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Oklahoma Tulsa Mission Boundaries Map

Oklahoma Tulsa Mission Boundaries Map

Here’s a link to the official mission boundaries map of the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission (LDS). *To access the official map for the Tulsa Mission, simply Log into your LDS account here. Click here. Alex on Google Plus

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Oklahoma Tulsa Mission Groups

Groups, forums and social networks for the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission.  For LDS missionary moms, returned missionaries, mission presidents and other alumni who served in the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission. Oklahoma Tulsa Mission Oklahoma Tulsa Mission Facebook Group (713 members) Oklahoma Tulsa Mission – President Richard Merkley Facebook Group (196 members) Oklahoma Tulsa Mission – Scott Shumway Era Facebook Group (144 members) Oklahoma Tulsa Mission President Quade P. Hansen […]

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Oklahoma Tulsa Mission Address

Here’s the address for the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission (LDS Mission Home or Office address): Mission Home Address: Oklahoma Tulsa Mission 3640 S New Haven Ave Ste OTM Tulsa, OK 74135-2255 Phone Number: 1-918-496-0056 Mission President: President Scott K. Shumway *If you would like to update this address, please contact us.

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Oklahoma Tulsa Mission Blogs

Oklahoma Tulsa Mission Blogs

Oklahoma Oklahoma Tulsa Mission (LDS) Mission Alumni 2014 President & Sister Shumway 2014 Sister Elizabeth Fleck 2014 Sister Desiree Short 2014 Sister Andrea Moon 2014 Elder Zachary Tervort 2014 Elder Josh Hegsted 2014 Elder Paul Van Bloem 2014 Elder Donald Sherwood 2014 Elder Hayden Blackburn 2014 Sister Karen Longberg […]

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