester Mission 1987-89 Group (38 members)
  7. Manchester Mission Pres. Lee Ford Hunter Group (18 members)

NH Manchester Mission T-Shirts

Here are T-shirts for the New Hampshire Manchester Mission!

Shirt designs include Manchester Mission logo/emblem shirts and Called to Serve shirts. The shirts make great gifts for pre-missionaries, returned missionaries and missionaries currently serving. LDS Mission shirts come in all sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, up to 4XL.  The mission designs are printed on white shirts and are shipped to you.

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new-hampshire-machester-mission-shirt-1 new-hampshire-machester-mission-shirt-2 new-hampshire-machester-mission-shirt-3 new-hampshire-machester-mission-shirt-4 new-hampshire-machester-mission-shirt-5

NH Manchester Mission Presidents

Here’s a list of current and past Mission Presidents of the Manchester Mission.

  1. 2013-2016, Philip M. Stoker
  2. 2010-2013, David L. Wilkey
  3. 2007-2010, Michael R. Jensen
  4. 2001-2007, Douglas M. Rees
  5. 2001-2004, Glenn A. Hansen
  6. 1998-2001, Lee Ford Hunter
  7. 1995-1998, Charles R. Hobbs
  8. 1992-1995, Robert James Norman
  9. 1989-1992, Gary Ricks
  10. 1987-1989, Lynn E. Thomsen
  11. 1985-1987, Kem C. Gardner

New England LDS Statistics (2015)

  • Church Membership: 8,211 (New Hampshire), 4,646 (Vermont), 10,876 (Maine)
  • Missions: 1 (New Hampshire)
  • Temples: 0
  • Congregations: 19 (New Hampshire), 12 (Vermont), 26 (Maine)
  • Family History Centers: 6 (New Hampshire), 6 (Vermont), 11 (Maine)

Helpful Articles about New England

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NH Manchester Missionary Survey

Here are survey responses from New Hampshire Manchester RMs, to give you a snapshot into what it’s like to live in the mission.

When did you serve?

  • 2012-2014 (Jeremy)
  • March 2014 – October 2015 (Melissa)
  • June 2013 – December 2014 (Hailey)
  • May 2014 – November 2015 (Allison)

Which areas did you serve in?

  • Bethel, ME; Farmington, ME; Manchester, NH; and Morrisville, VT. (Allison)

What were some favorite foods?

  • Lobster, Shepherds Pie, Blueberry Pie, Deer, Moose, New England Boiled Dinner and Maple Syrup. (Jeremy)
  • Ben and Jerry’s Ice-Cream, Vermont Maple Syrup, Red hot dogs, Corn chowder. (Melissa)
  • There wasn’t anything too crazy or abnormal. Lots of seafood (especially lobster), but I wasn’t really a fan. I did enjoy eggplant parmesan once! (Hailey)
  • Lobster bisque, boiled dinner, most seafood dishes, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. (Allison)

What was a funny experience?

  • Tracting in the boonies of Vermont. Spraining my ankle on a four-foot high snowbank (do not jump off of those). Hiking Mt. Belvedier in Vermont. (Melissa)
  • My companion and I were doing service at a farm, harvesting squash, and talking about the church with an employee working alongside us. We returned to the front of the farm, and he would throw squash to us and we’d place it on wood pallets. Before we begin, I jokingly say “squash me”. Five minutes into it, he accidentally hits my cheek with a squash. (Allison)

What was a crazy/dangerous experience?

  • When a guy threatened to shoot us at a marathon. (Jeremy)
  • We were contacting someone down the street from us, and my companion felt like someone was following us. No one was there, but needless to say, we walked faster. (It was 7-8 o’clock and pitch black. In the winter, it gets dark at 4pm.) We went in, and as we were putting things away, we heard the door burst open and feet run up the stairs. We called 911 and heard the feet go back outside. Weirdest part: no sign of forced entry. We asked someone to bless our apartment after that. (Melissa)
  • There are some sketchy areas if you’re in a rural place. My companion and I were walking from a member’s home to the school where we’d parked our car about a block away at about 6pm in the wintertime, so it was dark and there were three men strangely standing nearby. One of them started walking towards us as we got closer to our car, but turned back around as soon as we got in and started the car. It was reaaallly creepy. (Hailey)
  • I met my dad’s cousin (who is not a member) for the first time through some members who knew her. We all had dinner together, and my companion and I shared the first lesson with her. Despite how bad I thought I did teaching, she still gladly accepted a Book of Mormon. (Allison)

What was a spiritual experience?

  • When I walked out of a Shaws in Ellsworth, Maine and a family called us over to their car and basically the kids asked to get baptized on the spot! (Jeremy)
  • Teaching experiences make up some of the greatest spiritual experiences. It is the greatest feeling when you watch the light in someones eyes grow brighter as they understand what the Atonement and the Gospel can mean for them. (Melissa)
  • Every day. Especially in lessons as we taught people who were prepared and could see the light the Gospel would bring them and was bringing them as they acted on it. (Hailey)
  • At the end of my mission, I went on an exchange with my sister training leader, who served in my first area when one of my investigators got baptized. She showed me some pictures of the event, and I sobbed. It was like being there myself. I realized in that moment that even though I haven’t seen any investigator I personally taught get baptized myself, I have helped these dear friends on the way, and my efforts never were in vain. (Allison)

What are some interesting facts about the Manchester Mission?

  • It is the only mission in the church that had all 12 Apostles called to serve in it at one point. (Jeremy)
  • The Romneys and the Bushs live there. Ben and Jerry’s originates in Vermont. People add ‘r’s and take them away i.e. Idear and cah (car). One word you’ll hear often: Wicked (that was a wicked big snowstahm). Two words you’ll hear often: All set (no thanks, I’m all set). (Melissa)
  • The Joseph Smith birthplace is there! It goes up to the North Eastern coast of the USA. Maine has a lot of hillbillies with no teeth. The fall is GORGEOUS with the colors of the leaves being brilliant orange, red and yellow. (Hailey)
  • Joseph Smith was born in our mission. The Birthplace Memorial is especially pretty at Christmastime. (Allison)

What was the weather like?

  • Very cold during the winters, and in the mid 90’s during the summer. (Jeremy)
  • Wicked hot in the summer. Wicked cold in the winter. (Melissa)
  • There are definitely four seasons- lots of rain in the Spring (which adds another season – mud), quite a bit of snow and ice storms in the Winter. Gorgeous Falls and Summers that aren’t too hot, but it is humid! (Hailey)
  • From December to April, consistently very cold. In the summer, it switches from hot humid and sunny to cool rainstorms. (Allison)

Any things you really like about the area/people?

  • The fall colors, the history and heritage of the areas. (Jeremy)
  • They may be a little standoffish at first, but once you ask them questions and get to know them, you’ll find that they are the kind of people that will give the shirt off their back if you needed it. (Melissa)
  • It was exactly where I needed to be. The people are friendly and helpful though they’re also very blunt and get to the point if they don’t want anything to do with you. They’re very talkative and open up to you about five seconds after you meet them. It’s now my favorite place! (Hailey)
  • The setting is beautiful, especially in the fall. And the people in church sincerely care about each individual missionary. (Allison)

Any packing/clothing advice?

  • If your going to arrive before Winter, buy your Winter gear in the mission (the mission office sometimes even has leftover coats and other items). (Jeremy)
  • Bring lots of layers for winter and rubber boots for mud season (can be easily bought once you are there). The humidity in New England makes summers hotter, so wear less layers. (Melissa)
  • Prepare for winter, if you don’t like the cold. Insulated boots, a winter coat, lots of tights, gloves, hats and scarves. Be sure you have a rain-coat/umbrella too. (Hailey)
  • Light with layers in the summer. Tall boots, multiple layers of socks and leggings, mitten-gloves, hat that covers the ears and cheeks, scarf, and L.L.Bean coat in the winter. (Allison)

What blessings did you receive from serving a mission?

  • Countless! So many friends, and memories! I would not trade it! (Jeremy)
  • A stronger testimony of Jesus Christ and the Atonement. My family was very well taken care of. Greater confidence in myself. (Melissa)
  • I know how to live life to the fullest, how to schedule my time wisely and how to stay focused. I am more spiritually aware and able to recognize promptings and answers more easily. It was the best thing I’ve ever done with my life! (Hailey)
  • Increased confidence in myself and  my identity as a child of God. I guess I finally understand a little deeper how much my Heavenly Father loves me. (Allison)

What are some skills you gained?

  • My public speaking skills greatly increased. (Jeremy)
  • Public speaking skills. Safe driving skills. Phone etiquette skills. Social skills. (Melissa)
  • Organization. Cooking. Scheduling. Time management. (Hailey)

What do you wish you knew/did at the beginning of your mission?

  • I wish I had been more humble, and always strove to be obedient. (Jeremy)
  • That praying for patience will bring you trials, but will also be the best thing for you. (Melissa)
  • Focused. It wasn’t until the end of my mission that I finally was able to let go of everything at home and truly focus on the work. I wish I’d been able to do that from the very beginning. (Hailey)
  • Prepare to be amazed. This mission will not be what you expect, but it will be what you need. Keep your mind and your heart humble and open, and Heavenly Father will fill you and you fill others with the gospel. (Allison)

Any advice/testimony for pre-missionaries going to Manchester?

  • Be humble, listen to your trainer, be obedient, and always follow the Spirit. (Jeremy)
  • It’s not about you. Forget yourself. Put everything you have into the lives and salvation of others. You will be eternally rewarded, and the love you feel will be the pure love of Christ. (Melissa)
  • You will never regret going on a mission, particularly if you go with an open heart and mind. Let your mission change you, because otherwise you’ll go back to your old habits and be who you were before, instead of who the Lord needs you to be for the rest of your life. The Lord knows where you need to be and who you need to serve with, so trust Him. Soften your heart and let go of your pride. Be willing to change in order to serve your companions, because I guarantee there will be at least one you just want to run away from and never see again in your life. Those are the ones you need to learn from the most. They will teach you things about yourself that you’ve never known before. They will test your patience, faith, love and courage. It will be hard. A mission is hard. Life is hard. But if you do it WITH the Lord rather than trying it on your own, everything will be easier, happier and more successful. (Hailey)

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