December 5, 2016

November 2016 Reports

November’s been a great month!

I’m sooo incredibly excited about the future and I’m also super busy with everything going on.

Here are some updates:

  • This month we started doing video interviews with RMs again (after a few months break while we were moving, finding office space, etc.).
  • We’ve been working on fine tuning the infinite white look and feel for video interviews)- I think we’re getting pretty close as we’ve been making some upgrades to our set up ( I don’t have a video uploaded with our newest set up, but here’s a recent set up with a white background: .
  • We’ve been publishing written mission surveys and adding missionary blogs to .
  • Our Facebook page is growing and will soon approach 30,000 organic Facebook likes.

The last week or so we had a couple articles giving Prepare to Serve shout outs:

Two tools I recently discovered that have been useful in creating video content and training people from a distance (just figured I’d share with you) are:

  1. Quicktime Player’s screen recording functionality (it comes free on many computers and is super easy to use and records great quality video and audio) and
  2. Google Hangout’s share screen functionality (it’s as easy as clicking to share your computer screen with whoever you’re hanging out with when logged into Gmail).

I also set a personal goal to double our income in the next two years. I have not been strategically trying to grow our income very quickly over the past four years, but recently I’ve felt the desire to grow our resources more quickly so our family can afford a van and home, etc. and also afford to hire a full-time developer to partner with me in creating a Lifey social network.

I’m so excited and optimistic about the future!

I feel so blessed to be able to continue to oversee the growth of Prepare to Serve and Lifey. I believe what we’ve done so far is only a drop in the bucket as to what is to come with our efforts. A recent effort we also began is called Lifey Health where we post video interviews with people who have each health condition– so far we’ve conducted about two dozen video interviews. I believe the resource will grow bit by bit as Prepare to Serve has and will be incredibly resourceful to anyone affected by a health condition.

Also, another update is that we have a working embeddable video player that we’ll use to publish all of our video interviews on, and thousands of other websites/blogs.

We’ve also started to create free, browsable, embeddable, mobile-friendly video life histories for people. More to see in the future! 🙂

Another random note is that we’ll hit 20 million video views on our YouTube channel in about a week. – Traffic Report

Website Analytics – November 2016

  • Users: 53,879 (last month=52,812)
  • Sessions: 68,396 (last month=67,508)
  • Page views: 116,007 (last month=120,732 )
  • New visitors: 69.1% (last month=68.9%)
  • Returning visitors: 30.9% (last month=31.1%)

Top Cities (visitors):

  1. Salt Lake City
  2. Provo
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Quezon City
  5. San Francisco
  6. Orem
  7. Makati
  8. West Jordan
  9. Phoenix
  10. Boise
  11. Rexburg
  12. South Jordan
  13. Logan
  14. Lehi
  15. Draper

Traffic Sources

  • Search visits: 46,277 (last month=51,547)
  • Referral visits: 1,688 (last month=1,459)
  • Direct visits: 7,565 (last month=7,998)
  • Social visits: 12,866 (last month=6,504)

Top Referring Websites:

  1. Facebook
  2. Pinterest
  3. YouTube
  4. Lifehacĸer
  5. Sugardoodle
  6. Reddit
  7. Blogger
  8. Mormon Missions Exposed
  9. LDS Daily
  10. Stack Exchange

Website all-time stats (September 2012-November 2016)

  • Users: 1,615,969
  • Sessions: 2,431,560
  • Page Views: 4,970,918

YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics – November 2016

  • Total subscribers: about 29,900 (last month=29,300)
  • Total video interview segments: about 11,871 (last month=11,749)
  • November video views: 718,921 (last month=786,960)
  • November view time (in minutes): 1,492,271 (last month=1,624,930)

Lifetime YouTube Analytics

  • Total video views: 20,510,533
  • Total view time (in minutes): 45,356,532